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The bunny that happens to read a ton of stuff from all over the place. I do pre-reading and editing on the side when I am not taking care of Fluttershy~


A bit about myself

I read quite a bit of stuff and in a wide wide range. I have begun to try my hand at helping with a few stories. If you're looking for a pre-reader or editor feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Side note - I shall put a list of things that I don't tend to read in order to avoid any future problems. (These are things i avoid but if you can convince me I'll give it a shot)

Tragedy - If its nothing but depressing the whole time I do not wish to read it. (Even the best one are still hard to read)
M/M - I tend to avoid this as much as possible as I have little interest in the subject matter.
HiE - This one I have an odd trouble with enjoying, especially when the human ends up with a pony (which is usually the case).
Scat/hard gore/foalcon - Just...no. It doesn't interest me at all.

At the moment this is all I can think of for here. If your story falls into one of these, there is a chance I could help you but more than likely I would be a bad choice.

I have no idea what else to put in this box......hmmm

Best pairing: Octavia/Vinyl
2nd best pairing:Twi/luna
Favorite Pony: Fluttershy
Favorite non-pony: Angel Bunny (of course)
Favorite Princess: Luna
Favorite genre: comedy/romance
Least Favorite Pony: Spoiled Rich
Least Favorite genre: Gore (I do not mind blood, but I don't always go looking for it)
Least Favorite Princess: Twilight

List of Favorite Stories Based on Genre

I have a list of stories that I consider my favorites in terms of from when I started reading about ponies. I should do a more wide spread list of good stores from different genres. At the very least a top 5 from several genre's that I have read through. ( So there won't be to much if at all from Gore as I tend to avoid ones that focus on it) These are the stories I felt, while maybe not the best writing in the world or even coherent at times; they represent their genre's the best and were a great read if your into that genre. (I will be excluding the titles that made my Top List overall and the Octavia/Vinyl list.)

Under construction

Fire & Rain by Ruirik
Her Majestys Secret Service by CarcinoGeneticist
An Alternate Path by Rhino
The Snow on Her Cheek by psp7master
True Love Never Changes by VashTheStampede

Mendacity by Dromicosuchus

Feeling Pinkie Mean by RainbowBob

Avatar: The last alicorn. Book 1 Pegasus by Maskinos
Pony Age Origins by OmegaPony11
Valkyrie by Flicka+Ravenhide

Intimate Details by Loyal

Kiss of the Dark by Soothing Stone

Immortal Legacies by Maskinos
Cold Hearted by Europa

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