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This story is a sequel to Weekends are too long

After the events of Weekends are too long Rarity and Pinkie find their relationship put on temporary hold when Rarity is invited to a once in a life time opportunity to display her fashion! However when Rarity finds an old 'friend' from her past and an invitation to what she had long since abandoned, will a week be long enough for her to both demonstrate her talent AND keep pieces of her past under wraps? Most importantly, will Pinkie be there when the unicorn needs her most?

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great now I have to wait for another chapter and I was starting to get into this story:pinkiesad2: aw well it'll most likely be wroth the wait :pinkiehappy:

Why do you do this to me?:applecry:

3187209 I sure hope so >.> My greatest fear for this story is I go all star wars and anger my fan base :'( One of the reasons I almost didn't do this story to begin with.

3191060 Because my heart is darker than midnight on a moonless night... Which, if you think about it, is likely true for everyone. Unless your blood glows. But if your blood glows you probably have worse problems than a glow in the dark heart. But! There is good news! The next chapter should be up soon and it doesn't end on a cliff hanger! Well, not really.

Oh my, this is getting intense.

I liked the Rarity voice beating up the voice of insecurity :pinkiehappy:

3235533 Hee hee, thanks ^^ I had that planned for the first story, but I never got to put it in because it never really fit. Was kinda ironic since that was the main reason I used the voice to begin with. I hope it's relatable, I'd like to think while most of us have that little voice in the back of our heads telling us how bad we are, we also have someone who can be that voice that tells us 'No! You don't suck! Stop thinking you do!'

3235711 That was one of the most relatable things about this story those voices are always battling in my head...luckily the good side wins more often than not :pinkiesmile:

Okay! Newest chapter is done, yay! For those who read it I'd actually love some feedback. I'm a little worried I gave a little to much of information about Enigma so I'd love to hear thoughts on that and if people dislike it I'll cut down on the things about him. Only three chapters to go so I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far.

This is just too good. :raritystarry:

I can't wait to see how pinkie is going to get involved with all this:ajbemused:....actually I can wait....just not for too long :pinkiehappy:

“Yeah... Turns out she was like that with every pony I hung out with. Every time I went anywhere she'd accuse me or cheating on her,


“You were being a fillyish,” he teased.

Get rid of the a.

I can't wait for Pinks to get with Rares and Enigma finally meet the mare of Rares dreams.

This is awesome. The details on Enigma were fine. He's a pretty great OC. Plenty of mystery of his and Rarity's past, and an overall sinful occupation keeps him interesting.

I simply cannot wait for next chapter. When oh when shall it come out?

3361975 I am not sure, sadly. Right now I'm trying to edit some chapters from my Avatar story, but I'll probably start the next one soon. Frankly I was worried I went a bit to overboard with him since I was having a lot of fun with him and based him on someone I know. So far he has been a lot of fun to write about and I'm considering writing another fic about him some day.

3338199 Thanks ^^ Also, yeah. Poor Enigma... He's not prepared to deal with a mare like Pinkie. But then, who is?

3333770 Shouldn't be too long... okay maybe a bit longer. But it will(hopefully) be worth the wait!

3332661 Thankies ^^ always nice to hear and help keep me from worrying about the story sucking.


I am :pinkiehappy:. Well that and her friends / Marefriend in certain doses. I think Rares has a good enough tolerance to Pinkie Pie's awesomeness. Can't wait to see what cool stuff you come up with next.

Umm.... if you don't mind me saying so, it's faux pas not fopa. Sorry. I'll just go now.:fluttershysad:

3385440 Lol, don't worry. I enjoy hearing things like that. It means I can fix the story and make it better ^^

Ohmycelestiayouupdated. I haven't read it yet, but ohmycelestiayouupdated!!!

Cuckoo Straits is going to be stealing from Rares! Oh no! I can't wait for Rarity to find out that CS is a thief who steals from others like Thomas Edison did with his "inventions". Nice chapter btw, I can't wait for Pinkie Pie to make an appearance.

3473462 Heh heh. Sorry it took so long. I actually finished this chapter a week or so ago I just was to scared to post it up since I was afraid it was bad. I needed a close friend to read it and once they gave the go ahead I posted it straight up.

3473816 Oh yes. I have plans for when Pinkie shows up. Wicked plans. Evil plans. Mwa ha ha ha! That or just normal run of the mill plans with marshmallows and lollipops.

wait.. do you not have an editor/prereader? hell I'll be one, if you need one.

3475025 Well, I do need an editor for the story if you're interested, but this was more a confidence issue than a spelling/grammar issue. I have problems believing my stories are good and keep getting a feeling if I post a chapter and it turns out to be bad all my fans will hate me and I'll get yelled at and lose all those who liked the story, so I needed my friend to read it first and tell me it wasn't to horrible. Said friend honestly puts up with a lot from me >.>. If you wanna edit though feel free to go through and send me any issues you see in a message. ^^


S'morepops with Blue swirls plans. I can't wait to see your delicious plan unfold.

Yeah. I have a buddy on here with those same issues. But I'll get right on that.

Eeep! You updated! Heh, its getting close to the ending, and that makes me sad. This chapter was great though! I guess next chapter they meet up somehow? God I can't wait.

3533706 Ayes. Sadly the story will be done in a chapter or two, haven't quite decided if I'll do a epilogue yet. On the up side I am very happy at least one person liked this chapter :D I'll be returning to finish the next chapter soon ^^

hopefully the next chapter will come out as quickly as the last have:pinkiehappy:


This was an interesting chapter. I might need to re-read to find out what happened to Pinkie's hoof. I've been waiting for Pinks and Rares to get together since forever. Times 3. Well now I need to see what happens now that Luna practically ruined Rarity's future on accident, and Rares still needs to find Pinkie or finds out what happened to her. Also you need an epilogue. And a follow up to an awesome RariPie fic [the best one ever!]!

3538093 Probably. I need to finish something else soon, but I'm done editing the other story so it is a high level priority now.

3540586 Thanks. ^^ Don't worry, I still have more plans! Hopefully awesome plans! Also, not sure if I will write a follow up to this story. This is a follow up to the original story and I'm really not sure when I'd run a part after it. Though to be fair I didn't plan this originally but then the first got so popular I couldn't resist. I guess if this ever gets to like... 250 favorites, I'll probably write a follow up. I don't wanna ignore something when people really like it. Also, thanks for the best one ever comment ^^ My confidence is all like, +18 now. :pinkiehappy:


You're most welcome. Seriously though, I've seen plenty Rarity ship fics that were good, but besides Green, this has to be one of the most well done ones (you're right along side Green on my fav Rarity Ship fics hooves down). Which is why I was hoping for a continuation, which is why I hope you get 250 favs. If you want I can flood my fav groups with the Add to Group functions (seriously though I'd put this into groups to get it some more notoriety.)

3542924 Wow, thank you. I'd totally say no need for that... but I would honestly appreciate it. The more readers who enjoy my story the happier I tend to be. There's just almost nothing I can compare with the feeling of working on a story or a chapter and then that wonderful sensation as people favorite it, thumbs up it or best of all, talk about it. I know it's kind of shallow but that is by and far my favorite part of writing. Also, have you read the first part, weekends are too short? It's what this story is a sequel too.

There. Final chapter done! All that is left is the epilogue. I hope everyone has enjoyed this story and if not... well... I'm sorry :fluttercry:. For those who did enjoy it, I'm thinking of eventually writing up Enigma's backstory, how he met the two girls and such. Would anyone be interested in such a thing?

well, i enjoyed this fic quite a bit actually n' i might be interested on readin ur backstory on lil enigma whenever u get round to it :yay:. But, i kinda hav to ask even thou it's a tad earlier: if u hav plans for a sequel? :rainbowhuh:

3563535 To be honest this story was a sequel which I never planned to have happen. Then the original story blew up and I just couldn't say no. Currently the plan is I will write a sequel to this story if it ever gets 250 favorites. I'm quite pleased people seemed to like the story, a big worry I had was that everyone would think it was a failure compared to the original. I do have a few plans in mind if the story ever gets to the point where it needs a sequel though.

In the mean time, you should regardless write more Pie of the Rare kind. Yes, yes. :pinkiecrazy:


I finished this fic. And I am sad that it's ended as in the end. Well hopefully me spreading your fic throughout some groups got you some more attention. This was a truely adorable fic. Best of luck for your future fics.

nice endin but, i kinda feel bad for luna's revenage bein turned against her even thou it's pretty funny :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:. thx for t great read n' can't wait for whatever else u got in store :heart::pinkiehappy::heart:

Good story, good followup to 'Weekends are Too Long'. I wish there had been more interactions between Pinkie and Rarity though, you did a great job with them together.

There were a few problems I had with it, you have Rarity spend too much of the story crying, it makes sense given the situations but it gets tiring to read her constantly running and crying. You also did some odd things with OC's, on one hand your design for them is pretty bad, a stallion who is red and black with the name Enigma, really? But on the other hand you also wrote your OC's really well, like I was all ready to hate Enigma based on his design but I ended up liking him from how you wrote him and that's not an easy thing to do, make me like a male oc, I also ended up liking his two girl friends.

The only other problem I had was that your character descriptions are a bit dry, not quite as bad as in 'weekends are too long' but still pretty dry. When a new character is introduced you do a very technical read off of their description "so and so appeared, they were brown with light grey mane and a comic cutie mark." All the information is put up front and not very poeticly, like you could spread that out a bit "A grey mare appeared and trotted over to the group. She shook her purple mane and batted her aqua eyes seductively" That just spreads out the description a bit more and adds in actions to make it feel less technical.

3572831 Oh, trust me, I always have something in store. ^^
3744549 Thanks ^^ If I ever make a follow up I'll probably have them together for more of it, but this story... morphed a ton from how I originally envisioned it. I'm happy you enjoyed it. Also, you're right, I did make Rarity cry a lot. She had a really bad week, but it was kind of intentional. She always has a flare for being dramatic so I wanted to go that extra mile. I'm really happy you liked Enigma, I was... really nervous about using him, since I thought a lot of people would hate him/think he was too bland. Also, you're so right about my descriptions. I'm trying to make them less bland though, so hopefully I will improve. :)


Sure Rarity enjoys a bit of drama but having her cry and run off too much makes it seem like shes more of a passive observer than an active member of the story. Rarity doesn't have a passive personality, even in the new season when we see her designs stolen, sure she runs off crying but she is quick to formulate a plan, in fact her outfits designed at a moments notice managed to still win because shes that good and takes life by the horns.

3766271 you know, you're completely right. I really didn't make her character as well as I should have. She is a less passive than I gave her credit for, and I did try to show that she was talented, but I did kinda botch her personality. I'm sorry, but I do keep improving so hopefully I'll get better by next time I write a story like this.

This was a great read! I loved every bit of it!

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