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Applejack is finally ready to transition and become a stallion, but not everyone is behind the decision. Will he be able to overcome and be true to himself? With the help of Twilight Sparkle, his dream may become a reality sooner than he thinks.

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Thats sweet :D
But I really want to know what happens after her...His operation.

You know, I like to think of myself as a very open-minded person. By most measures, I am. I'm perfectly fine with homosexuality, bisexuality... in fact any expression of sexuality based on informed consent. But this whole gender identity thing... I really feel like I'm missing something obvious because while the topic has interested me for years I just. Do. Not. Get. It.

Your body is who you are. Being "in the wrong body" is a meaningless statement to me. For what it's worth, I was born with a slight but very real birth defect. Although most people don't know about it, it's an actual, honest-to-goodness functional hindrance, which I am reminded of daily. But it's part of who I am, and I don't feel "wrong" with it. If I had the opportunity to fix it, would I? That's a tough question. If it were a very low-risk procedure with no major downsides, then probably. Otherwise, no.

Form what I know, SRS is a very complicated and difficult process. I can't imagine going through with it if I had fully-functional equipment just because I didn't like the shape.

There are also expectations of each gender imposed by society - but that's a problem with society, and one doesn't have to be transgender to suffer unfair treatment based on socially-imposed attitudes about gender. I make it a point to treat everyone as a person first; adjusting for how they wish to be treated, within reason.

I just don't understand why anyone with a healthy body would want to alter it so severely; I don't understand what they stand to gain that's so important.

That said... you are free to do with your own body what you please. And I will refer to anyone by their preferred pronoun, just because it seems a courteous and decent thing to do. And you being transgender doesn't mean we can't be friends.

But: I. Do. Not. Get. It.

BTW, I upvoted this, cause it's pretty well-written and, as much as possible considering the topic, everypony seems in-character.

A well thought out and well written post?
*Puts on war helmet*
My old enemy, we meet again...
*Loads the muffin gun*


I just wanted to give you a word of support, especially seeing that someone else downvoted your comment, which I don't think it deserves.

You start off saying you're open minded as if you were about to refute that fact. Then the rest of your post, in my opinion, actually supports it, especially as you are careful to say that while it's meaningless to you, the meaning it has for others is still important.

You don't have to Get It. It's a really hard thing to deal with conceptually, let alone really understand. And you know what? That's okay. Everything else you said shows that you do get what, to me, are the most important: that even though you don't see the point, you still feel compassion and care about someone who does. At least enough to use their pronoun, defend their freedom to do with themselves what they wish (and yes, just saying you feel they're free to do so is a remarkable thing compared to how some view it), and accept that it's complex and hard for them.

And I think that's a powerful example of the ideal this community at least ostensibly attempts: Love and Tolerate.

You may not Get needing the kind of change this story describes, but you do seem to Get being a good person about it.

Light and laughter,

Thoughtful and nicely written. I feel like Pinkie was the right choice for the negative response as I can actually see her objecting for those reasons. I being a cisgender female can in no way identify with those feelings but it's nice to see them given light in the Equestria universe in such a serious well thought out manner. An apple for thought about feelings those around us may have but we never see. I think slice of life is your calling, stick with it!

Poor Applejack, she is worst background pony. :P

^_^ I was very happy to have stumbled upon this. I am MtF and I'm always excited to see stories on this subject pop up. I'd like to thank you for writing it.
Alright, down to business.
Just a few small typos that I could catch, usually missing punctuation.

apple farmers faith in her.

Just one of the very few I saw. Other than that, looks fine.

Very well written on a subject that's rarely touched upon. <3 I like how you started it off with a therapy session. Now, since it was written last year, I don't know if I should stay wondering about chapter two, but I certainly hope that it happens.

Thanks again. You made me smile during my time of dysphoria.

I'm cisgendered myself, but have dated individuals who weren't, at different ends of the spectrum.

Actually, there are a lot of folks who are transgendered who don't feel the need for full surgical alteration. They're perfectly happy living as a member of their preferred gender, whether or not the parts match the chassis, as it were.

Others feel like they just don't fit in their own bodies; a better way to imagine it might not be to compare it to a birth defect, but to think about it as spending your entire life wearing a costume that's stitched onto your body, that you can never take off, that you have to go everywhere wearing *and behaving like it's really you*.

Sure, society's the source of the problem with the expectations and gender roles, but changing society is really, really frickin' hard. It's a lot easier to change your outer shell to match the inner you, than to spend your entire life fighting social mores that most people take for granted, even ones as simple as which restroom you're supposed to be using.

Once you've changed that outer shell (the clothes and behaviors), then some people are fine with it. Others... it still feels like they're being dishonest about who they are, because now they've got a new complication - reducing the risks of being outed. After all, there's something of a stigma about somebody with the bits and pieces of one gender representing as the other. So it feels more natural to go through and have the rest of the "chassis" changed to match what's inside, not just the paint job.

Interestingly, recent research has shown that a large number of transgendered individuals actually have neurological characteristics that are more in common with their gender ID than with their biological gender. So they actually are, quite literally, in the wrong body for their brain.

I'm hoping to continue this at a later time, I'd really like to explore more of the relationships between Jack and the rest of the mane six as he changes.

:heart: :ajsmug:

3399398, 3399542, 3400634, 3403703
I'm glad you liked it! Since this can be such a touchy subject I'm really happy to see others talking it out in a rational way.

Glad I could bring a smile to your face! I've struggled with GD for years and it can get so hard sometimes. I hope I was able to handle this subject with some of the respect it deserves. I do plan to continue at a later time, I'm still writing like mad for the one-shotober challenge and it's taking up all my time :applejackconfused:

I know how you feel and it helps immensely if there are people close to you that understand and support you. I'm lucky to have a wife who supports me as much as possible, with the exception of transitioning. <_<;
Whenever you get around to it. <3 I'm in no rush. : P

3399398 An up vote for putting forth the effort to try and understand an error that is conceptually complicated on many levels.

To continue an above analogy about parts and cars, no matter how crude it may seem to some, imagine you bought a brand new mustang or camaro. You open the hood after getting home, having noticed that something felt off with it after driving out of the dealership. Instead of the expected muscle car engine, you see something that belongs in a Prius.

It is not a perfect analogy by any stretch of the imagination, but it is close enough to work. A person with gender identity issues literally has a body that feels wrong to their brain. Inasmuch as can be medically documented, a person is more the mind than the body. The body is meat. The mind is the driving force. Meat can be reshaped almost harmlessly to reveal the inner person, but in attempting to reshape a mind you would destroy the person inside instead.

I am agnostic. I believe that if I do have a soul, that soul was placed in a male body by mistake...and yet a person is the sum of their experiences. I would not be the same person if I had been born a female.

Believe what you will, tolerate what you can. We are all different, and variety is the spice of life. If there were some magic way to fix ourselves and never have to worry about how society sees us, I don't think there's a transgendered person alive that wouldn't use it.

um... th..thank yo.. you for writing this im in the same boat as jack though for me its the other way around I have always felt I was different and its a struggle to keep this a secret no one(that knows me in real life I mean)knows I have only ever told my best friend on guild wars 2 she has ben very understanding and supportive about it but I know my family will not handle it well and its a fear I have that they will reject me I know some if many of you don't rely care as to you it only a story and you don't need my drama but I still feel this story was a good place to get it out there and to help me build up the strength I will need to tell those I love about the reel me thanks for reading my thoughts any thing you have to say good or bad feel free to tell me thanks

3399398 have you ever worn a suit that just did not feel right? now think about how it would feel if that was your body ya you can just bare with it not feeling right but its just not the same as if the suit was tailor made for you that the best way I can explain it to you if that make any sense

Read the story and added it to the list of transpony stories (both on and off FimFiction) I have compiled on my user profile page.

I liked your choice of making Pinkie Pie the one with the worst response out of the Mane 6.

Also, congrats on publishing the first trans Applejack story that I know of.

3399377 whats your profile pic of. I cant tell what it is

Cool story, bro.

It's the main characters of a visual novel called Katawa Shoujo.

This was a very well written story. It was taken seriously, there were no disrespectful or ridiculous jokes (I have read similar stories that took more of a comedy route and I didn't find that at all pleasing), and the characters were spot on. You didn't challenge the emotions and feelings of the story, you explained it through Jack and Twilight which I found very fitting. It felt so much more real when Jack explained the positive and negative issues he was dealing with. Sometimes writers tend to make stories too...happy and smiles and carefree and everyone loves everyone. It works with certain stories but not all and I'm glad to see that route wasn't taken.

Jack had to deal with some negative problems that resulted in him telling his feelings. That felt real, that was and is real. It was perfectly done! :twilightsmile: Also, it's already been said but I'll say it again, having Pinkie be the one to not understand was fitting.

I know some people don't understand but I'm really happy to see there weren't negative comments, at least from what I saw. Supported, commented, liked, faved, and loved. :pinkiesmile:

Awesome story! I would have loved to see more of Jack’s story, but for a little slice of his life, it was great. :ajsmug:

You know I myself am transgender Male to Female and after reading this it honestly make me tear up a little, I would love to see the story continued.

Thank you for this. I am cisgender (I think) so I can't really explain it to you, but I appreciate how you try to treat people right, even if you don't understand their choices. :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: this is me in school.
I don't get why this has only down votes, it's very funny.

Comment posted by Nope Nope Nope deleted Jul 3rd, 2016

I find it hard to believe that gender-switching spells don't exist. Other than that, good fic.

Reading this one again was a trip. Last time I read it, I hadn't realized I'm transgender. For some reason I gave it a downvote the first time around, yet I remember enjoying it.

this fic is beautifully written and respectful. I'm reading this for the fourth time now and it always leaves me in happy and hopeful tears. being trans myself (mtf), reading this fic hits home in the right way. no matter how many times I read it, I go through the highs and the lows with Jack, fully understanding how he feels. great job

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