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This story is a sequel to Avatar: The Last Alicorn. Book 1: Pegasus

This is a parody of avatar the last airbender, using ponies! Following the second book, with the Water Nation having seemingly won, embracing all the nations in its icy grip, will Twilight and her friends be able to stop them before they can unleash Discord and return his chaos to the world? With so much lost and destroyed, will Twilight be able to endure facing off against the fearsome Nightmare Moon?
Special thanks to Angel_Bunny for editing the chapters for me
Please enjoy!

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Disclaimer: "Avatar: the Last Airbender" and all associated characters, storylines, and materials belong to Nickelodeon and were created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.
Artwork by Silfoe

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They better make out in the end, or else.:coolphoto:

And so, book 3 began. And began with a few twists thrown in.

So it began with rarity dreaming of someone crying out to her, setting up something, though what we will have to wait to see. So close to reaching, but just out of reach. (harry potter reference?) Although it seems that casa de rarity is uneasy. While all her design elements were away from her room, it made her accommodations look rather spartan, making her reflect that in reality, she had to deal with the green corruption of Discord. Little did she realize she already was touched, turning her greedy and selfish. :raritydespair: Not all was well for sweetie either. All she ever wanted was her sister's approval, but nothing could hold her attention. Even...Oh Derpy!!!! Now you got muffined out again. Say it with me..."MY MUFFINS!!!":derpyderp2::derpyderp2: Though, what is it that calls to her? Is she the mare chosen to release discord from his seal, and thus bring about his return? Is that what calls to her? It appears that rarity's greed is also bending backwards on her, making her think of what she deserves as a princess rather than remember the aid she gave all those pones along the way of her long exile. And it appears that rarity now struggles with 3 conflicting powers. The power of darkness calls her to release him. The power of her greed calls her to hoard and think only of herself. But the element of generosity and destiny calls her to be cured and be the element bearer she was born to be. Though that phrase...number 1. That's going to be significant, isn't it? Like how spike's the number 1 assistant. :moustache: What could it mean? Regardless, it appears that Rarity's redemption arc is going to have to fight through the corruption of discord if she wants to save the world and redeem herself.

Meanwhile, Twilight finally woke up. And woke up to her darkest hour. :twilightoops:The water nation somehow mustered a force greater than any of the other nations might have suspected, meaning that even the wonderbolts have to resort to guerrilla tactics. Thankfully, flying messages keeps the forces coordinated, keeping the occupying armies off balance, and preparing everyone for the great attack that will fail. It is written. However, there's more serious things happening on a personal level: Twilight actually went dead, heart stopped for a few moments. And, I actually thought Zecora would bend the element of poison out of twilight's system to save her, and fluttershy would heal her from there. But, creating a burnout through mass acceleration? That's actually a bit more creative than I thought, and it creates a new personal tragedy as well. That in order that 1 could live, another had to sacrifice her powers. And poor twilight felt wrecked. Destroyed, the nations were under new management, spike was still gone, the elements were disconnected, and worst of all, her body had turned against her. :fluttercry::pinkiesad2: She was broken. But, like so many things, what is broken can be fixed. Team Avatar was still in route to the water nation, and with undying loyalty and friendship, they moved toward land to stop the war once and for all. Twilight was...disappointed that vinyl wouldn't be joining them to teach her waterbending, but AJ said they'd have enough to do before then.:ajbemused: Getting her back in fighting shape. So with pinkie protecting them, they made for land. Their cause was beaten down, but still moving forward, and that was enough to give twilight..hope.:pinkiesmile: So it begins again.

4552872 Who should make out? >.>
4553419 Whew-wee. Yah sure don't disappoint. I'm kinda tempted to make a really short chapter just to see if you can lap me. :) As always, was nice to read, happy you're enjoying the story so far. :twilightsmile:

4554092 So Twilight and Rainbow Dash? Or Twilight and Fluttershy? Or all three? >.>

before reading this, I had a really random thought: what ever happened with Trixie and Discord? :trixieshiftright:

So, twilight was having her body rebuilt. Flying and walking, her 2 trainers working round the clock to make the avatar work again. Meanwhile, Angel played mediator, and it appears fluttershy got some practice time with zecora, since she now has some ointments to help twilight's aches. So they began their long trek to the capitol, the overland hall for hijinks and and seeing the water nation in more sympathetic lights.

However, bigger, more important things are swirling on the horizon. Namely, that the element of generosity is OUT! It appears that all it took was contact for it to flow out of spike to the truest bearer: Rarity. However, her being has been corrupted by discord, thus the bad feeling by the other 5, and the purple gem having a black center. However, it also seems that the element of generosity finally shown a light in the middle of discord's corruption, showing rarity the cruelty and greed she'd been acting on as she begins her work on nursing spike back to help. Poor spike, he thinks his master (er) leader's dead. But, like all good things, he's in a great place to do some good. If only I knew how.:moustache:

4580776 Seeds man. Seeds of the future planted in the past. Remember, the alicorn amulet's still missing as well. :rainbowwild:

4580776 I can spoil nothing!
4592851 Do good? I have no idea what you could mean. *cough* Nothing at all. >.>
4595533 Probably. Though, I can't spoil. :P you'll know soon enough. Mwa ha ha!

4595694 Can at least answer if there going to be Flashlight?

4595785 I don't know, probably not. I'd never really thought about it before and I wouldn't force it in the story for the sake of having it. But, if it fits in, then I'd put it in.

4596059 Wait, do you already know what to write or are just making up things along the way?

4596347 Both. The overarching story is already planned out, but the minor things, such as specific cameos and such are made up as I go. I do have Flash's cameo already planned, but I currently don't have any set plans on any relationships yet.

Huh. :rainbowhuh: Well, I guess it's about time to have our version of combustion man soon. And it appears that doubt and fear are creeping into ms. rarity's psyche. Fear that all her hard work is going to disappear with some suspicion the avatar might survive the skewering. Which is kind of a shame. Because it looks like the cutie mark princess is actually getting along well with her ward. sweetie and spike. Pals. Though underneath it all, rarity squirmed in distress, looking at the green in her eyes, cringing at seeing the cruelty that her sister worked herself into in her absence. Although, I liked that you had rarity give the "tough love" speech to her sister in a way that she might understand underneath all the evil now in her being. :duck: And referencing celestia? :trollestia::trollestia: Is it time for rarity's visit to her auntie soon?

Meanwhile, it seems that AJ and RD got pulled into water service, while twilight wondered where all the fire colors were coming from. And Pinkie protested against the gods of irony trying to sideline their quest.:pinkiegasp: From what I can tell, her divine checks are already falling apart. And you're bringing gilda back in? Hmmmmmmmm.

While Rarity muttered about how the court socials were all about favors rather than true friends, her part was minimal, just showing how the queen is up to something, trying to gather her forces together when the only reason to do so might involve discord, which rarity was VERY uneasy about. Though, what is underneath the castle that rarity's going to sic on team avatar? It can't be a mercenary like the original combustion man, because the phrasing makes it seem like this thing was part of the castle rather than a visitor. And from the sound of it, it might be an actual creature, but what could it be? It can't be any of the big villains, since we only sombra and tirek left. Tirek is too much of a gamebreaker to be the true threat, and sombra would seem too conflicting with the water nation's agendas to work as an attack dog. So what is it?

However, more importantly, we have Flash Sentry the student (and future friend of twilight?) and Iron Will the teacher. Interestingly though, Iron Will seems kind of like the "rebel teacher" here at this school, with his unconventional introduction style, and modernist approach to education preaching self will rather than just full on loyalty to the nation. Or at least self fulfillment beyond unquestioning service to the nation. While Nightmare Moon might see nothing but pawns, Will seems to see agents for self direction. Which has me wondering...is he going to run into Shy in this universe? :yay:

Though this also brings up a question that this chapter brought up. How many ponies has twilight actually killed in he quest? :twilightoops: It hasn't felt like all that many, but then again, I haven't exactly been paying attention. Though like I said, this is the "humanization" moments for the water nation. And twilight was suddenly overcome with guilt and fear. Come to think of it, I somehow think she wouldn't have been able to come up with a convincing career after all. After all, world protector probably is frowned down upon by the nation. Still, her stomach might or might not make things easier for her, depending on if she needs a meeting with her "parents" or not. :rainbowlaugh:

well that's an interesting twist, and unnecessary. What's the point of making Sombra Rarity's father in this fic? At the very least, please tell me there is a point, even if you can't spoil anything.

In other news, I'm now anxious for the next chapter. Oh, how I am on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. or as Flutters would say:

4602170 Ayes. Sometimes your stomach is just a brat. :P It helped her for once though!
4630358 Sometimes the stress just gets to you.
4649536 I can honestly say that this could possibly be leading to things that I do not wish to reveal at this time that may or may not be pivotal to the story. Also, yes, there is a point. It may be a crazy point, but oh you will see. YOU WILL ALL SEE! MWA HA HA HA HA! :pinkiecrazy:

Pretty good so far... I just think it's cruel that she let's spike be with the pony that killed his best friend (seeing as how hard he cryed) If he was to find out... and I'm sure with her greed she would easily boast about being the one to kill her, things will not be pretty.

Wait, rocks....rocks....Hmmmm, the stone elements of harmony? Or just building the pillars necessary to hold discord in place when he returns? Come to think of it, has Twilight made contact at all with starswirl since waking up? She could use his wisdom and guidance. Or Cadence or Clover?

Come to think of it, twilight needs a break. Seeing the water nation's softer side is really making her feel sick, which isn't such a bad thing. It will help her to be be the spirit of balance she needs to be. To make certain that whatever acts are taken against the nation afterwards, it doesn't turn to vengeance. :pinkiesmile: But for now, she runs, she hides, she builds her muscle memory back up. Training kicking back in.

So Scoots is back training, but flowerbloom is elsewhere back home, very troubled. No doubt she's going off to ask that most harrowing of questions. "Mom, dad, am I adopted? Or do I have any sisters?" No doubt, seeing AJ has somehow shaken her. So let's see if sweetie can get that from her. At least spike can help some, and in helping her, perhaps he can begin to see beyond the 'evil arch nemesis of your big sister' mantle that sweetie wears now.

Though there are far more sinister forces at work here now. King Sombra has returned. And, weirdly enough, this makes a strange amount of sense as a choice. After all, who would be the tyrant king to go with the evil queen nightmare moon is? And we never did learn what happened to rarity's father, so it leaves things wide open to work into it. Though, this is actually kinda troubling, and yet somehow full of potential as well. So King Sombra is not only Ursa but also Combustion Man? Talk about making it personal, powerful and dangerous in 1 person. I mean, wow. :pinkiegasp: Let's see if rarity's return can be what's needed to purify sombra of his corruption as a prelude to what will happen with nightmare moon. :rainbowhuh:

Great Scott! This is heavy.:fluttercry:

Oh I'm not talking about the fact that we have secondary characters on the move (well, it's related), but we'll get to that.

So, team avatar is leaving the school of water behind, with pinkie even making continuity nods to equestria girls. Though it was sticky, the 5 and 1 made it out smoothly, though with doubt planted in the hearts of Twilight and Rainbow. They're in route to re-enact the story of the painted lady. Though they safely cruised out, their humanization of the water nation continues. Perhaps...perhaps they can even inspire them to take up the cause of the avatar as well? Too bad there's no school dance this time though. Though, depending on what happens next, the avatar might've found the next generation of fire benders with flash. There's no genetic imperative in this story mind you, but it could still happen. Just a few more years, plenty of dates, some time to relax and enjoy each other's company, and both harmonizing their jobs, and then we'll have little pegasi alicorns running around.

Meanwhile, Scootaloo has a new duty assigned: training. With the influx of of foot soldiers, the shadowbolt fliers want to reassert their position as the elite guard of the army, so they need new raw recruits from where the fire tribes roosted. New fliers, and now it's time for scoots to see the resentment and the horror wrought by the water nation in her training exercise.

And rarity still couldn't sleep. Still not realizing that her destiny was to be the avatar's right hoof, not her mortal adversary. BTW, how come we haven't seen celestia or blueblood since season 3 began?

However, the emotional high point of this chapter by far is what happened with Flowerbloom. Whatever "flower" felt in the cherry household, after seeing her blood sister there, something about herself seemed off. So, she demanded the truth. And wow. I mean, wow. That was some HEAVY stuff there. Actually, part of me didn't recognize the significance of the cherries, until I remembered. It's Ms. Jubilee's family from Season 2 episode 14. The cherry relatives...and here, the murderers of the apple parents. My god. :applecry: War makes monsters of us all. Starving soldiers conducted a raid, and thus set in motion terrible scars on the greatest earthbender in all of equestria. A terrible burden from a misunderstanding and a paranoia combined with protecting home and family. The 2 things apples consider the most important. I'm still winded just from reading it, and I'm just the narrator. :pinkiesick:

But, the important thing is that this, this is the motive. This will be the catalyst for the bloom's betrayal. If scoots might have her motives arise from training and what she finds there, then bloom's return to apple acres will be the beginning for her to stand up to her friend. To say, "Ah, I'm sorry Sweetie, but ah won't fire at them. Ah love my sister just as much as ah love you." Though there's also some great happening in store for the apple clan with her visit as well. With the prodigal daughter returned home, that will cause big winds and character danger for AJ in the water nation. Let's see what happens next.

Hmm, so things continue to transition. Though, it seems that you're giving yourself WAY more leeway to play with the characters that Avatar did. Let's review shall we?

So sweetie dreams of gaining the power she deserves from her mother, but is worried about scootaloo going off on that mission. It seems her soul is restless.

Rarity meanwhile wishes she could dream, but discord's taint and the element of generosity has made her a mess. even accidentally treating sweetie the same way she used to. Worse, she seems to be imagining what might be going on with her mother's evil plans. A cleansing spell? (Oh no rarity. Even if Nightmare Moon was a unicorn and pegasi purist, eliminating all the earth ponies would still leave the wonderbolts, the pirates and the fire nation as threats. What she would want is absolute control over the world. Something so powerful that no nation could ever rise against her again.) If only see could see where her destiny lies.

Sootaloo is about to head out on her "recruiting" mission, whatever that entails. But please by all means, show us what our "Ty lee" of the fic has in store for her?

"Flowerbloom" meanwhile is about to begin her quest to discover the apple at her core, regardless of if she's allowed to leave or not. Her redemption begins as soon as that letter is sent out.

And finally, we have Fluttershy. Essentially all of Katara's nuturing and compassionate traits (katara's warrior side was given to rainbow dash), she finds herself as a healer unable to be what she was. However, instead of falling to despair, it's time for her to be the painted lady. And besides, Angel reminded her of 1 super important fact: without the element of kindness, they'd be lost. She was overwhelmed with fear and sadness the closer she pushed on, and so began her great trial to see the water nation far more clearly, and to become a legend.:yay:

Your whole trilogy needs way more attention! Keep up the good work!

4752443 ^^ Thanks for keeping these up. And thanks, the whole Flowerbloom thing was supposed to be pretty heavy, happy it had the desired effect. :) Things are just warming up, mwa ha ha ha.

4780204 Thanks ^^ I'm hopeful it'll get a lot more popular one day, some how. But for now, I still have so many readers that I can't help but adore writing the story.

So, the quest continues. I can't quite tell, but I think this story is a combination of the painted lady and a little bit of the earth bender floating prison from season 1. A prison for soldiers of the war, who can't escape due to water problems. Also, it was kinda freaky about the fillydelphia denial, but I suppose necessary to keep the truth there. AJ would be so proud. Also, RD is technically an honorary wonderbolt. So I suppose that's technically not a lie.

Meanwhile, Twilight fretted, and Pinkie was worried, because the story is going too far off the rails for her to easily predict what comes next. Her sense is too confused by the plot twists. Meanwhile, AJ and twilight talked strategy for dealing with the defenses, and slowly began working out a tentative plan, trying to work around limitations of water and geography. And it appears the avatar is hurting. Hurting that her injuries are no longer instant cures. So much so, that she's needed to stay out of the planning. The avatar sidelined again. Gotta be driving twilight crazy by this point. :twilightoops:

Miles away, Flowerbloom finally got the go. She half lied about it, but there seems to be evil plans in motion. Nightmare Moon seems to be really wanting scouting intelligence. That's, troubling. :derpyderp2: With her trying to control discord, why would she want intel on the kingdoms? Could this be her "burn the land" plan in some way? But, any ways, Applebloom's road to redemption continues as soon as she finds sweet apple acres.

The prison was a connundrum for team avatar/harmony, but if it all went well, they could have more men for their final battle. (well not really, but as long as they believe it) And so, The shy pony set out to search for intelligence, that could help them save those ponies within. It was a dangerous mission, but one which would change the course of their quest if done well. Done stealthily, bravely, it's the hope to turn team avatar into company avatar. A hope and a quest to show her stripes. :rainbowdetermined2: And bravely she scouted, searching for anything that might help.

Finally, Scootaloo was talking with her new second in command. One who sees Nightmare Moon for the tyrant she has become, but who also knows stuff, and even tries to be kind to her with apple pie and (apple? Of course. The Apple family. Maybe it was apple bumpkin, red gala, red delicious, apple strudel, apple cinnamon crisp?) company with a suitor. Let's see where this goes.:rainbowhuh:

Hmm, fascinating. So, with the prison search, Fluttershy had several close calls, but overall managed to get in, get information, get out, and make it home. The writing her is well done, really giving you a sense of suspense for Shy's hunt for information and to avoid the few guards present. Although, Shy hiding under a box reminded me of a certain hilarious video game. It's hilarious. And after her daring return, she finally had a plan that the rest of team harmony avatar to do. After tight hugs of course.

Meanwhile, Scootaloo was getting a history from Grimset of how the fire tribes reacted to the coming of the avatar. In a word, sporadically. While Twilight was trying to carry out her avatar duties to raise the sun, protect her tribe, master the 4 elements, defend the major cities from the water nation, save her friends, find the alicorn amulet and wage war against the water nation, it seems that the other parts of the nation got left out of the glory, and though the avatar tried to inspire them to heroism by just sending great deeds, her lack of actually showing up means that these citizens were holding out for a hero, and that hero never truly came. It's kinda sad. The avatar is one of them. A firebender at heart. Her taking the blame is bad semantics, as she had to be busy elsewhere, and she was but one pony. Alas, the enticement of freedom vs the comfort of colonialization meant that the fire lands were taken out of team avatar's hands for...well, for a while at least. There's a lot for the chicken winged pegasi to look forward to in her training the nations. Though Grimwing would have no reason to lie to her, I still have to wonder. Has the spirit of fire independence truly drained from the fire lands? Or is the fire of freedom another thing that might rekindle when she is among them?

And finally, we have Rarity. Rarity, getting a surprising sight that sweetie and spike were doing together. While she feared she'd find spike's head on a pike :raritydespair: Instead, she found a Mess! :raritycry: A glue and paper and scissors mess, but a great mess that held a great diamond in the rough. A special fire ruby with a necklace of gold. A fire ruby?....I'm still calling it! I still think that we're gonna get spikezilla in this fic! :moustache: Also, I like how you worked in the sisterhooves social with the picture of the 2 princesses, but the gem being too big means we got the spike birthday nod instead.

It was so beautiful, it actually caused rarity's world to come crashing down on her. Seeing the generosity of spike, and the love of sweetie. One makes the best of being separated from his big sister, while the other just wants her big sister to be there for her. And while their love created great beauty, Rarity's becoming more aware of the ugliness in her soul. Now, she just needs to realize her mistakes, bite the hay, and join up in the war against mother to make the world right again, and everything will be better. To defeat discord with harmony, and save the world.:fluttercry::pinkiesmile:

Colts and Gentlemares: Awesome Fluttershy has entered the building.
This is only the second story I've read that gives Fluttershy a level in awesomeness. The other one ended with Flutttershy being a bio-mechanical/robot/insect/tank with a laser gun, so I have high hopes for this.
Bonus points for making it a believable extension of her character arch.

1. Your name is correct
2. Have you read Last of the Dragonborn?

And so Flowerbloom is on her way to find out her true family and her past...There's only one song that's appropriate for this:

Whoa. A lot is happening in this chapter. A lot. So, we'll start with the side characters, and work our way to team avatar/harmony.

So, with Scootaloo, she finished her travel to manehatten, while also giving us a geography lesson. Apparently the fire lands contain some of the desert region of Avatar, and Manehatten is part of that oasis. And, it seems that there's a maniac in her travels to deal with. A vicious unicorn hater, who gleefully removed the horns like nobody's business, ruining the magic of fire wherever he went. Scoots was quite uneasy about this man. And it seems my point from earlier was right. The fires of freedom still burn within, since demonstrations are included in the "what to expect in your travels" brochure. Also, it seems that there's going to be something of a good cop, bad cop with grimset and hornclipper as contrasting characters for her stay. What will bring this crusader to doubt?

For Flowerbloom, we get our oasis of comedy in the chapter, with her father hurling it out due to seasickness, and applebloom's suspicion over the "scouting mission" for Nightmare Moon. Oh, and enjoying the sun. We also get a brief glimpse of Canterlot. Something's going on if the unicorns are taking over. Perhaps this is a prelude to the purge that happened for Sozin's comet in this universe, only the plan is to wipe out species rather than nations. Eliminate most earth ponies and pegasi with the reality warp of discord. Anyhow, at least we now know where flowerbloom got her fire from, seeing her father beat the tar out of creme de la creme. Still, this is disturbing. And it seems that the flower is getting closer to bloom into the apple she was, is, and will be in spirit again.

Rarity meanwhile was getting her next wake up call. The necklace was her first, showing the good that still existed in her life. This turn was her next moment, giving her the slap in the face like how Blueblood did back in book 2. (whatever happened to him anyways? We never saw the body, so we can't be sure he's dead, but ever since his bolivian army exit, we haven't heard a word about him sense, aside from what sweetie said, and since she was in evil manipulative mode at that time, her word cannot be trusted. Man, he really is the Jet/Mai of this fic.) What was blueblood's turn of phrase again? Oh right. “Who could possibly have a good reason to attack the avatar? She is literally traveling across the world and facing every threat imaginable, just for a chance that she might save us all. Any pony that attacked her would have to be a heartless monster who sides with the Water Nation. (besides) I couldn't imagine any reason worth damning the rest of the world for,” And well, Spike came back with his own more vicious way of putting it. "“She was trying to save the world! The world YOU ponies tried to destroy! You're... you're just like all the other ponies here. All you care about is yourself!” :flutterrage: (Eh, he's got a point. Getting back what is rightfully yours might seem rather trivial compared with saving the world from freezing and eternal chaos/tyranny.) Then he gave her the cold shoulder, and swore off talking with her for at least a little while. So distressed was Rarity, that she made her way to finally see celestia again. A hope that she might finally give her rest, give her hope and all that. Oh rarity, we will see soon enough.

However, the main cornerstone of this chapter is Fluttershy’s moment. A sort of “false flag” operation. Letting herself get hurt, so she can fly in, distract some of them, allow team harmony to get in undetected, and free the prisoners. In a way, this is kind of like twilight’s moment back in book 2. The hollow victory in defeating the enemy, but still finding so much lost already. And the worst of it is that these 4 were actually somewhat sympathetic in some ways. Comraderie for each other and even some realizations of how ruthless their nation has become. And to make things worse, it seems that the three might’ve been killed off by sombra. Geesh.

Though, it also seems that Fluttershy’s getting her nerves of steel points this chapter as well. Now ready to give her life for the cause, and more importantly, seeing how so many of the ponies present were corrupted. Filled with malice, distrust, anger and hate. Poor Fluttershy could only watch, wounded, as they did a revenge killing. So many of them suddenly sickened by their actions, that they all dispersed out into the hills. Tis discord's touch. It must be. And so Fluttershy made a promise to her avatar. A promise that she was done being just the healer. Now, now she would need to help be a surgeon to cut out the darkness once and for all.

The Painted Lady is over. Next stop, the fire nation beach/bandit/bloodbending episodes.:rainbowdetermined2:

Hmm, so does this chapter count as the “beach” episode, even though there’s no union of the crusaders at this point? You know, since there’s no team avatar in this part? Well, we shall see. So, it appears that Celestia wasn't killed, but that she suffered in silence, her cell a mess, and her soul tortured by the reality of discord all around her. In fact, she wanted to just have her misery ended by execution. Yet, as she probed Rarity’s mind, she discovered, to her shock, that discord no longer influenced her decision making. A ray of hope which meant that it was finally time for the mare of white to get back on her hooves to save herself and all that. Now that she has hope, she began to use her political power to work forward to saving her family. Finding out about Spike. Hearing about having the avatar dead is upsetting, etc, and so, she began repairing her body just as her soul was rebuilding as well. :trollestia:

Meanwhile, Scootaloo began getting to know her post. About the reputation the pegasi horn master. About using privilage to allow for order in the occupation. Helpful, but then again, if any of the dissenters band together, and one's charismatic enough, there's a certain...certainty that you'd find the movement reasserting itself before long. After all, the embers of freedom never die, no matter how many decades there might be of occupation. Much like the current independence question in Scotland right now.
Also, there's totally foreshadowing here about the scootaloo betraying the nation. Since there's all this talk about the shadowbolt's loyalties, there's got to be a betrayal down the line soon. There was also seeing the dragon skeletons, the interplay between the different commanders, even the more reluctant good nature of black marble, who wanted to stop the dehornings. Ask that they be pressed into service rather than allow the loss of magic over and over again. At least Blueblood's tribe still lives on at least. And unicorns keep getting born as well. So, what is scoots having in mind for this endeavor?

And applebloom moves to appleloosa, and braeburn, who, I think is going to be the suki of the fic, but I'm not certain. We'll see. All that matters is that he points them to SAA, Granny finds out about it, sends a message to AJ, and we get her version of the blind bandit story.

So, the seeds of truth continue to grow, but in this case, they grow in ways that point towards the epiphany needed. Though still the question remains. Why are scoots and rarity getting so much focus right now?

Scootaloo was somewhat enjoying her privilege, though also feeling a bit out of place with the 3 stallions swirling around her. :derpytongue2: However, her first jolt came in the bombing attempt. A crude one, but one that showed that there was rising rebellion coming her way. The recruits will be problematic, and the difficulties of her many commanders might giver her some headaches going forward.

Also, I can't believe I missed saying this last chapter but, :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: THE BOILING ROCK??? That's where the great prison is in this universe? Oh man, this really does tie things closer to Scoots now. Her fear of Horn Cutter (a metal slash I presume?) and suspicion of who he is. However, I think I've finally pinpointed her way of redemption: The cycle. :trollestia: Scootaloo loves the cycles so much that she can't stand to return to an eternal land of twilight. This is her starting point, to save the sun from setting forever.

However, her path is murky right now. Rarity's path is laid out before me much easier. Celestia's rebuilding herself, and telling the tale of sombra actually gave me some deja vu for the ancient history of justice league unlimited. 3 people. 1 husband, 2 best friends, marriage and a forbidden love. Intimacy, and intelligence, but in the end, Sombra was torn apart despite all his wisdom and brain power. For you cannot just will evil away with engineering. You might try and contain it somewhat with smart choices, but the true defeat of evil can only come from the heart. Not from just knowing, but from coming together in harmony.
Nightmare Moon stormed in ruining this moment, but I actually think that I now know the story from here. Let me see...:rainbowhuh: Rarity as a descendant from both Starswirl the Bearded (the last avatar before twilight if I remember correctly), and his bearer friend of generosity is the legacy of both avatar and water nation, giving her the legacy and the chance to finally mend the path between imperialism and balance. However, in order to know the truth, she has to find out all she can about her necklace. That necklace will lead to the legends of The Elements of Harmony! The only thing that can stop discord. Through that line of thinking, she'll try to summon the elements, or try to tell someone about it in order to get it off her chest, she'll be joining her mother's meetings sometime, then when the summer sun celebration comes along and the avatar falls, cue rarity's big hero moment to change her mind, rescue twilight and begin the final phase of the easy part of the story. (discord and trixie not withstanding)

At least, that's what I see. The true path is as unpredictable as the many plot twists you've worked into this story, and I'm ready to see where you take it.:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Fortunately, very few were damaged beyond reading. Unfortunately, many of the tomes pertaining to the countries secrets, and likely the avater, were kept under lock and key. She was hopeful she'd still find what she needed, but those hopes were quickly fading away.

I believe you mean avatar.

Also, party war? :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

They should be afraid, very afraid. :twilightoops::rainbowhuh::fluttershyouch::applejackconfused:

Also, got that song reference in one.

Nice one! When I started with "Book Three-Unicorn" I have to admit that I at first found it a little lacking compared to the other two installments. But during the last chapters it got better and better. Can't wait for the next chapter! :yay:

Twilight stretched out once she woke, groaning softly. "Okay everypony, time to wake up!"

Are you tring to torture us?………
If so you did it well:pinkiecrazy:

Hmm, so, Cheese Sandwich. Fascinating. And what a fun chapter too, while also addressing the ethics of motivation and wrong action in war. Just, lightly. And twilight continues her work for bending practice. Get her muscles back in shape.

Rarity meanwhile discovered Starlight's fabulous diary with her sister, who is giving a serious case of disharmony between being bubbly and homicidal. :twilightoops: But who is the other pony who went into the library? Yes, who is the one who followed after?

Alright! Now this has some juicy components!

For team Avatar, there's 2 main thrusts. For twilight, Angel's literally putting her through training from hell. Slowly getting her muscles rebuilt and her knowledge relearned. On a more serious note though, Pinkie's going through her own fun training too. Though, oddly enough, I seem to remember that she might have used this technique defending cloudsdale at some point. And so what she really needed was refinement and practice from master-sensei-teacher cheese. :pinkiehappy: Although, she almost blew it.

I actually couldn't think of the occasion for what avatar episode this is linked to, but pinkie thankfully made it all clear: this is the Sokka's master episode. Where the more "normal" one learns techniques to help fight even more. Then there's his secret like of the avatar's team going forward, and of course, the bit about how happiness belongs to all ponies. Though the more subtle nod I liked was the one to ninja turtles which connected the master and student in 1 final way. Sure hope cheesy shows up later in the story. He's fun. But awesome. Especially since he can dance Rainbow dash to defeat. :trixieshiftleft: And now Pinkie has 2 weapons: a party cannon and a rubber chicken for humorous combat. Although, the bit on never using it for evil seems like evil foreshadowing, because that's practically begging for it to be used for evil at some point.

However, more significant is Rarity's work. It appears Flowerbloom's father is about to receive extra orders that might be important later in the story. What could it be. Rarity's also come to the "insider" conclusion as well. There's simply too many rebels and too much territory to truly effectively hold onto everything without some significant risks. Prison breaks, raids. It seems that "Twilight's Sunrise" is causing all sorts of problems for her.

Yet all this pales to what we find out about the first war with discord. Starlight was best friends with avatar starswirl, and had lots of fun with him traveling the world and teaching him while also making friends of all the nations. :pinkiesmile: She even gave him the silly nickname like how twilight became chickenwings. Yet the coming of discord threw the world into disarray, and the fact that rulers WEREN'T expected to be selfish and cruel seems to indicate that Discord also seemed to bring a portion of Evil into the world as well. And she fell in love with the firebender of laughter. Man, talking about paralells again. Then there's her "cleansing" each part of the land. And this too seems significant to me, since it might be foreshadowing book 4 depending on what happens after the summer sun celebration. And then discord planted a final seed of corruption in starlight, making her greedy for the glory that starswirl seemed to get as avatar.

However, far more important is that by talking to spike, she's made the connection. She is the element of generosity, a bearer of the elements of harmony, and by extension, a potential friend of avatar twilight. She wanted to reject this at all cost. Hating that twilight's presence is making her nation's imperialism and her own destiny so complicated and difficult. Yet she cannot shake off the guilt that lies under this in some ways, and how she'll need to come to terms with what is best for her nation by going into rebellion in the future. Though there's also a seed of danger in this as well. Will spike fear the elements now?

Well, we will find out soon enough.:eeyup:

I just found this fic and finished catching up on it. The first book was good but my favorite was book two so far. I liked how it kept some of my favorite moments from Aviator but put a pony twist to them. I can't wait to see what you do next. My wish list top things I like to see is one: Celestial training and escape from prison two: the freeing of the earth kingdom capital. Maybe it could be Maud Pie. I really hope she shows up in this because I think she would be a really cool earth bender.

So, we're back to following Flowerbloom and Scootaloo. One of them is doing her proper training, while also trying to find out more about the dehorner under her command. Small things, and wondering if her work would even be significant in the grand scheme of things with only 20 or so recruits to use. The flower on the other hand was discovering her connection to the land of apples, visiting the avatar's old point of passage in appleoosa, fighting off rebels, and learning of how some of them began crusading against their own people for considering them collaborators.:fluttershysad: Bad form Twilight's sunrise. It's not good form to act as terrorists against civilians to bring sympathy to your cause. Then there's the grumpy commander. Who wants to bet he's gonna try something wise against her earth pony leaders. And how soon till rarity's letters reach cherry?

However, far more important is that they're almost there. Follow the trail north, and it will be time for the reckoning. The reunion that the flower never knew she needed to know how she was an apple once upon a time. sweet apple acres, Big Machintosh and Granny Smith await. And from that, AJ's great decision. To be with the sister she devoted her life to the farm for, or to stay with team avatar to the bitter end.

However, it's also time for combustion man vs team avatar round 1: Go! Sombra vs the elements minus 2. :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh shit! Well this is not going to end well for somepony.

While our secondary characters are approaching their destiny (well, one of them at least. Still not sure what scootaloo has going for her), the main characters are coming towards a new journey. And Rarity's journey is perhaps reaching its most important turning point. It could be right now, or it could be on the summer solstice, but regardless, it's time for her to make a decision.

So for team avatar harmony, they escaped sombra...:rainbowhuh::ajbemused:Aw, we didn't get to see the epic battle and escape by the team?:flutterrage: Anyways, they escaped, and then went on to what is probably the closest thing we're going to get for The Blind Bandit mixed with a bit more of the painted lady and a little bit of The waterbending scroll too I think. But we'll see. After all, AJ and Shy are NOT Toph and Katara in the purest sense. Heck, AJ's almost like the anti-toph in some ways. She still radiates awesomeness, but her main motivation is to protect her family while Toph's greatest motivation is to be independent of them. Though I am interested to see what the others say about this village that was raided to death. I know they're on a quest to save the world, but how would purpose driven rainbow feel about going off on another side quest? :rainbowderp:

However, it is princess rarity who's moving towards her most significant moment right now. Her question of "how long will you continue to pretend that just coming home is all you want to live for?" And rarity, the elements of harmony cannot be just willed to another being. They are gifts from the avatar, and have only 1 true bearer in every generation. And you, you are the 6th element. The element of generosity, an important quality to have as a power wielding ruler. You may have allowed spike to finally see into your mind, and wanted to give the element to sweetie or celestia, but this is the path you are destined to walk down. And as it is your destiny, you must finally embrace it in order to shape it, rather than resist it and continue to be defined by it.

I gotta say though, Sweetie's cheerfully killing the guards like that was just plain disturbing. I mean, ewwwwww:unsuresweetie::derpyderp2:

And celestia gave rarity a final pep talk that your mistakes make you stronger, so it's time for you too finally accept your place as the last element. And thus, she began her work to finally escape from prison. (oh, and btw, I still don't quite believe that blueblood is dead. Not until I see the body. Not only does he fill mai's romance with Zuko slot, but he also has that ambiguity of death that Jet had, though his final appearance was a bolivian army ending. And until I see his corpse with my own eyes rather than from sweetie's mouth, I don't believe that he's dead. Not One Bit!)

However, what I see here is Rarity at the crossroads. Now that spike's been discovered, there's very few directions to go. Would rarity defy her mother for this? Would sweetie? I don't think you're going to kill off the tagalong dragon, but I don't see how rarity's going to save him at this point unless she does some really quick trickery. And even then, Luna might demand to see the body, which Rarity would be unequipped to fake. Could this be her breaking point, or shall it be delayed? Tune in next time on Avatar: The last Alicorn.:rainbowdetermined2:

death magic before, but even the cruelest of the Water Nation rulers and generals had been unwilling to touch such things since long before even her mothers birth. im guessing she may have shaken herself out of looking at the facts i mean honestly if something like this exsited i would be suspicios immidiatly and fccused on stopping it because i now i am clever

Well, that's a bullet dodged rarity. Lucky check. Though I can already see the vultures circling as we get closer and closer to the summer sun celebration. AKA what was going to be nightmare moon's greatest triumph turned the great reversal of love AKA the point of truth.

Anyhow, things certainly were starting to accelerate for her. Team Avatar on the other hand hit something between a hiccup and an epiphany. So, let's take a look at...trap.

The chapter in question deals with traps of multiple kinds. The Avatar's team is a literal trap, Though considering they're being taken to other pirates, who wants to bet they'll run into gilda again, find the rest of the armada, and are now set for the great battle. Or something like that. And Shy the comically awesome with her guardian angel keeping things steady. And one of RD's bullies? Oh my.

More importantly though, they've looked to the socioeconomic now, rather than the nationalistic. They now will fight for the water nation just as much as they do for all the other nations. So, their journey nears terminal velocity.

However, it's in rarity's journey that I see how your practice in combining ponies and avatars are the best. In this case, it looks like Rarity's just had her "meeting where her mind was finally changed" with her mom discussing aspell that will bring about death. However, in a more surprising twist, I really feel like there's a bit of that bloodbending episode with sweetie taking rarity to learn that forbidden art. Now rarity will be able to do both: bend the poison of hate and control with the blood of power. This ought to be good. Oh, and it also looks like pinkie's putting her party dancing to good use already.

And spike is going to be the final step: finally seeing the compassion she possesses, he's finally ready to prep her to step up, be strong, and finally join team avatar harmony.:rainbowdetermined2:

...Which one of them's supposed to be Azula again?

Well, f:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:.:ajsleepy:

That was a bloody mess. Oy vey. :fluttershyouch:

So, this I would probably rank on par with the Flowerbloom reveal in terms of raw emotion poured into this chapter. I mean, really. Also, this chapter made me realize that this really is a fusion series of episodes. Its early part bears some of The Runaway with AJ and shy together, the bit on poisonbending was something akin to the puppetmaster, and I think there's a little bit of The Beach in here too, though with perhaps a small bit of Nightmares and Daydreams and even The Boiling Rock a pinch. There's just a lot happening here from all of them, and more importantly, Rarity's point of no return is very nearly here. I know AJ said that we still have have almost a month before the "final battle", but we're getting way too close in terms of character arcs to stop now.

For team avatar, we're having something of a crisis for RD, who despite her great individual skill, still finds herself almost nostalgic for when she was back in ponyville, where there was less to fight for, less to lose. Some fear of boom cloud pony (sombra) And now, there's always things that get worn away in the process. Oh, and Squeezy Cider reference. And RD, Spike's not gone. Not yet. Oh you will have your happy ending. But you gotta eventually take out the bigger bad first. After all, the alicorn amulet is still out of hand, and Discord's manipulations prepare him for his rise. You're gonna have an epic final battle on your hands before all this is over. Just you wait and see, and then you will finally have your happy ending. Although, I have to wonder about RD's words on avatars doing it alone. Is this revealing about how starswirl fell, or is it dark foreshadowing for twilight doing the alone thing again? Ah boy.

Twilight meanwhile was feeling...empty, and sad at how far her journey was taking her into danger, losing power. Hmm, is she cut off from the avatar state in this point since she didn't die using it? For that matter, has she managed to contact starswirl at all since she woke up? And don't worry Twilight. Your death might've caused the world to crumble, but when news of your life reaches the world, the uprisings will begin again, and the glory of harmony shall live once more.

However, the most important part of this chapter is Rarity, and her moment of snapping. Though she might be in despair about her destiny, this poison bending training is definitely something akin to her "meeting room" moment. Sure, she'd known of sweetie's cruelty towards others in so many ways, but now that the knife has moved to her, she can no longer keep up the act of the apathetic sister. Her righteous indignation has taken away her restraint, and broken her past the 2nd to last thing holding her "home". Let's discuss. :derpyderp2:

Her training definitely reminds me of the puppet-master in her needing to harness something with great evil potential in its use. I use the term potential because I remember an old philosophical discussion on whether it is wrong to hate that which is evil. And given that we've seen none of discord's joking side at the moment, he is the ultimate evil in this universe at the moment. It was also interesting the way you talked about how Rarity's lost her hate for the earth kingdom at the moment, if only to understand how they could fight and hurt her so much. So, she then turned her hate upon discord, and eventually managed to harness poisonbending once again, though she could feel how the hate was giving her a great burden, a great emptiness in her soul for being able to harness hatred in that way.

However, it's the confrontations with Sweetie that gave me the real chills. Rarity's outrage at sweetie doing so much harm, and in her name. That she finally almost hurt her big sister, and even in her corrupted state, this was something she wanted her to understand it was all wrong. However, even more important here is that you're either overplaying your hand, or you have a magnificent trick up your sleeve. Sweetie's definitely the more personal enemy here, but that was how it was in avatar as well. No, the trick I'm referring to here is that what Rarity did in her first confrontation of Sweetie Belle was that she played her anti-imperialism speech already. The speech that should be reserved for evil luna on why she's going to join the avatar and stop her from killing everyone. Since you played it here, that means either we're going to get a retread of that speech in the future, or...or we have something far more original on the horizon for Rarity to use for her "breaking of ties" speech, or none at all.

Also, sweetie. Oh, sweetie. You've confused might for right with might makes right. Strength for itself cannot be an end. It must be done for good to be truly good. Compassion is not weakness. Violence is not pure strength. Generosity is not waste, and loyalty to family doesn't mean absolute devotion. You didn't realize that strength won't make people love you. Not when it's coupled with oppression and cruelty.

So rarity did poisonbend, but her next confrontation wasn't any easier to read. Though with a brief moment of comedy regarding her tripping down the last couple stairs to sombra's prison. And, and at least she's again affirming spike as her new friend. Appealing to the Mai and Ty Lee to get Sweetie to calm down. They shouldn't have gone out on their quests. Like in avatar, without something to restrain her destructive tendencies, Azula falls closer to insanity.

And again, you try to drive blueblood's death into our skulls. This time, with a bit more of a candid statement from sweetie about chopping off his horn to have him bleed to death. Which I guess makes some sense due to sweetie slowly gaining control of the earth forces during the assault who then came upon blueblood. But......still, since blueblood was such an important catalyst character in this fic in his redemption arc, and even made that promise. You know, "I won't give up until I make you mine." I...I think I'm still in denial. I still don't believe that he's really dead. He didn't...die by a hero's hooves, didn't fulfill his promise to rarity, and we definitely didn't see him go down from his bolivian army last scene. I...I just don't want him to be dead is all. He finally was able to begin redeeming himself, stood up for Rarity and Celestia, tried to buy rarity some more time. I don't want him to be dead!!!!!:raritycry::fluttershbad: Uhhh:twilightblush: Also, the fact that discord's corrupting her could mean that discord is lying through her, trying to get rarity to fall back to the dark side. That's my last denial.

It's also interesting to see how while team avatar harmony is beginning to have their enemies humanized, rarity's almost getting a dehumanization in seeing nothing but the taint. At least she stopped short of committing fratricide. But it got too personal between her and sweetie, which means her final moment of turning is even closer, and celestia's escape is nearly at hand.

On two final notes, the dragon's more important? (blood sacrifice of the dragons?) And also, after such a brutally important chapter as this for rarity...we're totally going to cut back to flowerbloom and scootaloo next, aren't we?

Sweetie's the azula of course. Badass and cruel, obsessed with getting affection from someone, able to do a deadly version of her bending style and being the younger sibling of the "zuko" of the fic.

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