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When magic goes wrong, it can have disastrous results. For example, you might end up with two fillies when you only expected one.

An episodic tale about motherhood, two diverging lives, and reckless use of incredibly powerful magic by everypony involved.

Cover art by AmpDragoness

Teen rating for more blood in one or two later chapters than they'd allow on the show. Better safe than sorry.

Chapters (32)
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Comments ( 1067 )

Over eager guards...
Someone please slap them with a newspaper? Please?.. :facehoof:

I wonder if Celestia realizes that sunset pretty much sees her as her mother.... And hates her. Considering the indication that Sunset was an orphan too, sooner or later this will involve that mother/daughter conflict. Which is well within the scope of the story, Sunset becoming a mother.

Poor Luna though, she's royally screwed for losing a minor under her reasonability. Let's hope she doesn't suffer too much for that.

This is some high-grade stuff right here. Great, unique idea pulled off well. I'm honestly surprised it hasn't gotten more views by now.

Hmmmm... You have my attention. This is quite original plot you have here, Bolt. I don't think this was been done before. Can't wait for more!

Love the idea! It wasn't too clear for me until the second reading that the mirror wasn't open on it's 30th moon, but rather was forced by Sunset. From the comic 'The Fall of Sunset Shimmer' it is nearly time anyway.

Also, I love the subtext with Celestia and Sunset. I would have maybe added a bit more surrounding the interaction between SciTwi and Sunset to make the kid latch on so strongly, but otherwise a strong couple chapters.

Yeah, Celestia knows that the mirror is a portal to another world, and even if she doensn't know what's on the other side she still knows Exactly what/who the Second Twilight is. She's just being too stubborn to admit that to Sunset, and I can't help but feel that that's going to bite her in the a:yay: later on. The best thing to do would be to actually Tell Sunset the answer for once, and then set her the task of repairing the mirror so that Twilight can be returned home, but no, Chess-lestia must play her games...

Still; interesting idea, will track.

Huh, great idea. Honestly, in my time on the site, I have only seen one fic in which a child that's one of our favourite characters comes through the portal, and needs taking care of, and that's my fic. Yours is still a very different setup. I look forward to more.


The doors weren’t entirely soundproofed, and if she caused a commotion she’d have to deal with explaining herself to a few stallions that already didn’t like her.

“Get her!”The guards yelled, piling into the room.

It sounds more like they don't particularly like her than anything else. :derpytongue2:

Well, this is gonna be interesting. Momlestia AND motherly Sunset in the same story? Definitely tracking.

I am worried at what is going on on the other side of the mirror.

I felt that Pony Twilight was being quite the brat, but them I remembered her age in the fic and realized that's a pretty accurate response of how a child that age would react.
Not to mention this part:

“I just…” Twilight looked at the copy. “I don’t like her,” she whispered. “She’sstrange.Ponies shouldn’t look like other ponies. And she feels strange!”
“Feels strange?” Velvet asked.
“I can feel it in my horn,” Twilight said, firmly

That could also explain some of her reaction, not to mention it's a curious development.

“They’ve been safely imprisoned for, well, probably forever,” Celestia said. She hesitated and looked to the side. “Maybe I should check some of the binding spells on my ancient foes one of these days. I keep letting it slip…”

:facehoof: No comment. :pinkiecrazy:

I applaud you, Sunset. You are a good pony:heart:

“I didn't hurt her, right?” Sunset was pretty sure they wouldn't be having a polite conversation if it was the case, but it didn't hurt to ask.

“A little shaken up but otherwise healthy, by all accounts. Princess Cadance is taking her home. Now, let’s talk about that book you had and the spell you were trying to use…” Celestia’s gaze hardened, and Sunset groaned, lifting the sheet up to hide her face.

The Princess' disappointment was even worse than being yelled at.


You mean other than the ensuing amber-alert, terrified and grief-stricken parents/brother, shamed principle and vice principle who were supposed to be watching the missing child in question and the potentially impending law-suits against said school administrators both criminal and civil over child-care negligence?

Like I said here, 8923312, the best thing for Princess Celestia to do would be to assign Sunset to repairing the mirror as quickly as possible so that the second Sparkle can be sent home, for Everyone's sake, rather than playing games with Sunset to teach her another lesson. There is a time for lessons to be learned, and a time for actions to be taken. It's fairly obvious to me that this version of Celestia has forgotten when the latter is...

well while I can see why twilight wouldn't like twilight because everyone never likes themselves (doctor who approved)

hhhmmm I thought it would have to do something with Twivine, not just probably the one Twilight coming into the other world.

but it was very badly damaged.

:pinkiehappy: Yes that will probably keep her there and others away from Equestria.

“I’ve seen something like this before,” Celestia said, ignoring the question. “During the reign of Discord, before I came to rule Equestria, he created magical pools. Some of them would make imperfect copies of ponies.”

Of course she knows it, it wouldn't have hurt to have Celestia trying to find it out and being suprised too.

“That’s really Sunset’s decision

and yours (miny Twily)

It is bad enought that Sunset has to live where the guards kind of try to get a reason to do bad things to her, that probably doesn't helps with what this Celestia wants her to see again.
This looks like Celestia making a first bad try/decision with Sunset and having a bad environment that isn't helping either.

However I like this story and I kind of hope it gives Sunset a happy ending in the end, that this story maybe isn't exactly about bad Villains and more about different kind of problems (I just saw the slice of life tag).
I also hope that Sunset doesn't have to completely change into what the others want her to become and that she kind of makes them see that it is okay to be a bit different.
What I mean is, I know several stories where the ponies try to fit a main char into their harmony cult and won't allow any kind of different thinking.

I'm not sure I like this. While the premise is very interesting, it has something of a tone-problem from my point of view.

For one, thus far the story itself has actually been kind of dark. A child has essentially been kidnapped, and her memories of her home and family literally torn from her mind (and presumably lost). As others have pointed out, it also serves to basically ruin EQG-Luna, and devastate EQG-Twilight's family. And Celestia seems totally unconcerned that a child has been taken from her parents (unless this story is diverging from canon in terms of what she knows about the mirror). She basically gives Sunset a non-punishment for something that is on-par with what got her expelled, in-canon.

For another, the story really hasn't endeared me to anyone right now. No one really stood out in a positive way, so I have very little reason to be invested in whether things turn out alright for them. They're all just kind of annoying/self-centered.

Lastly, despite the fairly unique premise, so far it feels oddly generic. It's hard to put my finger on, and this is admittedly a very subjective complaint, but despite having read the whole thing twice, I can only really remember the most superficial details. It might be that it's simply treading a lot of the same ground as other stories and it's hard for me to look past it. :applejackunsure:

Well it has a interesting premise but it can still go either way. I'm curious in wich direction you will take it. Looking forward for more. :twilightsmile:

So I heard Luna lost her job for losing a child in her care? :facehoof: Seriously, that could very well be the perfect reason for Human Luna's "downfall". :pinkiecrazy:

The police and everyone else will search for the missed Human Twilight and the entire family will be devastated that they lost their daughter, most likely thinking that this will be the case forever if the mirror child stays in Equestria with her "new mother". Depending on how long Sunset goes with it, and how long Celestia allows it, this can dramatically chance everything. If they do the mother-daughter routine for years to come then I wonder how that would play out.

Better yet, throw the book em.

Celestia really doesn't get Sunset, hmm?

Spite is a perfectly fine motivation to help someone, if it is the right kind of spite. "I have the capability to do better, just like I wished had been done for me!" is quite fine, and can lead so easily into gentler and happier motivations.

And. Well.
There are just very few bad reasons to be kind.

....I hope you would clear in next chapter what is happening with Luna. Other than that, everything seems a little cliche'ish, but that's the tropes of the idea. Still interesting to read.


Luna, you are a terrible educator.

Also, Sunny's got some explaining to do.

As has been thoroughly noted, there are some disturbing implications to this premise. Celestia's callous attitude towards human Twilight is especially horrifying if she's fully aware that a child has just been lost from another universe.

Still, that aside, I look forward to seeing where you go with this. Especially if it gets Celestia to check up on some of her old foes. And if VP Luna somehow tries to pursue Twilight.

I don't think midnight is cool enough... Mega Twilight was clearly better, no hesitation !

“You can’t call me Stormageddon,”the filly huffed, glaring at Sunset.

I'm going to install a browser extension so that I can replace every instance of "Midnight" with "Stormageddon".

“This would be a lot easier if I could use magic…” Stormageddon mumbled. She raised the fork to her lips and bit into the steak.

Oh god, this just makes it so much better

A pony with a love for cooked meat... I want more!

I'm a bit....... dissapointed? that Sunset was a little bit more than crazy and acted the way others thought about her already.
When her brain worked again it looked more like the kind of episode Twilight has and it reminds me of stories or movies where they only slowly realize that the kid ir creature is actually having feelings and stuff.
I'm not Twilight....I'm Mega Twilight 2.0

“That was so good!” Midnight said, happily. “Can I have more?”

YES, please let it be unusual for ponies and let her ate a lot of it in front of either a griffon or other ponies to shock them. It is maybe unusually but I think my sense of humor goes in that direction a bit.

Nice story so far.

Eventide, though. That's pretty good. I don't think I've ever seen that used as a pony name, anywhere at all.

8926959 Maybe Celestia likes her students borderline insane and neurotic. Helps her connect with her inner child and her younger years?

It's clear each is having an influence on the other. I just fear how Midnight Stormageddon will turn out with Sunset for a German-compound-word.

Also, that eager carnivory's probably going to result is a much larger battery of tests...

Can ponies diggest a lot of meat or will Twilight get a lot of stomach aches?

Interesting how Sunset has a lot of problems, but being an indiscriminate asshole is not one of them. Traumatized and distant, yes, but not an asshole.

“No,” Sunset said, her expression falling. “I’m just… a student.”

Yeah, Celly screwed up hard on this one.

“That was so good!” Midnight said, happily. “Can I have more?”

And then Sunset shed a tear of happiness, for her unholy magical spawn was already learning how to terrify ponies with absolute cuteness.

I approve of that!


Midnight Stormageddon

I approve even more of that!!!

Shame this doesn't have a comedy tag. I can already imagine it, Sunset and her daughter Midnight Stormageddon being "villains" and terrorizing equestria. Except that Midnight would completely ruin it by being her natural adorkable self, and they'd be heroes instead, to Sunset's eternal chagrin. It would end with both ascending and Bacon Horse refusing to aknowledge it because it came from love and friendship :pinkiecrazy:

Lavender Unicorn

... I thought she was supposed to be called something different than the other version, though I suppose she is later referred to as Lavender Alicorn.

Also, I think us in the comment section agree, her name is now Midnight Stormageddon.

“That was so good!” Midnight said, happily. “Can I have more?”

Oh my God, she has the taste for blood! Anyways, Midnight was so adorable, I want another chapter asap!

Wait, I'm confused. Does Sci-Twi Midnight not remember being human? Has nopony thought to ask her what she remembers?

Also, Midnight loves meat. I want to see more of this.

It's nice to see somebody else remember that while ponies are herbivores, they aren't obligate herbivores and are, in fact, capable of eating meat without getting sick. It's just something that they do not do regularly.

Speaking of which, Sunset will probably want to see if Midnight is at all interested in less expensive and more easily acquired meats, such as fish or poultry. Ham and other pork products might also be relatively inexpensive in comparison to beef or mutton, as (unlike cows and sheep) pigs seem to be regular farm animals rather than people.

I put it down to shock induced amnesia or memory repression.

And Yes, Midnight Twinkle is the most adorable cow eating pony in Canterlot!

I was asking myself the same thing! Like, now I'm confused, IS she Scitwi or a copy of Scitwi? This would make the Midnight moniker more apropos I guess?

I don't mind if the author leaves it vague in the story for now, particularly if we aren't going to see the other side of the mirror ever...

Good chapter! Love how it ends with the pony equivalent of this magic clone child eating human flesh or something lol

Edit - I reread the prologue, and in the paragraph where she is going through the portal, it mentions that something got left behind in the transport, that she forgot even as she realized... I'm assuming that was her human memories.

Also the mirror is cracked, so my pet theory that Celestia was going to force Sunset to babysit till it opened in a month is out the door. That filly is likely staying for a while... and vice principal Luna is soooooo losing her job, like possibly going to jail even!

so midnights omnivore diet is still their

Is human Twilight's Amnesia permanent or she going to start remembering any part of the Earth's life. Also will we be getting any scenes of human Luna dealing with the apparent loss of a child?

Ponies and most herbivores can digest meat, as meat is just proteins and fats and they have the enzymes to digest them. However, animals like horses and ponies are only seen consuming meat in extreme survival circumstances. Anything more then small amounts would most likely have a severe impact on there health. They are hindgut fermenters, and so have a enlarged caecum to ferment grasses. There digestive track is designed to eat large amounts of fibrous food (grass). Even large amounts of grain and simple carbohydrates are bad for them and can lead to hindgut acidosis from the fermentation of too many sugars.
Though, I don't think anything about real horses and ponies applies to cartoon ponies that seem fine eating large amounts of cake and other human foodswithout issue. :twilightsmile:


And easier to control and manipulate.


So...a child from another world is stranded in Equestria, probably forever. Celestia HAS to know what Midnight is, given she knows what the mirror is...and instead of doing everything in her power to help her get home, she's dumped her on Sunset to take care of without any hint of advice or explanation as to what's going on, despite Sunset asking her quite clearly what the heck the mirror is?

What a fucking bitch. The fact that she isn't giving Sunny the affection she so desperately needs only seconds that. Then again, given how in the comics Celestia basically dumped baby Spike on a very young Twilight to take care of without giving her any assistance at all, this sadly isn't far off from canon.

Also, what's the Germane compound word for this situation?


Well, not really. Twilight sans Spike would be a micromanagement nightmare, and Sunset was likely similarily difficult. If anything, that ENSURES they would never completely fall under her control. And every time Celestia would sigh with relief and figure she finally got things done, they'd decide it's time to CREATE a friendship problem :twilightoops:

And, well, no, Spike had a clear purpose as Twilight's assistant. To pull her from the brink of insanity over and over until she finally got a grip on it (which didn't come until long after she got the extra bits). And also, even at the lowest point, at the darkest hour it guaranteed she'd have at least ONE friend. Sunset didn't have anyone like that, and it could contribute to a lot of her issues. Well, now she does.

If anything, Midnight is Spike 1.21b. Much improved, revised version. Not a slave, with a strong will, with the pre-existing issues of her own, with alicorn-tier magical potential and vast intellect (in the making). And, well, she's not a dragon, a (baby) nigh-indestructible being even by Equestria's standards. It's Spike expert mode. Well, Sunset is older now too, she'd get bored otherwise.

(If we take MLP too seriously:) It can be argued that along their much bigger brains they have also evolved to digest more carbohydrates. Bigger brains need much more calories, which seriously constraints the size of the brain of herbivores.

Ponies seems to have much bigger brains in MLP, because they have bigger heads, and they are also shown to eat much more carbohydrates than in real life, so it kind of fits. They also drink milk, eat eggs, so they can definitely digest meat (white meat at lest), but they find meat unpalatable due to their "herbivore past".

Don't forget that MLP Ponies have Binocular Vision, a genetic trait more often found in predator species than herbivores, and that there are several instances in the show where we've observed ponies Fishing.


Whether they're fishing for food, catch-&-release, or as a favor to Fluttershy for her more carnivorous Animal Friends isn't clear, but it's still something people have build head-canons for Ponies having a more omnivorous diet off of.

The fact that a whole year has passed without Sunset even attempting to teach Midnight magic and she suddenly picks it up in a day feels very unbelievable. It really took me out of the story.

That three generations moment was beyond cute. I wonder, though, how will Sunset and Midnight react when Twilight becomes Celestia's student too, for she won't let the one whose Cutie Mark is on the Tree get away.

Let's just hope the family stays together, and that they someday let themselves call it so. OK, that Sunset does it, the other two are already on board :derpytongue2:

"... and that is why Sunset had to promise to never practice her fire magic again without supervision. The. End," Celestia finished with a benevolent smile.

Twilight gasped in wonder, "Maybe I can get a pyromancer Cutie Mark!"



But the poor family of the human world. They most likely gave up by now after an entire year. And Luna, well...

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