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This story is a sequel to My Little Body Pillow

Note : You do not need to read the previous stories to enjoy this one but if you want more depth in it then it is recommended if you do so.

Sometimes your Mare-friend or Colt-friend can become possessive over you. It's kinda cute honestly but have you ever thought your Mare-friend's possessiveness could go into overdrive ? Hitch found out last night. Serves him right for telling his mare-friend he dreamt about another mare.

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A sequel is coming in a few hours !

So apparently hitch felt a little awkward with pipp around after that dream he had and he kind of explain that to Sunny about it of course he had to explain nothing is going on between them there just friends but after that he was going to leave because of work but Sonny insist that he can stay at the house but it looks like they got unexpected guest and apparently something happened to Zipp I wonder what happened this was a pretty cute story and way to end it with the cliff-hanging keep up the good work

And so the saga continues.

How I got hooked, I have no idea.

I love your stories so much. They're just so impossibly sweet and cute, they make me forget all my worries.

Nicely done! How should i say...semi errotic?

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