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Pipp has always been a superstar, the most popular pegasus in Zephyr Heights but she has one dark secret. She absolutely loathes being the shortest one in the room! Every morning she drinks all the milk she can get her hooves on to try to hit that mythical growth spurt but it never seems to happen! One day though she gets a sketchy spam message about a 'miraculous' growth creme... Le ɡrō

Without a single thought to the legitimacy of this undeniably fake product, Pipp will go to extreme lengths to finally reach the cups on the top shelf!

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Had to literally make an account in here to comment on this fic. It's so simple and funny! I loved it! It felt like watching a TV episode.

I surely would be traumatized if I got kidnapped by weirdos who have even bodypillows of myself, poor Pipp! 😂 I really love how you wrote her personality and I hope to see a sequel of this! It's just too good! And if no one is gonna comment that, well, I will!

Thank you! I would like to say I was super serious about this but in reality it was an alcohol fueled fever dream of 8 hours while staring at short Pipp memes on my other monitor lol so a bit of that energy probably bled through to the story. I'm really happy though that you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it!

That would be traumatizing and really confusing at the same time with the weirdos. Just between you and me I based the superfan cultists on convention horror stories I've heard of/experienced so I'd like to think I did an ok job lol. Even though Izzy is my favorite pony from the movie I do have a lot of fun writing Pipp so I can totally see myself watching the movie a few more times to absorb more of her character and writing a squeakwal or something! Thanks again!

I'll admit I started reading because of the story's picture. Even rewatched the scene of the movie to see if I was recalling correctly :twilightsheepish:

Having read it tho, I'll definitly say it was an enjoyable experience ! It certainly didn't went the way I thought it would go (what with this whole "sacrifice a smol pone to make a smolifying milk potion and all that), and I had fun reading this one. Now to see if this other offer is genuine, this time :duck:

I 1000% giggled way too hard when I first saw that meme and that is solely where the inspiration for the plot of this story came from so of course i'd pay homage and totally not utilize it for a hook lol. I'm glad you had fun reading it though, I definitely had a ton of fun writing it!

Lol I snorted and saved on that, thanks 😂

Here's to ya, hoping you'll keep having fun writing :D

Huh. Got a laugh out of me. Hah.

Thanks! Glad ya liked it lol

with all of her public events and concerts in it she knew how to make a quick and discrete escape.

Learning from the best pop stars in the biz: The Beatles.

Anyways, that ending was kinda cute. I liked how Pipp decided to somewhat embrace her smallness. My complaint would be that if she was so terrified of the cultists, she probably could've told them that she was Pipp and save herself.

I still found the story pretty cool.

Thanks I'm glad you liked it! I actually did think about her telling the cultists but then I also figured that if the superfans that were willing to murder to just be the same height as Pipp found out they had Pipp in their hooves then she wouldn't die or anything of course... but she also would probably never make it out of there either lol.
Thanks for pointing that out though, I thought I put that in the story but it was not clear so I cleared it up a bit.


Directed by Bert I. Gordon

lmao now theres an idea, all that milk taking effect all at once just like the qualoods in wolf of wall street lol

I was thinking the pills, but that works too!

Though milk is supposed to make your bones strong....

Princess Pipp in M. Night Shyamamane's "Unbreakable"?

lol now that would be a sweet thing to whip up while totally not drinking

I liked your story overall, and don't take this the wrong way, but an extra pass of editing (or two) could have really helped this one. There are many issues with punctuation, repeating words, and unnecessary words here and there. The grammar itself was good, but the lack of commas in some places made me only guess what you wanted to say. Luckily, the sentences themselves provided enough context that I could mostly gloss over that. It's just that fixing these kinds of mistakes could turn a good story into a great story. Or in other words, it would reach new heights.

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh man we need Jargon Scott to make "Pipples."

This story has the funniest cover image I’ve ever seen!

Pipp and Ruby take on SMOL!

Got Milk? They do!

Little dancing pegasus .pifs went up and down the sides of the mail

"Pifs," huh? So instead of standing for "graphics interchange format," it's instead "pony interchange format?" Or "pegasus interchange format," perhaps? :trollestia:

Ponies probably produce plenty of pictorial prices, perhaps planning prodigious production of paraphernalia, properly packaged to provide a pleasant perspective!

Awesome alliterative ability! :raritystarry:

From the way you wrote the super fan cultists, Pipp revealing herself would lead to a rating increase, an unsavory combination of tags, and Pipp wishing that she was actually dead.:twilightoops::raritydespair::raritycry:

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