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All things have a beginning.

Even for one such as Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings.

She lost her bid for Equestria. The changeling was found lying in a crater miles from where she had been flung. It was a miracle she had survived. Her army was shattered. So far as the Equestrians knew, Chrysalis was the only survivor.

But her hive survives and has gone to hiding as another queen seeks to find it.

If Equestria thought Chrysalis was a monster, wait until they meet Queen Taalia...

In the meantime, Atalanta has given Queen Chrysalis a renewed sense of purpose. Hatched in captivity, she is the whole world to her doting mother.

She writes the story of her life for her daughter, who could very well be the last of the changelings once Chrysalis is gone...and who this Queen Taalia is.

Cover Art by pinkanaon. Check out the art!

MLP:FiM was created by Lauren Faust.
MLP:FiM is owned by Hasbro.
All Rights Reserved.

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Sorry, that's all I can say for now.

I hope for a happy ending good so far

I'm liking this so far..... looking foreword to new updates!

I really need to get to writing again. ARG YOU MAKE ME WANT TO WRITE IM JELLY!!!!

So THAT'S what the holes are for!

6446301 There is more meaning to them than that, but it is a more direct source and can only be given by queens.

MLP:FiM was created by Lauren Faust.

MLP:FiM is owned by Hasbro.

All Rights Reserved.


Glad to see a prisoner who is NOT a doormat for once. And while I abhor the assault on Canterlot, I can understand the reasons she undertook it.

I like your Chrysalis. She's a bitch as expected, but also a fiercely protective mother. The guards won't soon try to approach her daughter without express permission again, that's for sure. I like your Luna as well, though she appears to have just as high of a capacity for cruelty as Chrysalis, perhaps even moreso, which worries me a bit on Chrysalis' behalf. Hopefully her better nature will win out. Nice chapter.


I'm enjoying this story so far. Looking forward to seeing the next chapter!

6451394 Luna is basically a living relic living in a lost time while adjusting to the here and now. I like to throw hints into what I think life might have been like for her and her sister a thousand years ago. She has not changed, or has not been able to change for the simple fact she has not had time to fully adjust. It takes years for a being as old as her (in my mind) to adapt instead of being there, step by step as her elder sister has.

Chrysalis grew up in a much harsher reality. She was actually quite jealous of Celestia and Equestria, for that matter. So it was that reason, as well as a rather glaring outside reason for her decision to attack Canterlot.

just noticed the story had a nice ID number... round 290000


I am thoroughly loving this. Grips you with wonder, what stories will Chrissy tell, and what will become of poor Atalanta? She's an innocent in all of this.

I find myself really hating the ponies in this fic, save perhaps Celestia. Even then, only if her outward behavior is genuine and not a facade. I'm almost afraid to continue reading this fic, because it seems like something terrible happening to Chrysalis or her daughter is inevitable. Should that come to pass, I'm rooting for her to do as much damage as possible before the end. Hope to see more soon!

The second thing she noted was a gigantic white stuffed plushie seated at the foot of her bed.


6447497 Did I show you that baby changeling being born thing? Because I think the intro drops hints of inspiration from there.

I like this... I really like this.

6458507 I don't think so. If I did, it would not be the only source.

I hope Chrysalis remains defiant, and doesn't become a doormat. I hate it when that happens.

I also hate that the doctor and Celestia dared to smile so arrogantly at her. If I was in the queen's position, I'd curse them out for it and refuse to have anything to do with them as long as they had that damned to hell smile on their faces. Hopefully, the queen refuses to accept the punishment, considering the unjust arrogance of her captors.

Don't take this as a criticism of the author's work; my anger is directed toward the characters in the story.

6458930 Everything is working as intended.:twilightsmile:

6459087 Sorry. I got carried away after reading the chapter.

6459111 you're fine. It's the reaction I'm looking for. There are a lot of misunderstandings going on.

Hnn. I hate how the ponies are treating her! Even Celestia put's me on edge.

Didnt see any signs of tyrany in this fic. Celestia looks like leader of olygarchic group to me.
Chrysalis`s silent defiance is good to show cultural difference between her civilization and Celestia`s, i hope their silent conflict will be developed. The story itself raises good negative emotions, it makes me to sympathize with Chrysalis, despite her status of agressor. I fear that in the end, they will kill Chrysalis and send her daughter to Cadance.

What are the Ravagers? They remind me of something of my own headcanon.

6461775 Patience. All will be revealed.

So that was probably Luna, right? If so, I can't decide if she was being a nosy, dream-diving bitch, or if she was trying to help. Hmm. Another great chapter, but I need more!

6462052 Luna does not manipulate dreams.

Well then, now I'm really curious as to who Chrysalis was speaking to.

6462090 It was Luna, but Luna did not make the dream. It was all Chrysalis.

Luna is a guide in the Dreamscape. For all her power, she cannot manipulate what others dream about.

:applejackconfused: Guess I'll just have to stay tuned.

I hope she's still defiant, though. Chrysalis, I mean. And that she refuses to give information up.

I was unprepared

For what seemed an eternity, Queen Chrysalis wept.

It was an emotional part

Luna will hear a mouthful when she comes

6462199 She is Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings. She has led for almost a thousand years. So long as there is one changeling under her care, she cannot be broken.

She's very much like her mother.

There is crossroad. Alicorns know of Chrysalis`s emotional state. They know reasons behind her attack. I`m waiting for Celestia`s decision regarding Chrysalis.

6462969 Celestia will certainly try to deal with this as best she can with what information is made available to her. She wants to make the right decision.

6466421 The best kind of update!

6466423 Definitely!! Before going to sleep, always good to read good.

Keep up the good works!!:pinkiehappy:

Not a bad chapter good job

Definitely... a good chapter to read.

I think there cant be any legal meetings regarding Chrysalis, because "de jure" she is dead. There is no side to blame in what happened during invasion. I dont know how about Anglo-Saxon law system, but in continental legal systems there is legal mechanisms that allows any close relatives or legal guardians to defend honor of dead defendant in criminal or civil courts. Still, i dont think such mechanism woud be useful, Luna isnt close reltive or legal guardian for Chrysalis, moreover, in purpose to use that mechanism, they should make Luna`s status official, so recordings of said legal process will go into practice and archives, but such action would bee seemed weird...One princess defends rights of dead enemy at face of other princesses...it looks ridiculous.

Hell, even whole "court meeting" action they want to take over Chrysalis looks idiotic.
Judge - interested person who directly suffered from actions of DEAD offender
State attorney - interested person who personally suffered from actions of DEAD offender
Defense - interested person who is related to judge (!!!), professionaly suffered because actions of DEAD offender
Its not court meeting, it looks like petty clan meeting, so offended matriarch could realease her anger over memory and honor of DEAD offender. Disgusting idiocy. Cadance already punished Chrysalis with fate much worse than death. In that light i want to cut off Celestia`s limbs just to restore morality and justice in this situation.

Hmm. This chapter raises a lot of interesting questions. Looking forward to hopefully seeing them answered in the rest of the story!

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