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nuts about shipping


Twilight has an imaginary girlfriend!
Well, she has girlfriend that only existst in her head, but those are close enough.
But could you imagine if her friends found out? Wouldn't that be a pickle.
Guess she'll have to keep things quiet.
If only the voice in her head would remember that.

Set before Camp Everfree and completely disregards what happens in it, because I started writing it before then and forgot to upload it. Direct all praise to chuck-vic-norris who somehow manages to turn my the typo-filled mess into something somewhat tolerable.


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This a rather interesting concept. I was actually anticipating Midnight Sparkle to maintain her personality from the ending of Friendship Games, but this was surprising. At the moment, I don't have any solid thoughts about the direction you're taking this, but I'm curious about where this fic may go.

I will say some of the typos caught me off guard. If you would like, I can edit through the fic should you continue it. Perhaps something you would like to discuss through messaging?

Hail! First commenter!
I'm glad you like the idea. Truthfully I tried to keep the character, but when I couldn't nail down exactly what that meant I gave up and just wrote what felt right.
I plan to write more in the next couple weeks, and optimistically I plan to get another chapter out by Monday, but given my general laziness, I wouldn't hold your breath. Maybe once I finish the chapter I could have you give it a once over?

I can take a look at the chapter when you finish it. Take your time :twilightsmile:

Wow I... Have about 200 words on the next chapter.
Sorry about that, all I can blame is procrastination and life.
I've e dedicated some time for it in tge next couple days though, so if I manage to stay on schedule it should be ready by monday or sooner. Sorry again.
In the meantime, North Korea amirite?

... I forgot to mention separating Midnight's dialogue by bolding the text :facehoof:

I have failed you

I'm glad you liked it :pinkiehappy:
I was originally going to end it with Sunset's line, and as a joke for myself I put that last line in.
I forgot to take it out. :twilightblush:

Might need clarification on that.
By the way, do you want your name on the front thingy for the story? I'm pretty sure I can do that.

What I mean is to change Midnight's dialogue to bold type to differentiate who is speaking

"Who do you think will figure it out first?"

"Well, I think Rarity will be one of the first to realise there's a secret relationship, but I doubt she'll work out how weird it really is."

"True, and I think Rainbow already thinks we live a double life as a dominatrix."

In this part, is Midnight speaking first or Twilight? It can be a bit confusing trying to find out who specifically is saying what

As for putting my name in the story description, that would be lovely if you could please :twilightsmile:

Wow. Yeah, that is difficult to work out. I've fixed it, but I don't know if it was what I was originally thinking. Hopefully it reads okay.

I really want the next chapter to come soon.
Also i am putting this idea in the back of my brain.

Yeah sorry, I got about two thirds through then my computer bricked itself. Lesson learned, use google drive.
Hoping to have it out by Christmas.

A great christmas present, sweet. Also i'm gonna use this story idea, don't worry, i'll credit you.

Comment posted by Damen deleted Dec 26th, 2017

I wouldn't worry about crediting me, but please tell me when it's out :pinkiehappy:

Oh-ho-hohhhhhhh, yes!

Question is, Sunset, are you DATING your monster too?

Hmmm, i went into this story expecting cute situations between midnight and twilight, perhaps in public trying to keep it under wraps.
But this? Well i am happy with what's happening. NEXT CHAPTER SOON PLEASE?!

... that's under my bed, get along with the voices...

That was the first plan. Now? Yeaaaah... not that. Maybe. I'll work that out later.
Questions for later.

Whens the next chapter coming out?
Ps. I'm halfway done witht that tribute one shot, still totally crediting you

Should have another chapter put by the end of the month. Also... Some other things.

After having read the Lunaverse, I'm not surprised Fleur is doing this shit. :rainbowlaugh:

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