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Twilight was always fated to be the savior of Equestria, along with her friends. But fate can be so easily altered. What happens in one alternate realm when instead of marrying a unicorn, Twilight's mother had instead married an earth pony, resulting in her daughter being hornless? Without her magic, Twilight's future and destiny are far less certain, as is the destiny of all of Equestria.

However, destiny is not so easily set off course. When the princess of the night returns, can one little earth pony hope to be the one to help her damaged heart?

Now with a TV tropes page! Thanks to redandready45.

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Shouldn't said filly have her own tag?

I like the idea so far. It's very cute. Will follow and have a fav!:pinkiehappy:


Okay. This is funny. I especially like the misunderstanding between Twilight and Nightmare Moon, as well as the confusion on Nightmare's part. Although I can't really blame her. In that sort of situation, not knowing what led up to it, I would be confused as well.

Twilight as an Earth pony? I'm not surprised that she would take after Twilight Velvet in canon. If she was a pegasus, she would definitely be an astronomer.

This should be interesting.

this story is why I love thise website, twilight is a earth pony instead of a unicorn. this story is going to be sweet, was not exspection her to write books for a living. anyway please update soon so till than please update and have a good day

6917015 She does.
6917066 Thankies. ^^
6917250 Lol, doubtful. Just a short story after all. But from where it ends, who knows? It's always possible.
6917520 Poor Nightmare. Them weird earth ponies and their strange ways of the pointer.
6917653 Yup, it didn't take me long to figure out what she'd be when I remembered what her mom did. :) As a pegasus, though, I imagine her like... leading the entire weather organization. Pioneering new ways to make snow faster.
6918666 I hope so.
6918882 Thanks. ^^ And yeah, considering her mom is a writer I figured it made sense.

does the story lead in to the season 5 AU nightmare moon World?

hehehe need a sequal where twilight becomes the princess of artisme


Is there are so few stories MoonLight Of Romance :fluttercry:

Not likely; this seems to be gearing up to an alternate take on Luna's redemption.

“T-there aren't any... r-real records of it. I-it was just thought to be a myth,” Twilight said weakly, staring up at the angry mare. “I uhhhh... kind of... expanded a bit. It's fiction, you understand? I mean, there's a book out right now about Princess Platinum being a vampire hunter. It's just... made up.”
The alicorn balked. “That's preposterous!”
“Princess Platinum would have never hunted vampires!”
“Chancellor Puddinghead was the resident vampire slayer.”
“O-of cour-- wait, what?”

This seems to have an interesting concept to it.

Message me when more are out! :pinkiehappy:

“You look AMAZING!” the unicorn said with a gasp,

earth pony

... You monster...
Leaving a good story like that.
When you said it was a two-shot story, I still imagined you'd somehow manage a complete one, but this is in no way, shape, or form complete. You can't even say this is an open ending, that would be like only writing the first half of the Harry Potter books and saying it's open ended from there.
You, Sir, lied. And with such an interesting premise, too.

... I will reluctantly give it an upvote, even though I shouldn't be encouraging such behavior. It's because good AU ideas need to be supported so more are written.

6918971 No, but it's kind of inspired by it. The five still have their connection, after all.
6919047 Artisme?
6919059 Wait, really? I figured they were super popular.
6919146 Yup!
6919457 I thought so. And a fun lil line to write. :)
6919912 I'll try. ^^
6921624 Thanks. ^^ Always good to have proofers.
6921660 Aww thanks. Well, this story has been a lot more popular than I thought, so you never know.

Well, okay, for everyone reading. This did start as a short story, but who knows? I thought I'd get like.... 10 thumbs up, 3 comments. In only 2 days, 38 thumbs up, a ton of comments. That's fairly popular from one of my stories. So, to be honest, I'll probably continue it when I get the chance. I try not to leave my fans in the lurch. If/when I do, I hope you enjoys.


I tell you, I follow almost every Stories MoonLight and very few, hardly any addition is long or continue it after a few Cap. :raritycry::raritydespair:

That's a pretty disappointing ending. Everything about the story has been amazing but it's not finished. Even if you don't want to go all the way through Luna's redemption or the rest of the mane 6 the ending is just completely unsatisfactory, not even in a "I so badly want more way" so much as a "Someone deleted 3 pages of writing" way. Going through the entire story would probably take a while, especially as Luna now has to get redeemed the long way round rather than just "instant friendship beams" but some emotional payoff is needed otherwise all the build up is pointless and the whole story is made retroactively worse. I hope you continue even if it's just a flash forward to Celestia being released so we can at least see the end result even if we don't see the whole journey.

That's it!? it ends there!? noooo plz right more. it was too good just end there. Plz write more ....


Wait no don't stop now! Your on a rollllll:ajsleepy:and he's done.

My goodness I want this to continue so bad!
This was so good!
I would beg for more but you already said that you may come back to this... So I hope you will.

i really love the story so far. i hope you continue it i would love to see this continued. ^_^

7314648 Wish granted.
7300624 Your hopes are fulfilled. :P
7152172 Annnnnd she's back. :)
7127999 I can never say no. :X
6923233 The journey is making a return. And what a long, long, looooong journey it shall be.
6922649 Weird. I always thought it was so popular. Though, wouldn't this technically be MoonGlow? :P
6921660 Well, more is being added now, hope you enjoy. And no more shame for me. D:
6919912 Here, you asked for it.

I've yet to read the story, but the description is a very cool concept with a strong, simple foundation. I am excited about reading this later. Tracking! :D

wow an update yea,
also twilight most likey has one of the worst jobs right now, keep nightmare moon form getting piss off.

great story

I am so happy to see this story continue. It had a brilliant, brilliant premise that deserves more of a look. Especially as other stuff starts piling up... Discord, the Changeling invasion... Sombra... Tirek... Starlight Glimmer.

I also wonder if Twilight would eventually still become an Alicorn... it's not like it's for Unicorns only, is it?

thank you for continueing it i will continue to watch it like some creepy stalker. :P :D


7343646 I don't think it'll need a sequel any time soon since the author mentioned going through not just NMM, but Discord, Chrysalis, Sombra, Tirek, Sunset, Starlight, etc.

This is rather interesting especially with how much Twilight has changed. Also despite what she says at the end, she seems to rely much more on creativity than logic which gives her a different feel but she still has her familiar moments.

This is a really cool idea for a story. Looking forward to see how it plays out.

and rainbow dash make things a lot harder.....
I do want to knew what would happen to twilight glow if she was able to rage shift, what would happen.....

i wonder if twilight glow end up become the element of magic and free luna in this story
or how she react to other like discord, chrislity

If Twilight Glow had a minor in astronomy, I wonder what was Twilight Sparkle's minor?

Am I the only one that doesn't like how loyal characters often have a large ego?

You are continuing this story?


~chances are they'll end up being longer since, well... I write longer now. Oops.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Write on dear author, write on.

fate has dealt a hand to make thangs harder on twilight, now pony thinks she loyal to nightmare moon, but twilight only want to help and make a book about it.

it seems that a 1000 years has not made any differnts, for most only still like the day princess and still fear the night as they once did. they don't know luna and for her night they hide and reject her because she not like her sister, also for her night

Me, both princess are really cool . please keep up the alwsome work

annnnnnnnnnnd! Rainbow Dash proves what a hot head she is..... not even a plan.... *sigh*

This is so amazing and I'm so happy you are willing to not only continue this story, but to write at length as well :twilightsmile: thank you

7346681 Everything. She minored in everything

Twilight, you done fucked up.

Thanks for being a complete idiot, RD. You're gonna get a pony killed.

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