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Lotus Blossom's twin, Aloe, isn't exactly as similar as everypony would guess. In fact, the earth pony has a rather large secret that HE doubts very much everypony would react favorably to. However, when he starts having trouble properly focusing around one of the hoofful of ponies who know his secret, he starts to worry he may be falling head over hooves. If he pursues her, will his secret be able to hold, or will he have to abandon it to get what he truly wants? Not to mention, can a pony who's so rough and tumble work with one who bruises so easily?

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D'aww! I really love the relationship you've built between the two of them. And you made the R63 so natural! And the fact that you're shipping him with Best Pony just makes it all better. For some reason, the image of Applejack with a little femmy guy is adorable beyond words...

Can't wait to read more! :ajsmug:

Interesting story! MORE please!

this.....is interesting.
I shall watch this with interest.....:moustache:

4403661 Probably. *hugs.* But that just makes him more adorables!
4403860 Hee hee, thanks. ^^ It makes me d'aww a little bit too.
4404198 Your wish is my command! It'll just take some time. Expect the next chapter in a few days. :)
4404446 I'm happy you find it interesting ^^

Also, to everyone reading it, hope you're enjoying. I'm happy people seem to like my version of aloe.

This is good! Interesting! I look forward to more!

Good work! As I have said before, MORE please! :flutterrage:

P.S: Just confirming, Discord did something to Aloe that involved a certain 'haircut' during his childhood?

P.P.S: Will blog about your story so that more people will know about yours awesome story! =)

Your a teacher at heart,


“I merely gave her a hair cut. It's hardly my fault she took it so seriously,” Discord said with a wave of his griffon claw.

“A hair cut? Let me guess, turned her hair into cotton candy?” Applejack asked flatly.


“Cut off her coat?” Rarity asked.

“Nope. A normal hair cut. Mane and tail. Snip snip. Completely normal. Why, it was harmless,” he grinned and tapped his fingers together while he laughed.

“And you knew that was all it would take, didn't you?” Lotus asked with a growl as she glared at the monster. “You knew exactly how to crush her with the simplest of gestures, didn't you? Just take him and go!”

Unless I'm mistaken, I think you mixed up the genders here. Isn't Lotus, the mare, talking about what Discord did you Aloe, the stallion? So, shouldn't it read like this:

“I merely gave him a hair cut. It's hardly my fault he took it so seriously,” Discord said with a wave of his griffon claw.

“A hair cut? Let me guess, turned his hair into cotton candy?” Applejack asked flatly.


“Cut off his coat?” Rarity asked.

“Nope. A normal hair cut. Mane and tail. Snip snip. Completely normal. Why, it was harmless,” he grinned and tapped his fingers together while he laughed.

“And you knew that was all it would take, didn't you?” Lotus asked with a growl as she glared at the monster. “You knew exactly how to crush him with the simplest of gestures, didn't you? Just take him and go!”

4408077 Sometimes a pony just needs a hug v.v
4408134 Aw shucks, thankies ^^ Also, I cannot say any more than Discord gave the poor stallion a hair cut. Anything else would be spoilers!
4409106 Yes, Aloe is a he, but in a public place most of them call him a her, out of respect for his secret. Especially when half the spa is trying to listen at the scene.

I always had the headcanon that Snowflakes son is Featherweight. And that featherweight is mute.

Great chapter!

A story where the feminine stallion isn't attracted to stallions. Quite interesting indeed! And refreshing.

Must have been some haircut to get Aloe that riled up...

Thanks for updating your awesome story so fast! Gonna read your new chapter now!

Okay, I have read through the chapter now, and I wanna say great work again! Personally, I feel sorry for Aloe since well he was different from others and that got him bullied by others, and especially that haircut incident......It makes me sick that people do this kind of things like that. :pinkiesick:

On top of that, he got rejected by Applejack and worse of all, his secret's gonna come out! Oh Discord, what have you done??????

P.S: I'm a bit confused now, so you're basically saying that Aloe had suffered from terrible haircuts from colts at his age AND from Discord as well? Wow, that sucks......

4415861 I've had the first. Not so much the second. :)
4416387 Ayes. I figured Applejack had enough masculinity for both of them. Though she still has her feminine side.
4418797 Pretty nasty one.
4419773 Yeah, having been on the receiving end of bullying, I can tell you that what they say works, doesn't always. And now that it's not spoilerific, yes. Discord gave him a haircut. Thing about being more or less omniscient, you know just how to wreck a pony with as little effort as possible. How to bring all those scars right back to the surface.

Wow! I love this story! :rainbowkiss: Also, thanks for updating it so fast. Everyday there's been a new chapter!

4422554 Thanks ^^ I blame all the commentators and favoriters. I keep just writing in the chapter, then people say they like it and I feel pretty good and happy and want to write more. It's a vicious cycle that leads to self confidence and frequent updates. When will ponies learn?

To everyone, I hope everyone is still enjoying the story so far, and looking forward to future chapters. It's been a blast to write and has given me plenty of confidence for my next few stories. See yah all when next chapter is ready. :pinkiehappy:

Ouch! That was reallllllll low discord! I think Pinkamena might have a new friend pretty soon :pinkiecrazy:

Besides, what could possibly go wrong with starting a relationship on a foundation of guilt and Discord's tricks?

Yup, there it goes. Now everything is gonna go to Tartarus or straight into Smaug's mouth.

Poor poor Aloe, I do hope that things will turn around at some point.

Applejack... :facehoof: if you don't like him, just say so. Or of you're just put off by the softness... Look, you're best pony, so I say this with all the love in the world:

You're an idiot.

Loving this story!! Please keep up the great work!

Yeeesh. Keep this up and Discord will be banished to some black hole in the far side of the galaxy.
What's next? Gender shifting?

... Actually don't answer that. I believe we will find out in due time if this proves to be the case.
Discord could be capable of slipping something in that could possibly alter Aloe's gender. But that act would probably backfire and leave Lotus the victim instead.
Now that would be an interesting twist to see.

Pity this story has gain little exposure thus far. This is the first interesting Aloe/Lotus story that actually has plot to it, all without the clop.
Not that I mind clop, but it is nice to see them finally used in a way that does not involve mindless sex.

Eh... Yes, Fluttershy is kind and all that, but in this particular scenario I just can't see her not getting angry with Discord as well. Of course no where near to the extend of Aloe, but come on.

Besides, what could possibly go wrong with starting a relationship on a foundation of guilt and Discord's tricks?

One night I said it to me girl, and now me girl's me wife... and a lovely thing she is, too...

Discord ripped the Band-Aid off.

Applejack is contemplating what many a girl has thought about a date with "that really great guy" who they're just not into: It's Aloe's crush... maybe a date will open his eyes and make him realize that there's more to a serious relationship than just liking each other.

I don't think that Discord has realized what he's done until it hits Fluttershy. Think about it; Fluttershy & Discord are friends, a pony yells at Fluttershy, then Discord destroys that pony. Other ponies (other than her friends) are either going to be painfully polite (while visibly terrified) to Flutters, or they are going to avoid her Zecora style to avoid offending her. Part of me hopes Discord is doing that on purpose, so he can keep Fluttershy to himself; a standard childish tactic for those unused to feelings...:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

But that would mean he can make a plan & stick to it...

4424293 Aloemina... She drags you into the spa, and you never return. Dun dun duuuuun.
4424297 Nooo. I'm sure things have gone right plenty of times after saying that. Like when... oh wait, volcano. How about, no, wait, iceberg. Well how about, no, dang, flying monkeys... well, buck.
4424598 Perhaps. You'd know my dear. :)
4424659 Thankies. Sadly, not all crushes are reciprocated.
4424735 Thankies. :) I'm personally not a fan of mindless clop, so I try never to use it. And I can spoil nothing. :P Though, yes, I hope this story gets more exposure. ^^ It's been an utter blast to write! I always get surprised in the end at how many people seem to like it, I didn't think rule 63 Aloe would be so popular.
4424759 Oh, I'd have to agree with you. Though I can say no more, for spoilers! Next chapter will show though. :)
4425344 Yeah, that was one mighty big band aid. And perhaps he will. At least things probably couldn't get any wor... Errr, not saying that. >.>
4426341 What? Discord planning to steal and drive everypony away from his bestest friend so he can have her all to himself? Madness I say, truly madness!

Whew, responded to all! Thanks everypony for the kind words! I'm happy everypony seems to be enjoying it so much, and it really means a lot to me. I hope everypony is prepared for what's coming next.

Ok if Discord doesn't get SOME FORM of official punishment out of this, I'll have lost any hope in Celestia, Luna, and Twilight having any basis in reality if they still think they can control Discord.

Comment posted by stitchfan93 deleted May 22nd, 2014

Seriously? How can Fluttershy deal with Discord like this? I know she's supposed to be his friend, but still Discord messed up big time! Seriously!

Good work again btw! So happy to see your updates like this! :pinkiehappy:

Wow, those ponies are mean! All I have to say about it is "Mean ponies rude" (Yes, that's a reference)

Ah, Discord... always trying to have your cake and eat Trollestia's too.

If there's a lesson for him to learn out of this, it's going to be that no matter how hard he tries, some things just aren't fun... and can't be made to be fun either. That's why it's called "working it out."

If everyone in Equestria got that newspaper, I'm surprised Celestia hasn't had anything to say about his humiliating an already deeply traumatized pony in front of the entire nation.

this applejack is kind of an ass. seriously, while i do love this story, i can't help but think that she's being extremely unfair to Aloe.

A great chapter as always! I lost it when they mentioned "Prench toast" I assume they're from prance then? Also, why couldn't they go back to Prance for a while? If their parents would let them stay for a bit, then why not? Unless they're dead....... But anyways...... Keep up the good work!!!! :pinkiehappy:

P.S. AppleJack is not amused by Aloe's staring :ajbemused:

:ajbemused: Scootaloo is not brown.
:rainbowdetermined2:Given her rainbow trail Dash should really be described as a 'prismatic' blur.

Fortunately for Lotus Blossom, she was lucky enough to have a job she deeply adored, so getting up early had barely been a hastle.

Not sure what a 'hastle' is and neither is the spellcheck so I'm going to assume you meant 'hassle'. Things either are a hassle or they aren't, 'rarely' fits the situation and message much better than 'barely'.
I've run out of grump, so for the rest of it... general 'needs editing'.

“Perhaps one with a thick, powerful voice that you play regularly in the rooms? How does it go? 'Trot outside and I see the sunshine, something's in the air today',” Aloe countered in a gentle song.

I don't get it, what's wrong with or unusually about that? Mac can sing! Nothing gay about that.:moustache:

Yeah I'm COMPLETELY out of grump.:trollestia:

This is very well done. I had nearly written it off but then thought about how interesting the concept really was. You have great shipping. You have the drama and conflict. Well done!:derpyderp2:

You ever read the comments on a story and think to yourself, "What fucking story are those guys reading?!"?:rainbowhuh:

The southern accent... it is painful.:facehoof:

“An' you two,” the farm pony turned the scold on Aloe and Applebloom. “No more talk about pregnancy's at the table. Yah hear?”

THAT LINE! Ha ha! :rainbowlaugh:

She does seem a bit OOC, but.....well, I don't think I'd have put it like that.. Not sure. She does seem a tad off.

Okay, I was a bit sluggish this time on responses, but here goes!
4429221 Thanks ^^ and yes, Discord messed up big time. Still, at least he has Fluttershy to Lead him down the right path... if he'll listen.
4429230 Sadly, I do not get the reference >.> I may have seen it, but likely not recently.
4426863 This takes place after the elements are lost, so sadly their avenue of punishments are a tad limited.
4430277 But Trollestia's cake is so good! It has lil tiny cookie crumbs and gummies...
4433806 She may have. >.>
4439317 She has her reasons, which will hopefully be better shown in the next chapter. Which I'm kinda afraid to say since that borders on spoilers.
4439325 Yep, their from Prance. :P I'd love to say I came up with that on my own, but honestly a friend helped me. I was going to call it Ranch. >.> Thanks for the kind words.
4439415 I adore that song, I actually referenced it to my room mate the other day. Yeah, you're right. Sadly, my ability to self edit is fairly limited, I try my hardest, but I'm really not that good, so many little rules I forget.
4439537 Thanks. I tried my hardest to make it a nice... not just 'they fall instantly in love' story. Like my last romance was, something a little better thought out.
4439741 Ouch. I'm sorry, I'm trying my hardest to get better at it, but I honestly still have a long way to go until I can do AJ's accent really well. If you have any advice, though, I'm always willing to listen.
4440023 Hee hee. Some lines are really fun to write out. :)
4440350 Don't worry, I've got plans and reasons for why she acts this way. At least, I hope they're good.

Whew! All done! That was a doozy. I need to not let them build up like that. Thanks to everyone who's taking the time to read the story, your words make it all worthwhile. :) I know I still have a long way to go before I can write really good stories, but thanks to all of you I have the motivation to constantly try.

4441310 but bordering spoilers just raise anticipation! not that i'd stop reading this just because AJ is acting weird, but the point still stands.


I assume she's going to come around at some point. Either that or it'll turn out that she had a crush on Rainbow Dash all along.

(Applejack) saw the way the stallion's eyes lit up when he looked at her, as if she was the only pony in the world. She couldn't deny she found it flattering, if a bit embarrassing. No pony had ever looked at her quite like that.

So the events of Filli Vanilli have taken place, but not Simple Ways? Espisodically, Simple Ways happened first, and I wouldn't consider what Trenderhoof was doing as lustful leering. He was similarly starstruck. Heck, the whole Trenderhoof ordeal had a similar theme as far as the AJ side of the love triangle went.

That's why I don't see this as OOC for Applejack. She's already told Aloe that she's just not into him in that way (it took her the better part of the episode to get around to telling Trenderhoof), so either something has to happen to get him over her (the Apple Family lifestyle, a replacement crush), or she's going to end up falling for him.

I wonder if Mac's going to have a fling with Lotus? That could create some additional unnecessary drama. :trollestia:

4441314 You'll see soon, I hope you like the reasoning. :)
4441714 Tempting ,so tempting... it could make the little mention of her in the first chapter make more sense... hmmmm...
4442549 Ahem. Allow me to formally say... I bucked up >.> Honestly, a lot of how Applejack was acting I based on that episode. Then I managed to completely forget that he was star struck by her ^^; I'm going to fix that! Thanks for the catch. *goes to pour cement in the plothole.*

4441310 No problem! You deserve it! More people need to know about this amazing story! :pinkiehappy:

4444310 Thanks ^^ always nice to hear. These popular stories always give me +5 to confidence. :)

Comment posted by stitchfan93 deleted May 25th, 2014
Comment posted by stitchfan93 deleted May 25th, 2014

Well, it's good that Discord at least gets to play a part in making up to Aloe for what he did to him.

And yay, Applejack finally decides to give Aloe a chance to have a relationship with her! Woo hoo! :pinkiehappy:

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