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My attention is caught, and my interest is had.

Put on some underwear please! Is all that picture wants me to say, it seriously looks like she is just wearing a bed sheet (and its f*cking hot). Looking forward to this story!


Ohhh. The humans in this can fly and use magic? Bummer, was looking forward to the story.

Came for the picture.
Stayed for the picture.
Came for the picture.
Faved for the story.

I still have to read ADKoL, but I haven't gotten to it...

2219792 You are in for quite the epic...

Also, I now have a tolerance, and even a bit of enjoyment, for BDSM due to that story. It's a corrupting agent, I tell 'ya!


Silly, you said the same thing twice!

2220067 Doesn't mean I meant the same thing. :raritywink:

Commence read.

Now to see where this goes.

Let's see how deep the rabb....err... Pony hole goes.

I'm very much interested in this, but I'm afraid that I don't care for Humanized all that much. I'll still give you a +1 and add you to my read-eventually-perhaps-maybe list.

I know its picky, but
"She ran through the gambit of hair care products" --> "She ran through the gamut of hair care products"

nice start ! i like the setting !

Already have this added to my read later list but i will keep it higher up on my priority and eventually i will read it before the Friday stream, I am looking forward to reading this. :twilightsmile:

This TOTALLY isn't a continuation of your request, btw. Not even close. Nope.

Off to a great start, looking forward to see what else you have planned. As for humanized characters I used to not care for but I'm over that. I think I can blame a few stories like ADKoL and it's sequels for changing my attitude. Should probably thank the bastard who wrote them one of these days.:trollestia::pinkiehappy:

Commence read.


I wonder what happened. We have very tantalizing hints of backstory, but no real leads. *gasp*

I am having massive dejavu right now lol.
Any news on when Iroh can get to editing the Archmage stuff, or is he stuck under a rock somewhere? I haven't seen him in the comments lately.

look up in the clop bin, there should be a rarity x octavia chapter ... :raritywink:
well okay failed, ADKoL:TLC
but i know you dejavu feeling Epoch_Win

Iroh's been busy with family this week. His brother is visiting from out-of-town or some such bullocks. He hasn't been able to get around to reading it.

This is absolutely amazing, i found it truely fun to read. Good job =]

This is progressing so well, I daresay you've hooked me on another one Loyal. Really liking the characterization so far also, Rarity seems easy to work with but you've got Octavia spot on too. Can't wait for more, should be interesting to see if Rarity's past relationship(s) complicate or compliment things.

She couldn’t help looking over Octavia’s full hips and thighs once more, and inadvertently drew a lip between her teeth.

Must... not... post Dat Ass meme...

Oh, the suspense

Comment posted by YourLocalFaxMachine deleted Mar 14th, 2013


Dat suspense... DAT CLIFFHANGER :twilightangry2:

I'm really loving this story though :D So much more detail and depth and fine details than in Rhythm and Tempo, and I love it :heart:

The suspense! It kills!:trollestia:
Seriously though great update, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the unveiling.:twilightsmile:

Commence read.

She will be B-e-a-utiful. :raritycry:

I was honestly tempted to punch my computer screen at that cliffhanger.

very nice i am really getting into this story, this feels very similar to a diferent kind of love/ lilyverse:raritywink:

The next chapter.
I want.:pinkiecrazy:

On a side note, I thought it was off that Sweetie Belle signed the note as 'Belle'. Isn't that their last name? That would be like a letter ending in '... Your faithful student, Sparkle.' Minor gripe, but it just doesn't sit right with me.

My headcanon is as such: Their names (Both parts) are not really their first and last names, but their whole first name. Almost like a hyphen. "Belle" would just be a sort of petname. Something affectionate and short. Kind of like someone named "Billie-Jean" just "Billie" or "Jean"

OH YOU ! ... that was mean !!

Her long, slender arms were left bare, the creamy pale tone offsetting the brilliant hue of the fabric. From the tops of her breasts to the very tips of her fingers, Rarity’s arms and shoulders had been left bare. Nothing would interfere with her playing, giving her complete range of motion with absolutely no restriction. Slowly, she closed her eyes, lifted her head to the rafters, and played the first few notes.

should be Octavia there.

story is awesome as always:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for that. Changed.

oh that's awesome as ThePonyBlues allready said !
can't wait for the next chapter !

Oh. My. Gosh. I dare say one of the best chapters ever...came across this with fleeting interest and I simply must say I'm hooked and cannot wait for the next installment :raritystarry:

Commence read.

The silent assault.

Good for Rarity.

I have to agree with Path_Finder; there are few stories on this site that actually capture my interest. There are fewer, still, that manage to hold onto it for an indefinite amount of time. This, you will be pleased to know, is one of the fewer stories. It's not too raunchy (briefly, but so far the only part), the story is written in a very mature (grown up, not dirty) fashion, it's enthralling, riveting, and captivating. I love the description of Octavia's performance and how Rarity runs her day-to-day life with Sweetie living with her. All in all, this is a really good story, one that I will be repeatedly checking for updates!

Incredible chapter and I love how quickly this is updating. You've struck gold again Loyal, the description of the performance.......I can't find words. I feel inspired just by reading about it. Well done man. If I may be so bold as to ask "please more"? On the edge of my seat til the next update.:heart:

You actually brought me to tears. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Easily turning into one of my favorite stories :D I'm still more in love with Archmage, but it's barely ahead of this. As Tarox said, you've definitely struck gold here, buddy!

Lambs sake! I've not read a story this daunting in such a long time , when a story paints such a vivid image, and brings tears to the readers eyes, it's such a pleasing and enjoyable expierence. (proud brony, not afraid to say he was crying happily to this) such tact with the development and yet you still hold true to the actual character, it's by far an amazing feat. I whole heartedly will be waiting for the next installment . (dosnt want to bring up the minor "HE'S" where it should have been SHE, but ... Meh)


I was sent here by equestria after dark blog. I really liked your writing style. I hope to read a lot more of your stories!

i do really enjoy seeing how you have depicted rarity; both in this story, and in previous ones and octavia seems to be a good match for her

Perfect, really the only word I can think of for this chapter. A perfect start to a hopefully similar relationship. Though I wouldn't say no to a couple bumps in the road, from either side. Makes for a much more interesting read.:raritywink:

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Twi and Vinyl are the exes. If not Vinyl then Lyra.
Awesome work as always Loyal. Keep it up!

Commence read.

Wonder how this will unravel?

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