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No pony should care what Pipp and Zipp like to do together in their spare time. Their sisters, after all. If they want to spend time alone together, could blame them?

Now with dramatic readings, courtesy of The Mystery Fluttershy Fan and StraightToThePointStuio.

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“Never mind. The point is that Pipp shouldn’t be afraid of what ponies think about her eating habits.”
“I know I shouldn’t care, but I just… I can’t…”
“Well, I guess it’s not the weirdest thing ever put on a pizza…”

Just an FYI, this section gets a little confusing as the exchange back-and-forth doesn't flow with the context in the story. Zipp, then I would assume Pipp, then Thunder. A three-way dialogue really needs markers as to who is talking (if it isn't obvious by the style of speech, e.g. Rainbow Dash using awesome, Rarity using darling, etc), as when reading it through it seems like Zipp is saying it isn't the weirdest thing but that is directly contradicted by the next line which IS Zipp. Just some constructive criticism for you.

they had us in the first half not gonna lie. the first half of the pineapple pizza

“But… I mean, of all the things you could put on a pizza, why fruit?”

“You mean like tomatoes?,” Zipp deadpanned.

“Those are fruits?”

Yup. But I can understand the confusion--there have even been legal battles over this.

Speaking of, fun fact: for only trading tariff concerns, tomatoes are legally considered a vegetable in the US. :rainbowlaugh:

What's wrong with pineapples on pizza? I like it. Not my favorite, but still good.

Point taken, I went back and tweaked the lines a bit.
Thanks for the feedback.

Fun fact: botanists consider tomatoes to a type of berry, along with cucumbers and bananas, but apparently strawberries and raspberries are not. Botany's funny like that.
I don't know, but a lot of people think it's really disgusting for some reason.

I was so scared. But yeah it wasn’t too bad. I’ve had some once before and it’s kinda good. Don’t get why prope hate it so much. It’s actually pretty common some places.

Was that moaning?

I was so wayyy out of it that I took this so wrong and was wondering why this wasn't mature for a moment gosh-

When I read about the moaning, I thought those two were engaging in some "sisterly bonding." Also, do we dare ask what kind of videos are shared on Clip Clop?

Lol, that should be considered a food sin in society!

I've recorded it aloud for me to make an Audiobook version of :), wait until this is all over Youtube!

All good things. All good thimgs


Good things as in what some people write about Izzy and Sunny doing together?

I did not think of that pun until now.
Very disappointed with myself.


The sisterly bonding thing comes from a story of mine where Twilight and Starlight are sisters, and are incestuous. The Clip Clop thing?....I couldn't resist!

Hah you had me going there

Literally everything is wrong with pineapple on pizza!.

Why? It tastes quite good and was my favorite for a long time, though now I prefer spicy pizza.

Way off-topic, but did anyone else think it was weird that Pipp, the pampered Princess/social media star, was the one who led them out of Zephyr Heights during their escape in the movie? She didn't seem like somepony who'd know her way around the alleys of the inner city.

Who are you to say that they can't be together? What if they WANT to be together? Who are you to say that's not okay? I say that if they're happy together, then that's that.

Lol, you HEATHEN.

Damn, you really had me going there when Thunder was sneaking up on them, but had me laughing at the end well done!

Guard walks in - Awww yeah Princesst!

*Guard pauses for a second*

Guard - Aww yeah Pizza!

Haha that was hilarious the whole way through! :rainbowlaugh:

Small grammar note/suggestion

“After we meant Izzy she had us try all these unicorn recipes

"After we met Izzy, she had us try all these unicorn recipes"

Great job with this oh my god that was some perfect build up to the reveal x'D

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