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Hitch knew he used to be friends with Sprout, and then things changed. And now he wants answers, and maybe along with that the possibility of Sprout becoming a better pony.

Or were they ever really friends at all...? Is there even a chance for Sprout to turn his life around, grow up a little? Hitch doesn't know, but he'd like to find out.

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I think - and hope - that with Sprout we'll see an arc like they played with for Sunset for a while. Because Sprout could represent something very, very important to remember.

Yeah, we all make mistakes. But some of us just keep making them. Others? They recognize that they were wrong and they do a Hell of a lot of work to improve themselves, and bring the people who used to be like them to the right side. The person best qualified to get, say, a white nationalist to see what they're doing wrong, the person best qualified to take that sledgehammer to somebody's psyche and identity in order to build something better, is someone who already had to do itto themselves.I

Sprout could represent the hope that we can all find a way to be better.

I loved this. I definitely agree Sprout is a product of the society he grew up in.
The ponies were in-character and the interactions felt realistic. It was great to read. :)

Well, what do you know? someone finally mentioned it. Sprout was a product of his mother's hate and bigotry. I've seen way to many people in this fandom who want him cast out like a leper when, in the grand scheme of things, he's done less than other villains who got redemption. Sprout can be a better person if the ponies give him a chance. It's nice to see a Sprout fic that's not just him getting yelled at by everyone and the characters are just mouth peaces for the author. good work.

I enjoyed this story. I liked the friend dynamics between Sprout and Hitch; one pony standing in the light of the future and one remaining in the shadows of the past. Seeing Hitch give Sprout a second chance and then go try to fix the burned bridge with Sunny was a nice touch. Let's just hope Sprout has learned his lesson and begins that long road to redemption. :scootangel:

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