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My inspirations include Mount Rushmore, Satan, and coffee.


Sequel to Intension.

Axion has lied. She said it would be six months until she returned; instead it was only three. Canterlot was caught unprepared, and Axion's invasion was a cakewalk. Now Twilight, Luna, and the Black Berets must find a way to stop the unstoppable, and restore peace to chaos.

Chapters (21)
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I'll have to read it tomorrow, as it's late and I'm tired, but this deserves some recognition. Looking forward to the shit you're gonna pull in this arc Madman. It should be some crazy stuff for sure. And, I'll be nagging you to see Celestia restored at some point so they can team together to kick Axion's ass. God, I hate that mare!

EDIT - And I get to claim first Fav, Upthumb, and Comment. :heart: in a non-sexual, non-homo manner! :rainbowlaugh:

I don't read fanfictions. The only one I've ever read was almost two years ago, about how Pinkie went to some dubstep dance party and got all depressed and stuff and cried. It was odd, and I stopped reading them then.

But I'm reading this one! I'll surely be commenting soon with what I think!

2056310 Empsplosion is gonna murder you.

2056326 Dude! Thanks! I'm deeply honored. I hope Book II will be better than Book I..


Doubtful. Evil Celestia probably couldn't kill me either, you can't kill Spike! Don't you know that? On a more serious note, I do hope you bring Celestia back on their side relatively quick, the cards are already stacked so high against them it's not even funny. I think you're really going to make use of that Dark tag this time around, moreso than Intension did anyways. And remember, time skips are bad, mmmkay? :rainbowwild:

I should really throw my Skype info at you. That way we don't fill up inboxes all over again, like we know is going to happen otherwise.

Twas pointed out to me, but. Look at our usernames. Worth a laugh!

2056378 Haha he REALLY wanted that first spot. And I'll PM you my skype!

OMG YES! :raritydespair: <-Tears of joy, of course



Couldnt help myself had to post this

2056394 :raritystarry:

2057180 Bahahaha, You can have the next one. :3

2057367 Facking love this song. :pinkiehappy:

I just hope they realize how flawed the whole "betrayer of Ponies" label is to Celestia if she's more or less being...I don't want to use the word controlled as that implies total lack of choice, manipulated maybe? I mean, yea they seem to be okay with Luna after the Nightmare Moon ordeal, but Luna is probably both a lot less forgiving than her sister, and has the most elite and dangerous group of mages on her side... So, so far it doesn't look like Celestia's getting off easy (implying being guilt ridden for the rest of eternity is 'easy').

If Axion was their enemy, why would they take her word for it about when she would return?

2064512 My point exactly. :]

Do you know how much i like your story? AND NOW BOOK TWO :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
I am glad veeeery glad.......... that i don't write the story :twilightsheepish: hehe

Finally got around to reading it (don't murder me for taking so long :pinkiesad2: )
Definitely worth it. Very well done as always. Quite the interesting universe you're building up and it'll be interesting to see what all happens between now and Axion getting her [CENSORED BY THE EQUESTRIAN BOARD OF COMMON DECENCY FOR UNLAWFUL USE OF EXCESSIVE PROFANITY AND VULGARITY], Seriously though, Axion's racking up quite the bill and I'd hate to be her when it's time to collect. :rainbowdetermined2:

awesome first chapter! poor celestia, doing that to herself, i hope luna and twi manage to get her back as soon as possible.
two things, i hope you stay away from unnecessary time jumps and that we get a bit more fighting, while the previous book was awesome in it's own way, it lacked battle excitement.:pinkiehappy:

2073937 Thanks. :raritystarry:

2075098 Thanks! And worry not, a shitstorm be brewing. :rainbowdetermined2:

2075111 Oh lawd, them time skips. -_- Worry not, I banned them from my arsenal for a while. (if you followed my tumblr, you'd know that. :P) And yes, there will be more action, more adventure, and more darkness.

That last little bit reminded me of the opening cutscene for the 2nd level of Halo 3. Still, epic. This part is gonna be intense, I can feel it

2107322 lol. Can't say i ever played much halo, but yes, it shall be intense.

Noooooo. I loved Nightfury

Celestia, why did you not resist?

Good chapter, but things have gotten very dark.

2141577 The dark tag has been there since the beginning. :]


Oh, I know. Just a comment along the lines of "Water is wet." or "the sky is blue."

I am liking the way things are developing. Though the Black Berets are dropping pretty fast. This shall be a costly war.

Zombie Ponies? Now i think i can say this 'verse has everything but steampunk and the kitchen sink in it, madman.

aww, poor nightfury, at least we didn't really see him get killed, which is both good and bad, cause he might be alive, which is of course very good, but he is most likely in enemy custody in that case, which would probably be worse than being dead.

great chapter!

2142000 The kitchen sink comes in later.

I only notice now that there is a sequel?
I feel really stupid at the moment

That escalated quickly. :rainbowhuh:

Ps, update more frequently, I love your work. :derpytongue2:

2679303 haha I shall try, but between work and school, I barely have time to breathe, let alone write.

2679307 <3

2679319 someone downvoted it anyway hehe :rainbowkiss:

2679361 well they're gonna hate the story, as it is heavily inspired by that album. :3

2679379 Hehe, Three Cheers was quite a good album
I am more of a Black Parade fan myself however
And yes Danger Days too as you might be albe to tell from my red haired Gerard

2679384 Three Cheers is my favorate, followed by DD, then Bullets, then Black Parade. And I really do like Black Parade. :3

2679394 Bullets was a mix for me
on one hand, I LOVE Romance, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough, Vampires Will Never Hurt You, Drowning Lessons, Early Sunsets, and Cubicles, but I didn't like pretty much the rest of the album. It's a mix of their best and worst songs.

Danger Days was solidly built, mixing "FUCK YEAH" with "ow my heart" perfectly. (S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/ and The Kids From Yesterday are my favorites)

Three Cheers was pretty straightforward rock, and that's good. It had a bit of that agressive overtone left over from Bullets, but hinted at the lyrics that would show up in The Black Parade.

The Black Parade is my favorite because of the story. It's just a really solid album that has good highs and lows, plus it delivers four of the most amazing songs I've ever heard (Dead!, Welcome to the Black Parade, Disenchanted, and Famous Last Words). Also, it's got a nostalgic quality to me.

Conventional Weapons is my second favorite album by them due to the fact that it's like the perfect blend between The Black Parade and Danger Days. It's got the snarky attitude of Danger Days, the powerful lyrics of The Black Parade, and it went back to the rock roots that are present on the albums before Danger Days.

2679400 Well. After that, I have nothing left to say that you didn't just say. MCR is a great band, and I loved nearly every song they made. (even the ones that make me cry on the inside.)

2679415 Quite so.
Have you heard The Black Parade B-Sides?

Here's my two favorites from it

happy about the update, but what was that:
twilight and luna went for a walk, luna took off at random into the forest without any particular reason in mind, they stopped by a pool of unnaturally clear water to rest, luna gets upset that twilight swats a mosquito(:rainbowhuh:); THEN, out of nowhere, this "stallion of the clear waters" appears (without any kind of support) and gives them exactly the information they "need" (they don't really need it though, they could have waited for hawkeye), he then leaves...almost text book case of 'Deus ex Machina' there (somewhere between "DeM" and "ass pull" to be fair):rainbowderp:.
if im forgetting something that provides support to this progression, then please remind me.

2681850 no progression, just madness. foreshadowing is boring. :pinkiesmile:

besides, i like that he gave them useless information. Makes it a little less crazy. What fun is there in being perfect?

Is this story dead?

3635670 No! I just moved halfway across the country and don't have internet yet. I am working on the next chapter, and it is nearly done. :pinkiehappy:

Oooh~ An update~ I still need to read more of this... Can't wait for the next update... Hopefully it won't be another year.

4236922 Me and words are on better terms now. They cooperate. :twilightsmile:

And here I am saying "I hope it isn't another year." Now the question: How will this play out?

4236946 Answers lay amongst the words. ;P

Well, on the one hand, I'm going to have to re-read this story to catch back up...

... but on the other hand, you've motivated me to re-read the rest of this story to catch back up.

Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

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