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I've never called myself a brony, now I'm writing mlp fanfiction and enjoying it.



The Great and Powerful Trixie has been working smaller venues than she is used to ever since the debacle in Ponyville. But that's not that big a deal for her, she's had to start from the bottom before. But just as she's reaching the heights she once knew and is poised to shoot even further, she runs into an annoyance from her past, one that seems dedicated to remaining an annoyance.

Set not too far after Trixie's first appearance in the series, and obviously going to ignore later appearances. Just something I thought of when thinking about Trixie's character and imagining some more depth behind it.
Teen for drinking scene and some implied bedroom business later, though nothing on screen.

Let me know what you think. This is my first time not writing from the view of one of the mane six, though the point of the story means my usual attempts to portray characters accurately will not be a factor.

Update: this story is now extending from it's original premise. While the feel of it should not change too much there will be more and potentially more mature content. Shouldn't be anything too bad but it's become a little more spontaneous so I'm not sure what kind of content should be expected at this point.

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why do I have feeling twilight been to many of her shows, and is a big fan, and possible in love with trixie

I like that idea actually. Maybe I'll have to work something like that in, or maybe not:derpytongue2: guess you'll just have to wait and see.
Thanks for the fav btw

np I can see twilight having "follow" and watch many of Trixie show in other towns, and had just saw her show she just did,
it good start

i wonder if Trixie knew who twilight is, ie the princess's student,

Am I correct in assuming the sex will be between Twilight and Trixie?

It is tagged as such but you may be disappointed about how I decide to approach it

this is getting good bu ti wonder how twilight friends will react to all of this when it come out or spike. kind of want shiny and Candace to bump into them at the bar or shiny show up and put them in jail for cause too much drinking and cause nose and other stuff and try to keep twilight away from Trixie only for Candace to stop and drag the two to her lair I mean room to talk......

I love your ideas, but you have way too much faith in my writing ability. I'm currently sitting on a story because the opening scene involves the whole cast and I found out that when there are a lot of characters, my dialogue good very flat.

oh that understandable, if anything I think cadence should be able to smell new found love and can tell somehow twilight is part of it.....
keep up the good work.

"I'm gonna show you the best way to unwind after a great show."

Hoes and booze? Hoes and booze.

I want multiple things to happen
1. I want to see the "bewitching Beatrix"
2. Twilight offering Trixie to help in magic
3. The Maine 6 and everyone finding out about Trixie and Twilight preferably by seeing them in a show

Dang. I only had plans to make this like one more chapter and maybe another epilogue like seems to be my thing. But you guys are making me think about extending this, which I really don't know if I have the writing skills for. I don't know, I might put of the next chapter for a week to think about it.

I'd normally say both, but in this case you got one right

Woohoo. I was really hoping this story would hit 200 views. Sorry for the wait for the next chapter, I plan on paying it today along with all explanation of why it took so long and future projects. Looks first to it everyone

You are the second person who's ideas I love for this story. And just so you know, I might be stealing one of them. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm.

I can see twilight goes to the show end up on stage not knew shiny armor and princess cadence are in box watch the show, and cadence figure it out goes back stage to surprise them both......
few week later Trixie show up in pony villle to meet up with twilight and her friend find out they getting along, rainbow dash try to run Trixie out of town only for twilight to try to stop her or get hurt
throw in rainbow dash has a crush on twilight for some drama

just few ideas

Once again, I like your ideas, though in this case it would take a fair amount of fudging. I did establish that this takes place early on, well before cadance and shiny are introduced or married. If anything there could be a side plot of Twilight noticing then from stage and figuring out they are dating in secret, though once again, fudging involved. Thanks for the ideas as always

Comment posted by Natedogg2006 deleted Jan 30th, 2018

most welcome, I always figure she knew those two were dating, but did knew he was even think about popping the question, I think she was more upset that she was not told about wedding till last min,

oh I think rarity will be fine with Trixie after take her to the spa and have her act as a model. rainbow dash is going to try to break them up, or do anything she can to make twilight see Trixie as a brag no good for her pony.

I can't wait to see the Rainbow Dash and Rairty react to Twilight's character as Trixie's assistant

Pretty good as always. I really like how there's little to no angst drama going on, it's refreshing.
Just be careful with grammar and punctuation for example:

There elevator stopped at a random floor

There elevator dinged as they finally reached the floor.

I wonder if the rest of the girls will go to the show too.

Frick, thanks. That's my auto correct, I usually catch it. And I'm sure the rest of the girls will see a show eventually:twilightoops:

Awesome story so far. I especially like that their relationship has troubles but they are dealing with them in a rational manner.

I thought this chapter showcased the characters and their relationships rather nicely. Lightly humorous and maybe a touch saccharine, but not so much as to turn one’s stomach.

Nice. This might be the first time I have seen someone use the elements like the princess move.

Thanks, it's an element I've wondered about. They must have some kind of celebrity but they are never noticed.

Three hundred views, WOOOO!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!!!

I’ve seen a few stories where the background love interest knows who they are because of it but very few where it comes up otherwise.

Good because i can see Twilight crying at something like a strip club or places with hoes (at the very lest feel very very uncomfortable in there)

I kind of want spike to know because twilight sleep talks

Very sweet. Anyone want to bet on how bad Applejack’s reaction will be?

Dude that scene between them was adorable. Also I can relate, very much with twilight here. I think the worse is the silence. But great halter all around.

Bad enough that as of now it will be left to happen off screen. But it will be addressed at very least.

Just FYI everyone, I know it's been a little while since my last update but I am still writing. I absolutely promise this story will not die and there are still a few chapters before it finishes.

I'm currently on vacation, so I might find time to push out one more chapter this week. Shhhh, don't tell anyone.

I wont as longa s you make it over 9000 chapter.... or as many as u mind can come up with

I have enjoyed this story, it starts off very whirlwind-like, but that does help get it into the shipping and relationship quickly. Quite fair as well as some relationships just...work well I suppose. Both people are into one another and want to see where it goes enough to just run with it.

I am a touch confused on this interlude though. Before it, they realized Trixie's mentor stole Twilight's earrings, and the next chapter they had a fight we didn't see. I guess Trixie blew up on how bad of a pony he was or something and Twilight was defending him...for some reason?

Asides from that confusion, I've greatly enjoyed this fic so far. Looking forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

Actually, you'll have to wait a chapter or two if you want to figure out the reason for the fight:pinkiehappy:
Hopefully you will find your time investment worth it, I'm getting a little creative with the last few chapters

Faust dammit, Celestia & Cadence! Don't go scaring the marefriend!

facepalm "dam well look liek trixie pass all the level of twilgtih family and such"

Once again, sorry for the wait on the last chapter, and thank you so much for getting this to 400 views.

Wonder if Luna naturally ceded her presence to run interference or if she lost a bet.

Not to spoil too much, but I am firmly in the camp that Luna sleeps during the day. So infer what you want from that.

BTW, I was wondering if anyone caught that, not that I hid it that well.

Though now that I think about it, a major show would be right after dinner or even later, and if Luna goes to sleep during daylight hours that would likely have her awake at that point as I would imagine she wouldn’t stay up much past dawn and she would likely only sleep for 8-10 hours or so.

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