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While Sunny Starscout is in town running her smoothie stand, Izzy Moonbow (left home alone in her marefriend Sunny's house, which was definitely the first of many mistakes in this chain of events) finds the now-reactivated Alicorn Amulet buried within Sunny's closet of artifacts and knick-knacks.

Predictably, chaos ensues.

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"I'm Izzy and I'm in a tizzy ! AhahaHAHAHA- w-whuh...?" Izzy's hysterics died down as she felt a tug around her neck, the black-and-red amulet seemingly pulling itself away from her neck as far as it could possibly reach, frantically jerking back and forth as the red hue in Izzy's eyes began to flicker. With a faint tink , the clasp finally shattered to pieces, and the amulet slid off of Izzy's neck and lifelessly fell down to the street with a clatter of metal.

Well this is a first?! If Twilight is still here. She should be interested in Izzy's goodness.

"Izzy, please ! I don't know what's got you in such a tizzy, but you need to stop this!" Sunny exclaimed back, gesturing around at the scenes of mild (but spectacular) inconvenience that Izzy had caused the townsfolk so far.

I'm not upset I'm just very disappointed

I don't think it was goodness, I think the amulet just spontaneously decided that death was better than making everything *pretty* instead of subjugating the lands.

That's the Inspiration Manifestation Book's gig!

Really though, kind of unfair to put Sunny on community service too, all she did was catch Izzy while she was falling! Hitch, honest, it isn't *always* her fault!


You don't think that this amulet itself has enough dark magic "power" that it is sentient?

Heh - oh, I think it has more than enough. Like I said, it realized it was going to be spending all its time prettifying and bailed.


True. This is the first time that the Alicorn Amulet actually abandon the user. And it was pretty funny.

Wow Izzy traumatized a magical artifact so badly it noped right off her :applejackconfused:

Hitch put Sunny on community service because she left Izzy home alone with unsafely stored, potentially hazardous artifacts. (Which is a violation of Maretime Bay's don't-leave-unicorns-home-alone-with-artifacts bylaw...which Hitch wrote following this incident the moment he got back to his office.)


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One of my main reasons for writing this was actually that scene, it was so perfectly "Izzy" that I could never pass up on the idea. glad y'all agree :rainbowlaugh:

Well, that was fun.

Well that was fun.

Hahaha the alicorn amulet couldn't corrupt Izzy so it detached itself. :rainbowlaugh:

This is what happens when you date a princess!

The portion where you switched from past- to present tense was kinda jarring. Otherwise, this was cute!

This is just cuteness.

Record for the Alicorn Amulet:

With Trixie, it made her pure evil and thus, Trixie had to remove it herself....by being tricked into doing so.

With Izzy, it increased her cuteness so much it had to get away from her....ONLY IZZY could cause that thing to want to run off.

And when Sunny put it on, she used it's powers to teleport her journal over, opening the bok and announcing, "Wow, 222 questions for an evil artifa... Did it just jump into the bay?"

"Well, maybe it has never seen the sea?"

"Hey, no littering, especially not in the bay! And especially not items of corrupting magic!"

"Bing-bong! Ok, kidding, we'll fish it out."

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