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It was a normal day in Maretine Bay but adding Izzy can make things a blast! But what if you add some chaos alongside her?

Basically just some random nonsense made into a story

Maybe not funny

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This is a really well written story. Loved the various forms of slapstick that you used in it, especially in regards to that bathroom wave.

Still, I do have a question: what in the world is Trixie doing in Maretime Bay? How did she get there, especially since G5 takes place over a thousand years after FiM ended. Did she use some sort of time travel spell in a previous story?

Yeah, she was accidentally transported to G5 in another story. But her appearing there is also a bit of a reference to my AU and a roleplay I did with a friend on another site where Trixie explored other worlds, including G5

Okay, what is this and why did I upvote it?

Pipp walked up to Izzy, “So, we heard you’ve been causing- huh?” Pipp noticed Izzy snuggle her leg in her sleep, “Please let go...”

“Aww, that’s cute!” Sunny exclaimed.

Yeah, Pizzy (Pipp x Izzy)!

Awesome story! It's all so in-character!

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