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This story is a sequel to A Cold and Stormy Night

Note : You do not need to read the previous story to enjoy this one. It would be nice if you would though...

After hearing Sunny's experience of cuddling with Hitch, Izzy decided to have a go at it, which is why she went to the police station. Unfortunately the sheriff was not in...wait is that Sprout ? He looks sooo unhappy. Maybe Izzy can fix that.

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A few grammatical problems:

For that he is grateful... Not that Hitch needs to know, not to his face anyway.

You swap to the present here. I think it'd be "for that he was grateful... not that Hitch needed to know"

"Sorry civi, " Sprout said, not bothering to open his eyes. " The station is closed until Sheriff Hitch returns. "

Should be "civvy".

He was sheriff, got his own calendars and all the mares swoon around him whenever he walked and now even the unicorn mares were at him. Probably to eat him. Unicorns were known it Earth ponies…

Should be "swooned". The last sentence is unclear; I'm not sure what you were trying to communicate here.

Unicorns I known fro there carnivorous appetite

Should be "are known for their"

Do Unicorns play with there food before eating it ?

"play with their"

“I will prove to you unicorns do eat ponies and you will have no choice but to agree with me” she declared.

I think you meant "do not eat ponies." The quote should end with a comma like "agree with me,".

If love him so much go by him

Did you mean "if you love him so much go be with him"?

In any case, Sprout is an underrated character, and Izzy x Sprout is an underrated ship.

Thanks for the help !:pinkiehappy:

Hehe I liked Sprouts dialogue, you are right and he isn't looked on too favorably but poor little sprouty wouty just got a little carried away. I'm glad Izzy could help him feel a bit better. Maybe he'll become a better deputy for her :twilightblush:

My thoughts exactly brov...my thoughts exactly...

Well this was a very interesting story so it was a regular Duty for Sprouts even though due to his reputation after what he did in the movie he was lucky enough to keep his job but it looks like he had a very unexpected guess and it turns out it was Izzy and apparently she was looking for hitch and she was asking how it feels to be cuddled but she saw sprouts and of course he wasn't too thrilled to see her again she doesn't know that he was very upset at her basically she was trying to cheer him up with a little cuddle but he got a little upset and very uncomfortable and Izzy was feeling a shame that she made him upset so she was about to leave but Sprout felt guilty for yelling at her and apologize and he told her that he was just feeling a little jealous with hitch and it turns out they still want to cuddle and apparently he felt something for her this was a pretty cute story keep up the good work

Aww! I'd love to see more Izzy x Sprout! They look so cute together :rainbowkiss:

Sequel incoming !

Yes! More about Sprout, hope he change in the future but clearly it won't be like these good scenes. Awesome story by the way, just added it my favourite. :D

Oh my goodness that was SO cute and sweet, I can't handle it! It put a big smile on my face! Izzy and Sprout are surprisingly adorable together.

Ok, this fic somehow convinced me to ship Izzy x Sprout (Isprout? or Sprizzy? Yeah, Sprizzy's the better ship name). Good Job!

Brov it's fine
I am having huge problems with managing my day... Genshin impact is taking all of my free time. I am trying my best to come off it but things are not looking good

This was a cute and funny short story. I loved the way Sprout was so afraid of Izzy attempting to 'eat' him by nibbling on his ear. :) That scene could be much longer and drawn out as if to 'torture' Sprout with cuddling and getting close to Izzy, in spite his fear and his imagination going crazy about what he 'learned' about unicorns eating earth ponies.

Again a cute story. You just need to work on your writing a bit, It actually makes me have to repeat takes more then usual as I get confused with how I should be saying lines.

Recorded and will be an audiobook soon.

What a funny Story

Cute story, although I did happen to notice it was ok for Izzy to make non-consensual advances where if it had been reversed I imagine some people would have complained. :twilightoops:

Could almost feel sorry for sprout. He goes to sleep with a cute pony and wakes up alone. Start about a bad way to start,
But thinking about that letter probably the next 3 months seem like no more then 3 days.....


"Unicorns do not eat Earth Ponies"
well.... not to a certain extent~......
ya know?

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