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In this short and sweet tale, Hitch, with the help of a new set of wings, tries to impress a royal pegasus. However, he seems to have made a significant mistake regarding the practices of pegasi.

I would like to thank Shrinky Frod for pre-reading and editing this; especially in helping to make the character voices more appropriate and expanding on the rather basic ideas presented.

As a general content warning, this story contains cringeworthy self-humiliation, a brief dialogue relating to virginity and shipping.

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Could've had a little more to this.

Admittedly, I just had a really quick idea and thought that adding too much more would have padded out the joke and made it gone on for too long, hence why the story is so short. But thank you for the feedback.

Nah, you should continue this! Even if nobody else likes it, imma like it.

Sequel please? I wanna see the pegasus sisters actually impressed by Hitch and Zoom. Pipp with Hitch. (Pitch?) and Zipp with Zoom. (Zoop?)

I'll have to see if a story idea along those lines comes to me. This was admittedly just a couple of funny scenes that my brother and i discussed.


But credit rainbowdas7, a pegasister on Scratch, for making up the ship name, Pitch, and making a G4 version of Hitch proposing to Pipp, and both of them having tattoos on their necks with each others’ names.

Chicken Hitch!

This was hilarious!

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