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One thing, Loyal. Is it possible that you could give a little fore-warning in the title of the chapters/stories? That way people can avoid the sad/tragedy stuff or other "tags" they'd prefer not to read.

Oh cool! It's out!

And it's GOOOOD so far.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I half expected twilight and cadence to see their rule 63 counterparts through the mirror. And is the second viewpoint in the story, the one with twilight and luna talking, the dimension you used in Archmage? I was confused because it seemed to say that twilight had uncovered the library twelve years ago, but was already an alicorn.

Looking forward to seein' some crazy inter-dimensional adventures :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, seconding Kapuchu - individual story tags would be appreciated. I love your writing most of the time, but when you go dark, I really don't want to follow.

Otherwise, great start to a new series.

Huh. This looks very promising. I'd love to read more.

fully looking forward to see what comes out of this story :pinkiehappy:

"You don't need our permission, Twilight." Celestia said with a weak gesture. "You're free to do as you please. I thought we had established this."

I'm totally surprised Luna didn't object more strenuously to this at first.

I'll send you to the world where you decided to become a god first. In this world, you never returned to Equestria as Twilight. Instead, you became the god of magic, on-par with the day and night in power and influence. You're no longer Twilight Sparkle. You are Ephemira, all-knowing, all-powerful god of magic and knowledge."

If she's Ephemira in this would her Goddess self be aware of Twilight Sparkle the Princess?


Am I the only one who feels that Twi and Candace's relationship was a little off here? For that matter, where was Shinning? I'm sure he'd have a thing or two to say about this.

A story in the Archmage canon?

I, um, I think in the description it's meant to be "affected" rather than "effected":applejackunsure:
As in 'to affect' something, rather than an 'effect something has':rainbowderp: Ack, they're so similar:twilightangry2:

Hm... does this mean Archmage has concluded? Oh! it has:pinkiegasp: Guess I'll finally get around to reading the conclusion:twilightsmile:

Looks like we'll be looking at alternate worlds of an alternate world:pinkiecrazy: Fun fun fun times ahead!

Twilight tapped her hoof on the table. Can you deny your feelings towards Shining, or the reality of the tea you’re drinking? What about your children, or the castle around you? What about myself, Luna, and Celestia? Aren't we real?”

Quotation mark needed, looks good so far.

All of my YEAS!!!

A sequal! Instant Fav!

Actually, I just watched Equestria girls, and this is how that door ACTUALLY WORKS:

It leads to the human world. Every 30 moons, it opens, and stays open for 3 days before closing again.

Who said it only leads to one world though?

'cause that's sure as hell not any human world I've heard of.


What do you mean by "cause that's sure as hell not any human world I've heard of."?


Well, I've certainly never heard of a school where pastel skin and anime hair doesn't illicit a comment or two.

I have to admit the thought of alternate realities is exciting and at the same time frightening. While I would like to know how some things in my life would play out differently due to my choices, I think it's best to not know.


And yet we've heard of every world created in each of the chapters, and have no questions about the reality?

I believe you've mistaken me for someone who actually writes.

You originally said "And yet we've heard of every world created in each of your chapters,"

Can the two of you move this little conversation somewhere a little more private? I'm getting lots of notifications.

She learns what would have happened if she had become a goddess, if she had denied the position of Archmage, and many number of alternate worlds. What's more, she discovers the impact some other pony's decisions have had on Equestria's well-being, and how they have effected those she loves.

I don't understand the first sentence. "She learns what happens if many number of alternate worlds"? "Pony's" should be "ponies'"; "effected" should be "affected".


Sorry :P Forgot about that. Have a star :D

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“Right. Well, you have your necklace. I’d give you another parting gift, but I think committing coitus in front of an inter-dimensional portal isn’t very wise.”

what's the worst that could happen?:trollestia:

This should be a cool fic! Hoping to avoid pony gore though. Update soon! :twilightsmile:

2731114 dead
shining is dead
its about 200 years in the future in comparison to him

There exists for the type of portal she discovered. The place where all others lead to and from. A Nexus.

O3O A Sequel/companion story to Archmage? Yes please!

Really good so far. Keep it up!

loved archmage so i'm saving this one for when it gets some more beef to it

Looking forward to this sequel, I read Archmage in less than a day, easily the best story I've read, next to Shut the Blinds.... I also need to catch up on a few other stories, but I refuse to ignore this one.

With high expectations and thanks,

Hmm... I'm sensing some really... Intriguing developments... Uh... Developing. :rainbowlaugh:
Soon as I read the foreword, my brain instantly snapped to thoughts of the Multiverse. Must be the theorist in me. :twilightsmile:
Can't wait to see what happens next. :pinkiesmile:

So is the twilight we'll be following around in this story the same one we followed around in Archmage, or is it a different one?

Isn't Ephemira the goddess of magic from ADKoL? Man, that would be one HELL of a crossover- Twilight peeping on a humanived version of herself at Maggie's... What a mindfuck.



O boy. This could make for some interesting crossover. Will follow this story.

2734436 I'm beginning to think this is spam.

The former Archmage...

Haven't finished reading Archmage yet, and these three words just spoiled it for me. :fluttercry:

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More please, this is going to be great!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!!:heart:

Any chance you'd be able to post a list stating what dimensions you're already planning on writing about?

2735263 I probably laughed harder than I should have at that :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously though, love the new fic, can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

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