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I mainly write Equestria At War fics, but other things too. If you have story ideas or requests, just send me a message.


A pair of brothers have dinner on Hearthswarming Eve.

Christmas present for Grand Choir

Cover art: https://derpibooru.org/images/1961786?sort[]=398&sort[]=1961786&sd=desc&sf=score&q=king+thorax (resized slightly)

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What a cute little story! Both the brothers felt spot on, and I like Pharynx's introspective. He usually doesn't care, but for Thorax he at least tries.

Have to admit I'm both honored and perplexed by your use of one of my commissions as your cover, though. There was no brotherly tickling to be found! :duck:

Thanks for your comment! The person I wrote this for sent this as a possible cover art, and I liked it the most out of all. As for the tickling, alas. Perhaps another time:raritywink:

Short, but sweet.

D'awww, adorable buggos!

Indeed they are!

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