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This story is a sequel to Questions #143 and Beyond

With the loveliness of their first intimate night together fresh in their minds, Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow's attentions turn to lost histories, both personal and worldly.

Who is Sunny's mother? Who are either of Izzy's parents? How did Equestria get to such a state? What became of its legendary heroes and landmarks?

Every question has an answer - you just have to know where to look for it.

A romantic adventure with plenty of dramatic twists and turns along the way. There will be sex scenes posted under a separate M-rated story, but no plot-important things happen in them, in case you were worried.

Content Warning: This story contains an incestuous relationship. If this is not to your liking, I totally get it, but I do my best to handle it in a reasonable way that gels with an equine perspective on inbreeding rather than a human one - horses have enough chromosomes that inbreeding has few consequences, therefore an equine society wouldn't have a strong taboo.

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This is another wonderfully well done story, and deserves way more than its being given currently.

Great job RD!

After Alphabittle's surprise for the two of them and they started talking about it, I stopped reading. I agree with your author's note... I did not sign up for that.
Read the first story. Had high hopes for this one.
Was cute. But just ...no.

It's alright. I understand. It's not a topic for everyone - even though an equine society wouldn't really have a taboo against incest, us humans still do. Glad you enjoyed the first story, at least - it's the main reason I spun this sequel off when it began to explore controversial topics.

I for one welcome the incestous twist that Sunny and Izzy are sisters. Story is great so far... eager to see more.

I consider this non-canon to the first story and nothing will change my mind.

Great. incest makes everything better.

Fucking adorable and cute. Very cute. And hey, incest is wincest, so I enjoyed the story quite a bit. Good job ArDee! Tho it’s honestly a bit hard to see for me that Sunny‘s Dad didn’t tell her that. I just don’t see why he’d do that. He just doesn’t seem like that guy. Everything else was nice. I am excited to see more of this! I N C E S T - S U P R E M A C Y !

Is sunny still an alicorn? Wouldn't that make this princest?

I inferred, based on the transparency of the wings and horn, that they were a temporary power-up rather than a permanent transformation.

Thanks! Argyle is certainly a topic that will be investigated later in the story - i've got a full three-act adventure prepped and planned out for this one. It's likely to be my longest tale yet.

This is really good and I'm excited to see where you're gonna take it :raritystarry:

Okay, now im really excited

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101 Ways to Please Your Lover . 'Well hellllooooo, ancient Equestrian sex-book...definitely gonna be reading you later~' Izzy thought mischievously, quietly slipping the lewd tome into her saddlebag.


This is.. interesting..
I really like this story and the way you write Sunny's and Izzy's personalities, the worldbuilding in general seems really alive and just fits G5.
That plot twist sure was unexpected and I have no idea how to feel about it, but if i try not to question if i like it and instead just accept that this is the way it is for this story, then Sunny's and Izzy's reactions actually seem quite in-character and I'm definitely interested to see where this story is going

Oh, and:

After indulging her for a moment, Izzy saw a good moment to interrupt. "Hey, sooo...as much as I love seeing you jump around the room for me like a lovestruck filly, we probably shouldn't keep Argyle waiting. Wouldn't want him to get any ideas about what we're doing in here, hmm~?" she teased, giggling as Sunny stumbled to a halt with a fierce blush on her face.

Don't you mean Alpha?

whoops! you're right haha. their names both start with A so I guess my brain got confused there.
thanks for suspending your disbelief and going along with my impulsive plot twist, by the way. glad I could at least write it believably! ;P

His name was Argyle Starshine."

saw that coming

well Izzy still needs to try the things in the book, among other things

Normally I'm not a fan of stories involving incest. But with the way you've handled this one so far, I feel like I can overlook that detail. I'm quite enjoying this and look forward to what else you come up with

Oh yeah, and Izzyscout for the win!

I like what you picked for the cover art

That was a good chapter. I wonder how Luna got stuck in there.

A riotous, wide-eyed blush filled both of their faces as hazy, moan-filled, steaming memories of last night bubbled to the forefront of their thoughts, unbidden. Was that why they'd "gotten along" so well...?!

welcome to the mindbuck

"J-just when I think I'm over it, sniff , I f-find something else to make me wish Dad were still here to see it..." Sunny gasped out between choked sobs, chuckling sardonically as she felt the tears streaming down her cheeks, "I'm sorry I'm such a wreck, Izz. It's times like this that I wonder why I'm the one whose destiny it was to reunite all of Equestria...I'm just one pony, an earth pony. I don't have wings like the pegasi, or magic like you. I'm-" The breath was driven from her lungs as Izzy's hug tightened around her, forcing her to stop her self-destructive breakdown. After a few moments of that bone-crushing embrace, the unicorn's grip on her relaxed as she was held at hoof's length.

poor sunny's going through hell and back to get a gf. what a simp lol

While Sunny was busy monologuing to herself, Izzy's attention trailed off to a second horn-tingling enchantment on another shelf of the library. Lighting her horn as she focused on the source, a second book resolved itself in front of her - and she had to struggle not to burst out in a fit of giggles as she read the title to herself: 101 Ways to Please Your Lover . 'Well hellllooooo, ancient Equestrian sex-book...definitely gonna be reading you later~' Izzy thought mischievously, quietly slipping the lewd tome into her saddlebag.

is this foreshadowing a clopfic sequel?

“Does everything your dad did have to have some kind of significance? What if it’s just a cool rock he found while he was out adventuring?” Pipp asked, rolling her eyes a bit. She appreciated a good mystery as much as the next pony, but there were definitely times where Sunny could read too much into things…

sunny is equestria's matpat

Really interesting concept you got there, I'm guessing its Grogar's bell that her magic was trapped in? I will wait eagerly for the next installment!

The door unlocked with a click and swung open, doorknob enwrapped in the unicorn's twinkling magenta aura as Izzy sidled past her marefriend to rejoin Alpha in the sitting room - but not before flicking her gorgeous sapphire tail across Sunny's muzzle as she strutted past.

I know it’s just a little tail flick, but I can’t help imagining a sapphire tail just slapping sunny’s face and she just spits out a little hair or two and give a little smirk XD

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Thank goodness Izzy is okay! Of course she was bound to be, but still...

Although, I do wonder if and how this new development will affect the group further down the track. I mean, if Izzy snapping at Hitch is any indication, I get the feeling this will become more of a problem later

That was a good chapter. I wonder what Harmony is scheming.

Sunny chuckled to herself as Izzy grimaced, rubbing the back of her neck with a forehoof self-consciously. “Relax, Hitch. It won’t need to come to that. I’d tie her to a bed if I had to!” The moment Sunny finished that sentence, she already realized she’d made a mistake.

i always loved how pervy this fic's version of sunny and izzy can be

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