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"Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be."– Clementine Paddleford


Everypony knows that Roseluck grows the tastiest roses in Equestria. When a rogue batch has a bit too much Earth pony magic pushed into it, Roseluck finds that she's created a new form of magic!

And we all know what happens next.

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Oh yis

7201906 awww yis

7201908 Worse pony is best princess.

I'm all for ascended earth ponies. A shame this one really wasn't prepared for this. Still, Twilight doesn't make the rules. If Celestia doesn't want to deal with the precedent she set, she needs to put a lock on the doors to the Astral Plane.

Also, I completely approve of this ending.

One has to wonder how the animators are even capable of mistakenly putting both wings and a horn on background ponies. You'd think they'd be told not to, or something. I d'unno.

Nice oneshot. :pinkiehappy:

7201940 If I was honestly going to ascend any earth pony it'd probably be Cheerilee

7201941 Thank you! It was fun.

Not that I'm complaining... ...But doesn't "Princess of Thorns" sound like the name you'd give a villain?

7202127 I think it has a badass warrior princess vibe.


Roseluck might not be the perfect candidate but see sure is fun! Really cool story, Dancer!

What? I well I sorta Meow is all I have to say about that...


7201941 That is so glaringly obvious and the pony it was done to is so ridiculous that I think it might have been deliberate. The animators have slipped funny things in before after all, and the idea of princess Roseluck definitely qualifies as funny.

Lovely story!
I was wondering whom else saw that...:twilightsmile:

Also; Hail princess Roseluck !!

7201941 I highly doubt this was a mistake...:trixieshiftleft:

Were all of those "wake up then faint" moments actually pranks? Or did Roseluck's ascension happen during one of those "Ponyville Weekends" when you can't have five minutes of peace without a magic accident, monster attack, or crazed villain?

I mean, the implication from these scenes was hilarious: that Roseluck's two friend's habit of theorizing and rumor mongering had memetically evolved over the (fainting-time-skipped) years into a cultural legend that transformed "Roseluck the rose gardener" into "Roseluck, Alicorn of the Rose, She-Who-Sleeps, The Princess of Thorns, and Immortal Gardener of Pony-Kind."

Anyhow, I loved this story!

"Cs get degrees,"
:rainbowlaugh: stahp

This was a pretty great story! Roseluck is the bestest!

Syeekoh didn't send me, by the way.

7387829 an oddly specific denial, but I'll take it. thanks!

Ah, nice comedic refresher. Well written.

There simply wasn't enough fainting.

The Princess of dangerously low blood pressure?

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