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This story is a sequel to Unicorns Do Not Eat Earth Ponies

Note: You do not have to read the previous story to enjoy this one but it would be nice if you did as it gives it more depth and makes me feel good inside :)

Hitch was having a bad day. First his best friend runs off with a unicorn for some foolish quest and he ends up gallivanting of to find them and now for him he got caught in Zephyr Heights, home of those flying beasts, and is now a body pillow for a princess. Is this a nightmare ?

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How is that a nightmare for HItch?

He is in a relationship with sunny

Sequel with all four mares cuddling with Hitch?

I hope that is just a nightmare?

Ayo, do I sense another sequel?

In the end desperation got to him and even went as far to attempt to dig through the marble floor. The daftest idea ever conceived by pony kind.

Definitely not a pie family descendant.

Tee-hee, a very sweet and funny story, it's a pity it was just a dream. I would like this development of events. So that Hitch and Pipp will eventually become a couple.


Well that's good. Because if not, both Hitch and Pipp won't have a good "friendship" with each other at first. And Pipp definitely owns Hitch a HUGE apology. For the racist/xenophobic comments, and that pillow situation against his will. Plus, even if those two are actually gonna to be together, instead of Sunny. Pipp definitely needs to prove herself, and owe Hitch forgiveness.

Pretty good gudvnkhfzghkkcssfvvnkhh;₹&).?’hff

Oops.. that was my dog. He smelled a sequel, he said. And a white talking bird-horse..

Yes ! All of my stories are connected, leading to something big....I four sequels planned and one huge story that will carry on until G5 ends. I MIGHT post up one more sequel now , if not then unfortunately you will only see the stories in December , I got studying to do, like a lot.

EeEeeeeeeEEEEEEEeee! Can't wait for a sequel!

Неправдаподобно. Со всей очевидностью на месте Санни должна быть Зипп.

Обострённое чувство справедливости пегаски = новый помощник за место Спраута.
Зипп явно неровно дышит к Хитчу и возникает классическая интрига. Хитч работает с одной сестрой, но мечтает о другой.

При чём тут Санни - непонятно. Они уже давно могли оформить отношения, но не делали этого, а значит ничего кроме дружеских чувств Хитч к ней не испытывал.

Good thing she didn’t live stream :rainbowderp:

I can think of a few million worse fates then having to spend his nights with a beautiful princess.

Nice little story, liked it. The only thing that bothered me was that the story was pretty littered with both spelling and grammatical errors. Other than that, keep it up!

It helped me on a current project, thank you!


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