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A writer of various scribbles, I've recently become enamoured of Ponydom, and have done my limited best to write a few stories. I hope people enjoy them.


There are many stories where Twilight tells off her friends after the Wedding. But that's not really Twilight's bag, she gets worried she's failed, or depressed, not angry. So here is a different bridal path, one where Twilight acts decisively to try and redeem herself in the eyes of her friends and sovereign, and ends up travelling to places she never imagined, facing dangers and foes she never dreamed of and making even stranger friends. Of course, there is still a 'reason you suck' speech delivered, but delivered by the last person anyone would expect...

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For whatever reason (probably the wording of the description), I was expecting this to be a short-story collection of different people giving the speech. I'm not sure how I felt when it continued and Twilight wasn't dead. I still like this, though. In particular, I commend you for accounting for velocity change due to change in latitude. (Change in longitude would also produce a change, but it's believable that her longitude hasn't changed much - assuming you're going to write what I think you're going to.)

I've loved everything of yours I've ever read, but since every single one of those stories was abandoned, I can't say I want to start this one, just because it's likely to be abandoned as well, which is a huge shame. You're a great author.

This seems interesting...

It is nice to read a story taking into account physics. I once wrote a blogpost about the physics of UnicornTeleportation.

why do i get the sneaking suspision that every pony at that reception heard that

I like it :) Looking forward to more.

Here, just so you know- _Doing this_ doesn't italicize anything in an HTML format document like this. You need to use the tags instead

Please continue writing besides a few mistakes this story has been wonderful so far!

Oh come on, Chryssie dies but Twilight survives? There goes my drive to read this to the end, though the fact that Chryssie is listed as a main character gives me hope that she might survive.

If not, then I'm kinda going Twilight dies too. :pinkiehappy:


Functionally an earth pony? At least earth ponies have the race of their tribe. Like endurance, something non-negligible given she's in that frozen landscape.

Twilight is functionally a no-race pony.

It would be too much to expect a third save.

Ah, you forget, Twilight: three is a magic number. :twilightsmile:

Also, if I'm ever mortally wounded, I'm going to have to remember to start giving an evil monologue in order to stave off death until the paramedics arrive. :rainbowlaugh: Not criticizing, it's just a funny cliche. :)

I really like it. :rainbowdetermined2:
Thank you.:twilightsmile:

Because I wouldn't kill off Twilight, no matter how grim dark the story is.


Still, great story so far.

A superior take on the Alternate Canterlot Wedding where the characters are called out.

This is great. I agree; this is much more in character than the stereotypical Twilight-telling-everypony-else-off story. Besides, she doesn't need to do that now; their own consciences would do it for her. (I doubt Chrysalis even needed to spell everything out; I guess she just liked monologuing?)

Please, please, continue!

“Oh, and good luck against the next threat that comes along to _eat_ your precious little land. Without nerd-pony you can’t use the Elements to defend you. I hope it consumes you all and leaves nothing but ashes…”

I like to think this is foreshadowing to the crystal war timeline.

Well, forget my previous comment.

Twilight tore herself away from her realisation that she was functionally an earth pony, to the more immediate realisation that she’d soon be a frozen dead earth pony if she didn’t find shelter and warmth, then food in that order (she’d read plenty of survival guides).

Ha, nope! You're less than an earth pony. At least earth ponies have their own passive form of magic!

It would be too much to expect a third save.

Considering where you are, and when, and the propensity of evil to desire apprentices...
No, I don't think it's too much to expect at all.

6837602 You are right. Maybe I should change that to donkey.

6799550 The way that I might see it is that some part of Chrysalis had somehow got infused into Twilight... That or she has endless nightmares of her causing torment each and every night.

6838702 6799550
Pieces of the consciousnesses of previous queens might linger in the hive mind. Chrysalis might either be one of these, or the Chrysalis tag might represent the aggregate consciousness of said queens, of which Chrysalis is now a component.

6840890 I kinda thought of another way it could go. If anyone remembers the original Teen Titans, it could be like the episode in season three where Robin has hallucinations of Slade still alive and causing physical and/or mental strife. God I miss that show.

So much potential. I love it. I can't wait to read more and see what happens next. With the mentioning that the horn was hollow with a honeycomb structure I am curious if any fluid from impaling Crysallis sunk in to eventually effect her or if the cauterization prevented that. Either way I love this explanation of how a unicorn's horn works. This is a good story.

Also, Canterlot castle is never named in the show, so why not Buckingham Palace? I'm British, and it has a built-in pony pun.

I'm American and I don't mind your logic.

Equestria felt more like U.K. to me anyhow.

hey can you pm me and let me know if twilight will make a return or if she will go into exile

also dont know if you thought of this but you could have her save the crystal empire and have twilight s friends see her fighting sombra

6872970 That my friend in is also my idea that I had in mind for the future of this fic, but since I'm not the author it's his descion on how it goes so...surpise us

I wonder why nopony has thought of using a tracer spell to see if Twilight really IS dead...

I admit, I cringed when it sounded like this was going into "Would It Matter If I Was?" territory. I think the topic is potentially interesting, but the ensuing histrionics and strawmen are wearying and distasteful. But you didn't jump splat into that mud puddle, so thank you.

I enjoyed this chapter and would love to see this keep going, as I've found you to be an author with a deft hand at such topics! The original story doesn't feel like it was meant to go on, but obviously it hasn't stopped and there seem to be ways this could keep going, so sure, run with it! Sounds good to me!

"Rarity, how can you eat at a time like this?"

"Breakfast time?"

I approve of this humour, and the story containing it.

Also, Canterlot castle is never named in the show, so why not Buckingham Palace? I'm British, and it has a built-in pony pun.

...you're right, it does. :rainbowderp:

I think you're a bit too used to Youtube formatting. You've got underscores all over the chapter.

She slammed her free hoof into the table, and contrary to narrative expectation, didn't flip some plate of foodstuffs into the air to land on her in a humorous fashion.

Or in a smutty "can you lick this off me?" fashion.

Maybe they're like grasshoppers and locusts.

Brilliant. This is the first time I've seen this comparison (although I've heard them called locusts before). Going from individuals to a swarm is a changeling dynamic I've never come across before. I love it.

Because they don't exist, perhaps? And because there's little reason to think that she'd survive having an alicorn-defeating amount of magic blasted straight into her horn?

You've got to fix those underscores, this site doesn't use them for formatting clearly.
Also, kudos to you for coming up with a theory I've never heard before with the grasshoppers and locusts.

I really, really, really, really, really hope that cold land Twilight has landed in is Skyrim.^_^

And now we know what the (stainless steel) fox say! (Gotcha! :trollestia:)
I approve of this fiction. I really like your usage of the characters, and could see the next chapter being the *other* breakfast hall, where Luna, Cadence, Celestia and possibly Shining are facing their own demons.

I give you a moustache and three yays. I look forward to the next chapter!

((I hope Twilight's not on Hoth...))

6872949 It kinda bothered me a little bit to be honest. I mean it IS Canterlot Castle, I'm actually unsure if it's directly stated in the show, but Hasbro is selling it as the Canterlot Castle Playset. And I'm pretty sure Trottingham is the mlp version of Buckingham

You should fix the formatting; underscores are a lot less pleasant for emphasis than italics or bold.

+1 for writing a good Spike/Rarity bit that managed to neatly avoid any sketchy ideas among any but the most determinedly perverted! :moustache:

Needs the Sparkle parents ripping Celestia a new one.

ok good story, i like the idea, and cant wait till they find twilight is alive

You know with a bit of editing this chapter would work well as a one shot. A dark one, but a good one all the same.

I notice you have a tendency to abandon stories. PLEASE LET THIS BE AN EXCEPTION!

random realization:
Play this for the first chapter,
this for the second chapter,
and this for the third chapter.

i love your take on the Caribou much better than other stories. ^_^ pleas do keep up the good work.

Wow been awhile glad to see the update and nice bit.
Twilight has some big stories to share with them as well.

Hah, an update! Huzzah! :pinkiehappy:

I like this take on the caribou; makes a great deal of sense as a subsistence culture. :twilightsmile:

Was that a Kung Fu Panda reference I saw in there? :pinkiegasp:

Very nice chapter, looking forward to more!

Finally, a story were the caribou aren't mind controlling rapists. Great work with this :twilightsmile:

yeah when i saw caribou i got flashes of fall of equestria

This is actually the first time I've heared about caribou in a story. So good job. I will forever see caribou this way. :pinkiehappy:
Great story. Hope the next chapter covers Celestia's feelings. :heart:

Was really worried about the caribou, glad to be wrong there, and impressed in how my preconceptions of their race due to Fall of Equestria played in to me feeling the same anxiety Twilight did when she met him.

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