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Hitch has proven himself worthy of the himbo crown and one other position of power...

He's sure it will be fine.

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They were kind of impractical to wear outside of formal occasions and broke the indecency law of not wearing full body clothing in public for decent exposure. He hadn’t had to arrest himself yet and he had no plans to do so now.

:rainbowlaugh: That caught me by surprise and left me gut busting with laughter. Decent exposure... hah.

Ah, this is hilarious. Truly a most worthy self-indulgent tongue-in-cheek comedy. Hitch the ever oblivious himbo, becomes the Himbo Princess. I mean really, was there ever going to be any other fate for him?

Well I can think of a few but they violate this story's rating by a substantial margin. :pinkiecrazy:

Anygay this is well worth a read and people ought to give it a good careful looksie, because there are all kinds of little quips like the one I quoted sprinkled all over the place. Fantastic stuff.

This made me giggle. Spinach puffs. I understood that reference!

Okay, this is the first fic in a long time to make me legitimately laugh out loud. Several times in fact. I love it.

Although how dare you write this and use Flash instead it the one true himbo of G4!



I was actually going to make a reference to Shining being Flash's predecessor, but couldn't fit it in between all the ridiculousness.

Well now, this was properly ridiculous, kudos! :rainbowlaugh:

It's okay, Hitch. You don't want to actually be a Disney Princess.
There's that whole situation with their parents/family to contend with...
Plus their generally cursed life circumstances, though you seem like you'd be oblivious to them, so that would be more a problem for everyone around you...
And the whole dating scene for them; it's a mess, just go find your own Prince, you'll be much happier.

I would also bring up the whole problems with being owned by Disney, but the company responsible for you currently isn't that much better AND has a deal with them anyways, so that one might be a big harder to avoid even without being a Himbo Princess.

...also, poor bunny may need therapy.

Flying through the air was a plot-convenient piece of sheet metal cruising at a breakneck pace towards the defenseless bunny.

i love this, very convenient

Huh, weird. I didn’t know the sun got brighter when I do awesome hero work.” He grinned as he returned back to his previous pose. “But if the sun wants to highlight how great I am, who am I to judge?”

i love this, very himbo

Descending on large wings was a light orange pegasus with a swept back blue mane, blue eyes, and a cutie mark of a shield with a lightning bolt through it. He was stacked like a brick house, something Hitch always noticed about other stallions and something he would probably address some other time about what that meant for him.

hahaha, the perfect introduction!

The crown hit a rock in its path, spun through the air, and landed perfectly horizontally in the stranger’s lap.

“Oh, hey! Got the crown back!” The stranger pumped his hoof in celebration. “Yes, you still got it, Flash.”

noooooo this is too much reality-bending chaotic himbo energy

Hitch rolled his eyes. “It’s a friend pillow. Of course, I don’t find it weird.”

this is so good, there are so many layers here

“Oh, nice. A Himbo classic.” Flash nodded his approval. “My go-to is actually homemade fettuccine pasta.”

that's fascinating, i had no idea himbo culture came with a cuisine! i have so much yet to learn

Hitch nodded his head again. The dress really did flatter his abs.

absolutely perfect

Hitch was vaguely concerned about this knowledge he was apparently missing about his studly pegasus guard stallion friend he was meeting later.

as is this

“Oh, I have to fly back to my time since I still have like a bunch of ponies to get shipped with,” Flash said.


“I must return to Wisney Castle as Himbo based Stallion Princesses are not marketable.” Merry announced.

this really says a lot about Society, sadly

They were kind of impractical to wear outside of formal occasions and broke the indecency law of not wearing full body clothing in public for decent exposure.

ah, love this bit of casual worldbuilding!

just a very witty, delightful piece overall! you really are the best at delivering the himbo

Awww. This was just disastrously cute.

To be honest, the whole Hitch has critter magnet thing screamed Disney to me - that meme about disney princesses attracting animals is hilarious.

I really love how Hitch's inner himbo is just so exposed and obvious - it's really nice reading these kinds of silly and cute stories that pop up now and then.

Read this story or suffer, it's too good not to read. After all, who doesn't want to read a story called "Element of Himbo"? Himbos for everyone!

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