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Excellent start. Usually I see stories where fancy pants is the 'nice' upper class pony. Nice to see a case where that's not true.

Hm. Interesting. I shall be watching this new fic closely. :pinkiehappy:

Followed, probably religiously. It's rare to find something mature that's actually well-written.

Followed HARD. Don't take the downvotes too seriously....most likely just fans of Fancypants disliking your interpretation, down-voting on principle rather than through actually criticism. Your story is interesting, decently written, and leaves one hoping for more. Really, that's all an author should strive for, and I'd say you've hit the mark well! Good job!

I attributed it to closeted freaks who shied away at the BDSM tag.
Like, seriously. Ball gags and chains never hurt anybody.
Well, they did, but no reason to hate.

I love how you make it seem as if Fluer opted knitting instead of sex.

3449265 HA! I just recognized your screen-name when I got the e-mail notifying me of this reply. No wonder I was hooked on this story; you're one of my favorite authors here! Now I'm looking forward to this fic even more so than I was before. XD

Haha. Always glad to help ^.^
Hope you enjoy what I've got in store for you.


In that case, I highly, highly recommend that you check out Loyal's other works - especially Archmage and A Different Kind of Love. (if you haven't already) :)

I was rather disappointed when I read that you weren't going to write this. I'm glad you changed your mind :pinkiehappy:

Oh man the shadow scene at the end was perfect!

great first chapter !

Well done, abso-fucking-lutely well done, it is a perfect fic, fit for the hall of fame if I do say so myself.

Heads up if you hadn't noticed, but you had a small formatting slip up! Should be an easy fix though, just an italic slip.

Very good chapter, can't wait to read more.:twilightsmile:

How does one go about "singing papers"?
Also why are you not writing this faster damnit! I wanna get to the good part.

I wish to have more please

Interesting ship here. There are not many mare on mare ships I like but this has two of my favorite mares in it. I won't hold that card against you. Well played well played.

I know it's not the point of the story, but I wouldn't mind seeing Fancy and his cronies being brought down a peg or six.

Am I the only one who thought either Luna's or Fleur's gift was going to be a collar? :pinkiecrazy:

Yes things are about to heat up. :trollestia:

godness damn it, why is it so hot ?! !!
great work Loyal !!

nope i thought the whole time: yeah Luna might gift Fleur with a collar of some sort

Nope. I also thought at least Luna's would be a collar. Oh well, this is just as good.


Having read a lot of Loyal's other works, I definitely wouldn't dismiss the possibility that Fancy and his associates will get their comeuppance. I have no idea whether that will actually happen in this specific tale, but if it does, it's going to be brutal and graceful all at once. ;)

That's just how Loyal rolls. :trollestia:

you mean like a gagged and bound Fleur ends with the ponies she hates the most in a closed room ... for a while till Luna comes to the 'rescue' (still gagged and bound at the end, guess you know what i mean)

edit: i hope this doesn't get to mindfuck and/or violent

Yeah, I was definitely thinking collar(s). :trollestia:

It is indeed going to be a long night :trollestia:

Though it might be a week or two.

This, dear Loyal, might be your best chapter yet.

bucking good chapter cant wait for more:twilightblush:

Damn, Fleur. Stutter much?

I'm liking this development. I'm glad they're taking "Baby Steps" rather than rushing right into the good stuff like a lot of authors here would probably skip to. BDSM isn't really my thing, but I'm definitely reading this one all the way through. The pairing, the writing, and the story are great.

Damn, Luna has her own Bat Cave xD

Really liking the slow pace of this story, and how you're allowing time for characterization and letting their relationship blossom. Though, considering your previous works, I'd expect nothing less than excellent storycrafting.

Carry on sir, I await more with baited breath.

*Fangirl squeal*


Quick, to the Bat Pony!



*grabs the mic for just a sec*

I'm really glad that you're enjoying the story so far! It's been quite the honor to pre-read for this, and I can say without a doubt that Loyal's doing a hell of a job on this one. Both of us are really pleased with how it's turning out, and we're glad you're enjoying it as well. :twilightsmile:

I think i spotted maybe one 'Fluer' in there somewhere.
*searches for a few seconds*
Aha! There it is. Right near the start.

racing through Fluer's body.

Absolutely loving this, Loyal. I eagerly await more.

10/10 chapter!

You're teasing us! Each chapter better than the last, getting closer to the endgame, but not so fast, there's a ride to enjoy first!

4 chapters in?
I'm currently writing chapter 9, and things have barely even begun.


Please, I expected no less, no matter how we may beg.


oops, sorry about that! :derpyderp1:

Thanks for the heads-up though!

This is getting goood. Can't wait to read more! :twilightblush:

Oh I just can't wait till the next update

Sleepover sleepover maybe-not-getting-much-sleepover!

I know it just updated but I'm already excited for the next chapter. So well written!

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