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Sunny Starscout managed to bring all three pony races together bringing harmony and friendship once more. But the Law is the Law and Hitch insists that Sunny must spend at least one night in Jail for all the by-Laws she broke. Cuddling ensues.

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How do you delete an account by mistake?

Honestly I do not know...one morning I wake up and poof...my account is gone

I can't help it, I love cute romantic stories. A like it will get, and into my library it goes! :twilightsmile:

"You do not have a fimfiction account?"
"But if it makes you feel any better i did have one, but that was many many many moons ago. It just poof disappeared."

FiM: fimfiction is magic

This is the cutest thing I've ever read. It gave me the warm fuzzies! Even though it probably won't happen in canon, the thought of Sunny and Hitch together just makes me happy. Thanks for writing this!

Dan #8 · Oct 9th, 2021 · · ·

Even pony cops are all children of unwed parents.

I loved it! I loved it! I LOVED IT!

There is no bail from snuggle jail.

Get in contact with the admins about your account. Relational databases (like the one here) don't like it very much when joined records get deleted (a FiMFiction account has a lot of joins) unless all the joined records go with it (that would be all stories, blogs, bookshelves, comments, likes, dislikes, followings, followed bys, etc.), So it's actually pretty common to just set a "deleted" flag on the account, but keep it in the database (no idea, however, if that is the policy here). They may be able to recover the stories, as long as they didn't get swept up by a maintenance script or have otherwise been permanently deleted.

Awww this was a cute short story so sunny have to spend some time in jail with hitch and they even shared a bed together so cute this is pretty nice story keep up the good work and I'm sorry what happened to your account

I second contacting one or more admins to see of theg can get your account back. if you published said stories, you might be able to find them again on FIMFetch, as well.

Thank you for the info

It was written for all you ponies!

Sequel where they do breakfast date?


This is so adorable! I love this ship, you did an amazing job!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

If Sunny has to spend time in jail then Sprout should be in prison for the rest of his life.
Attempted Murder 4 counts.
Destruction Of Property 2 counts.
Reckless Driving... many counts.
Criminal Negligence 3 counts (at least).

I want to see that entitled little shit face some serious hard time. And Phyllis for enticing hate crimes among other things.

Putting the spelling mistakes aside, this was awesome!

I've read and recorded this to make an audio version. But there was quite a lot of parts where the grammar was wrong, I ended up fixing them with my readout as I went.

This is a cute story, but you should probably get an editor to go over it.

What a cute Story, found it through your body guard one. The teddy bear, classic

Nice, cute story. Entertaining read, I'd say. However, the grammar and punctuation is really odd and the language used by Sunny and Hitch is WAY too formal and robotic.

Most of the time, you should NEVER use words, like "it is" or "I am going to", but rather use "it's" or "I'm gonna", because it's far more natural when using those around friends and such. Formal language would be more appropriate when there's a speech or some authority figure giving out instructions, etc..

Otherwise, keep it up, you can only get better from this point on. :)

I love how silly and goody two shoes Hitch is at the beginning and then how he becomes compassionate and caring to give Sunny his own bed.

I love how Sunny was snarky and grumpy at the beginning and then how sje cuddles Hitch calling him her teddy bear.

This is so sweet. This feels like such a fun way to get them in a romantic situation without it being too blatant.

This is just a charming Hitch and Sunny fanfiction. They have such great chemistry here both snarky and sweet.

Hehehe, that is so heartwarming (SunnyHitch anyone?)

! Hitch tried to escape, no pony knows that Hitches most sensitive of his body is his ears.

The word "part" should probably put in an appearance between "sensitive" and "of" and."knows" should be "knew". :twilightsmile:

You are quite welcome!

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