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Yes, more archmage-verse, I am so in and enjoying it already!

Commence read.

I've allowed myself to fell close to.

Feeling like that might be a typo.

full potential of shadowm if he

Something happened here?

Glad to see the story behind the times prior to Twilight's ascension.

Looks like she already has plenty of things to do, and it is only the first day.

I can definitely feel a change somewhere in the writing. Brilliant start, lets see where it goes from here.

"Three years, huh." Applejack sniffed. "And y'all couldn't even write to tell me. Pinkie, didja know anything about this?"

"Of course!" The pink pony leapt up, displaying several curious twitches that Twilight wasn't entirely unfamiliar with. "Ear flop, eye twitch, and stomach grumble means a good friend's getting plowed!"


"Honestly, Rarity, y'all need to learn not to drink when Pinkie's talking." Applejack passed a napkin off to Fluttershy, who had been unceremoniously doused with whatever Rarity had been drinking. It looked like tea.

"'Getting plowed?'" Twilight scrunched her nose at Pinkie, who was helping Fluttershy clean her mane. "I know I asked him to lose his virginity, but-"


"Okay, Applejack, learn to take your own advice."

and I friggin lost it! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Why can't I like and favorite more than once?

-Sanity is overrated

So I haven't read any of the other 3 stories yet (though I plan to, starting the Archmage, of course), but I noticed that the two other sequels aren't finished. Are you still working on them at the same time as this one, or are they on hiatus while this is in progress, or...?

Have yet to read this but in the description it sounds like you are filling in unexplored possibilities from the beginning of the chapter End of an Era part 1 of Archmage?

The former; I have about 4 stories I'm working on simultaneously. I'm trying not to limit myself to just ONE avenue of expression. I detailed my writing style in a blog post about a month ago, when I fell into a regular schedule.

That's almost exactly what I'm doing here.

You used the same cover image as Quantum Castaways. I have been chomping at the bit for an update to that story for over a year now. When I saw that picture on the Featured page my heart did things it ought never do.


Try changing the description to something like...

Ascendancy - The Third Installment of the Archmage series.

(Or if It's fourth.)

Huh. Whaddya know. I'll find a different one.

5718989 You didn't have to do that! I'm glad you did, though, the new one is prettier. :pinkiesmile:

I love it! I missed this kind of story. It also makes me want to go and re-read the original archmage, which I think I will go do now.

Love that you've gone back to exploring possibilities with one of my favorite fics.

One of these days Loyal, I'll be able to word as good as you.

On a second note, brilliant as always. Its a great pleasure to see you return to this universe.

Wow, I never thought I'd get to read more of the Archmage universe! This was a great first chapter, it just feels so good to read about these characters and setting again. The huge time jump at the end of Archmage made since and fit in well, but being able to see the in-between years is such a treat. It was the first fic that really got me hooked on Twi/Luna and all the scenes with them here remind me why.

The reunion of the six friends was so heart warming as well as funny. I'm so thrilled to see this fic and just cannot wait to read more.

was awoke in the most

Think you meant 'awoken'

Great to see this part of the story. I look forward to more!


4am time for bed, well I'll check Fimfiction first, new Archmage story by Loyal... Fuck sleep, I don't have time for that :yay:

Looking good so far. ^_^ laughed quite a bit in the reading of this chapter. :D

"Three and a half, roughly." Twilight chuckled. "But, to get to the point, I can't teach Archer the full potential of shadow if he hadn't had lost his virginity. Even I didn't learn it was Rainbow Dash who had done the deed until almost six months after it had happened."

A few grammar related twitches there.
"But, to get to the point, I can't / couldn't teach Archer the full potential of shadow (magic?) if he hadn't had lost his virginity......"
Didn't really notice anything else.

Also, does Pinkie Pie now live in Baltimare or Manehattan?

Also, I eagerly await the next update.:twilightsmile:

Uhh, I think you missed an end tag for italics somewhere, I don't think the entire thing is meant to be italicized.

Fixed; thank you!
(The virtue of doing this without a formal editor -_-;;)

Why did Twilight say "It will be the best night ever"? She should know those words are cursed for them.:twilightsheepish:

Hum, I had trouble understand AJ part with Twilight. I don't remember her trying to pay a visit at Twilight and it's not she never use her work/family to stay away from her friends. It's not even brutal honesty, it's more like she is jealous.

Damn... there's some strong feels in this chaper. Outstandin, as always. :twilightsmile:

Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a cupcake in my eye

Suddenly this fic became a lot darker.

It was a not-unfamiliar sound to her in this particular establishment, one she was familiar with.

*insert joke about the Department of Redundancy Department.*

"Ah *weren't the Element of Honesty fer nothin', even if I hafta be brutal about it sometimes."

*ain't. Unless you actually meant to write it in the past tense, in which case it should probably be *wasn't. Wait, are they even the Elements of Harmony anymore? Or has that ship sailed?

"Only if I can get one of her candied roses! How are she and Bon Bon getting along, by the way."

Missed a question mark.

"Right." Rarity stepped in. "I know I'm willing to drop everything to help anypony; especially one of my good friends. Just because *we're not all six together anymore doesn't mean we're not friends. Just a different caliber of friendship, is all."

Doesn't quite read right. Possible suggestions: Just because we're not as close as we used to be/ once were.

"Dash!" Twilight caught up with the *pegasi in the late-evening sun. Rainbow Dash flapped to a halt, dropping down to land heavily in front of her.

*pegasus. Pegasi is the plural.

...:facehoof:I really should probably apologize (apologise(?)) for being so meticulous. Is that the right word? I think that's the right word. So, I apologi(s/z)e if I look like a dick when I point out the tiniest of flaws. It's just in my nature.

Yeeeaaaah, so anyways... I can't tell you how happy I was to find out that you decided to do things differently. When I first read about the dark path you intended for Twilight, Luna and Celestia, I was kinda miffed. There was that great story, Archmage, and its sequal, Beyond the Crystal Mirror; two of my top favorite TwiLuna stories so far:twilightsmile:. And then there was that blog post where you mentioned your plans for them:fluttershbad:. Words cannot express how happy I am that you're not going to make them evil/insane anymore!
I look forward to many more chapters!:pinkiesmile:

Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a cupcake in my eye

I see Pinkie modified her promise a bit.

> It'll be the best night ever.

Famous last words....

You used impotent wrong. Impotent would mean he can't get an erection, sterile means he can't have children.

Loyal, Great job on this chapter/story. Brought so many tears to my eyes and Laughs for the awesomes.

Keep up the great work!!!!:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

<--- Big Fan

"He's impotent."

Perhaps you meant sterile? Impotent means that he has an erectile dysfunction. Sterile means, that he cannot get someone pregnant.

I don't think Chryssi can control Luna like she did Shining Armor, but the chance to feed on one of the Princess directly, but yes I think she'd take the risk of being caught just to get some of that energy. She strikes me as being a brilliant but utterly reckless Changeling Queen, beveling she's such a master of deception that Luna will never notice Twilight was "off" until she's long gone

Gah!!!!! Ok that ending just... So changeling??? Luna's going to go apociptic in 3...2....1.... Good buy walls.

Changeling attacking a wedding again? Well if first you fail just try again I guess. :P

Hmm. Well I sort of realized who that was immediately, the moment Luna commented on the lack of the pendant...
And I really hope it's not going the route I think it's going. One can only stand so much evil Chrysalises...

Applause for the most obvious plot twist of all time.:trollestia:

What is insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! What does this tell us about Chrysalis? She's insane! Oh, and she will also have to deal with a very pissed of Archmage as soon as her plan come crashing down around her. Bitchfight ensues? Or will it be utter anihilation? We will have to stay tuned to find out.

5764199 I never said anything about Chrysalis. :raritywink:

5764199 My point still stands. It's insanity to expect this plot to work this time.

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