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Trixie is... Blue :3


It was a hard battle, everyone was hurt. There was no hope or any way to win, at least every pony thought so.

But a mare had an idea, but this idea comes with a severe cost.

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I'm willing to give this a thumbs up, but for future reference, there are some grammar/formatting errors you may need to work on down the line.

Either way, kudos!

Please. Make another chapter where Sunny comes back to life. I can’t bare to see this happen. Please make her come back to life

This fiction made me cry. Good job though. I love this. It has good emotion of sadness. Congratulations.


Thank you for reading!

Yep, I’m aware... seems the grammar fixer didn’t pick them all up... But thank you for reading!

Well, I was considering writing an alternate ending, no promises tho

I didn't cry out loud but I did feel a certain weight in my heart like it was being stepped on albeit slowly.

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