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Derpy has had a not-so-secret crush on Ponyville's premiere cellist player for a while now, but sadly the only pony who hasn't figured that out yet is Octavia herself. Too shy to admit her true feelings, Derpy instead gets Octavia alone for a private cello lesson, in hopes that a little bit of flirting will nudge things in the right direction.

Unfortunately Octavia is as blind as a bat when it comes to romance.

My entry into The OctaDerp Fan Club's first ever contest. [Winning Entry, huzzah!]

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Holy crap that was good! Derpy's attempts to get Octavia's attention are so adorable. I want to see what happens next. Any chance of a continuation?

4595537 Trust me, I want to continue it, but I've got my hands full with a bunch of other projects right now. Maybe after it all dies down I'll give this story a few more chapters.

awesome, cute and funny :heart: wish it ended on a better note♫ though.

♫ -"D-Derpy..."
♫ -"W-We're not done with the lesson yet... Come help me tune my instrument...again..♥"
:derpytongue2:-"oh bby <3"



Man, I think the story is perfect as it is. No need to continue it IMO. I mean, I would be nice to know if Octavia recoprocrates Derpy's feelings, but that ending was just PERFECT. I haven't considered myself a shipper of this before today, but now, I definitely love this couple!

This story was simply hilarious :rainbowlaugh: I don't even support this ship (and I still don't) but I still liked this story. I really liked how you ended it too. Make the readers create their own ending. Did Octavia return Derpy's feelings? Or did she reject her? Great cliff-hanger for an ending.

Was i the only one thinking derpy would play this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x9MJXI0KbY&index=76&list=LL4_tKxMHs5SPmAmSkSM5iAg
I'll pray that derpy is not in the friend zone.

I've been undecided on a sequel for quite some time now... but if you want more OctaDerp, the group might be doing a prompt collab soon.

(sorry for not responding sooner, I've been traveling.)

If they got together, that'd be 2 shades of grey.

Haven't read the story, but I noticed that Octavia's expression in the picture is the same as in the tag. lol:rainbowlaugh:

One small problem that's bothering me. There are not 8 notes in an Octive, there are 12. There are 8 Whole Notes in an Octive, though.

Besides that, cute fic!

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