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The fragmented Equestrian nation has begun a hesitant trot towards reconstruction and reformation, but a long road of recovery and re-acclimation is in store for the once-segregated communities of Maretime Bay, Bridlewood, and Zephyr Heights. Friendships formed and harmony restored, but with many of Sunny's one hundred and forty-two questions still left unanswered, particularly those about why Equestria devolved to such a state, it's tough to figure out where to begin.

Maybe it'd be best for her to start with some of those newer and more personal questions...ones she'd hastily written down during their crew's quest to save ponykind from its long period of separation. The unicorn capable of answering them is close at hoof...she need only ask her.

这里有大黑星的中文翻译! (Chinese translation)

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This was an adorable read, can't wait to see more for this!

Another great piece, Ardee!


thanks doods! glad you enjoyed~! definitely gonna be writing more soon!

"Z-zipp! Please don't tell anypony else about this! Reintegrating the races is one thing, but I don't think everypony would be ready for something like this just yet!" Sunny exclaimed, glancing around hurriedly for any other potential witnesses.

I was thinking the same thing.

Im the same to be honest. I am addicted to Sunny x Izzy and The cuteness overload I get from it just instantly makes me smile!
And I dare you to not make another adorable chapter as soon as possible!
But fr I think you captured their personalities really well! Can’t wait to see more


I love them :heart:

Stupid cute HORSES.

Making me feel happy.

They should probably check on Pipp at some point just to see how she’s doing.

I had a feeling Pipp would be a mess.

Yeeesssss, this is heating up in a definite good way, loving how this is coming along.

Good show, and I'm pretty excited to see the next chapter!

A sweet start, though, someone so innocent as to not even know the mystic feeling of butterflies in the stomach... I find it hard to believe she'd be thinking that far ahead as to how such tongue could be used elsewhere, that felt a little out of place ^-^"

Other than that, amazing <3

Thanks! But yea you're right about that honestly. Doesn't really fit with the rest of the mood or with Sunny's level of inexperience. Gonna go ahead and change that line...

Gotta say, I'm loving this story so far. From the emotional parts of the last chapter, to a new and frankly pretty good headcanon of Zipp's and Pipp's relationship and backgrounds. With this background, it even made me feel sad for Pipp there.

Though, at the end, how Izzy asked if Sunny really meant it when she said she loved her - I didn't notice her ever saying that during the ZH visit. Did I miss something, or is it not there?

Thanks! Yeah, I also quite like the headcanon I came up with for Zipp and Pipp's dynamic. It adds to their character depth and, yes, even makes me like Pipp more. ;P

I didn't notice her ever saying that during the ZH visit. Did I miss something, or is it not there?

Sunny replied, placing a hoof on Zipp's shoulder. "She loves you, even if she has trouble expressing it sometimes." At that, she glanced meaningfully over to Izzy, whose eyes widened as a blush crept across her face.

Might've been a bit too subtle on that one, in hindsight.

Also, thanks for the fav! :twilightsmile:

As it swings shut heavily behind her, Sunny reflexively turns to the space next to the door and straightens out the little picture frame containing her most cherished photograph.

The rest of the of the story (so far) is told in past tense, but you slipped into present tense here. Switch this to past as well and you're good.

I think the two brief flashbacks would work better if they were presented in italics, and without that odd margin bar to the left. (If you can somehow preserve the indentation without that visible bar *and* put it into italics, that would be great.)

Fixed both things! Thanks! :D

Ugh Pipp, must you live stream everything?

This was very cute. Considering we have only one limited source of reference I think you captured their personalities well.

Love to see someone doing this ship! It's a bit fast paced and chaotic for a first chapter, you got a lot going on all at once. Still, judging from your intro I take it your usual works are more mature in nature and I can understand how the excitement of a new pairing can make you wanna jump right into it. So I'll go ahead and suspend some disbelief and just go with it cuz I'm hype too! Looking forward to reading the next chapter!

I appreciate the feedback on pacing! In retrospect, things do move pretty fast for it only being chapter 1, but I'm glad you're willing to read more despite that. :twilightblush: :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I really love writing these characters so I'm glad I got their personalities right. :D

"Can I have your autographs?" One pegasus asked from above, proferring a plushie...of the two of them hugging?

That was quick! :rainbowlaugh:

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