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It's a long, long, long way down from being Emperor of Maretime Bay, especially after your childhood friend turned out to be right after all. It wouldn't have been so bad if Sunny had rubbed his nose in it, but she hadn't even done as much as that.

Now, Sprout has to make some tough choices. And while he might try to take the easy way out, somepony unexpected will show him another way forward.

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Well this was a pretty interesting story but it looks like Sprout has been having some doubts lately everything kind of went wrong in his life even though a lot of ponies including sunny and hitch forgave him he still haven't forgive himself and even had a bad reputation in this town even talk to Sunny's father's grave thinking that they will be better off that he was gone and that was pretty dark Thought right there and he was about to jump off the cliff but good thing pipp showed up at time even though she didn't even knew he was going to kill himself and she even talked to him it's a pretty nice exchange from each other even pipp felt guilty for lying to her fans but she's trying to become a better person and maybe Sprout can be too she even offer him to come with her just show her around the town as I said Second Chances can be hard to earn but in the end it will be worth it this was pretty good keep up the good work

Oh shoot Sprout really felt so guilty for what happened and he was about to kill himself dang it's a good thing pipp came along even though she had no idea what was going on even she felt guilty for lying to her fans and Zephyr Heights about them flying but she's trying her best so he looks like he's going to try his best as well

Oh this is really sad. Good story.

That actually is an interesting parallel between them. Maybe they will eventually bond over having been led astray by their respective mother figures' worldviews.

I love how a bunch of us came to the same conclusion that Pipp and Sprout need to be friends. There was nothing in the movie to suggest thay they'd get along, yet this is one of many fics in which these two become pals.
I have to say I really liked this. I love the respect Sprout holds toward Argyle, and frankly I'm glad Pipp was there and spoke when she did, crisis averted.

I would love that Sprout could change with the help of Pipp I love Pipp's style a perfect and beautiful pony and he is a clumsy pony with insecurities as we know Pipp encourages confidence, why not let her help him believe in himself :pinkiesad2:


:pinkiesad2:..........................This story hits too close to home for me. Because I would've done the same thing to what Sprout Cloverleaf was thinking of doing... I too was once in a very dark point in life.........and that's all I got to say.

Oh gosh I'm very sorry to hear that but whatever you're going through even though it's none of my business I know that but I hope your okay


Don't worry about it. That was a long time ago in my life. When I was in my mid-20s. Thanks to a friend of mine. I have a reason to keep going in life and make the best of things. But thanks for your concerns. 😌

Oh crap man i’m sorry that must be very tough for you to go through something like that huh I really hope you’re OK man

Seems either Pipp didn't know what he was doing, or just wanted to take a subtle approach to talk him down from it.

I think choices like this are best left to the reader.

In my headcanon, Pipp (at least at the time of the first movie in Gen5) is a little too self absorbed for the latter option. But, and this is the but, that both she and Sprout are flawed characters, as is everyone in reality.

The thing is, out of every other pairing, I think their flaws are covered by each other's virtues.

Though, that said, there's every real chance the two of them, if their flaws ran away with each other, would lead a life of social media influenced tyranny.

"Like. Subscribe. OBEY!"

This is good.

I want a sequel

I like this. I've been interested in how Pipp and Sprout interact with each other since seeing the end of the g5 game.

I liked how the two characters could be wound up and turned loose on each other.
I might bust out another sequel, in my copious amounts of free time.

Yessss!!!!! Motherbucking yess!!

I look forward to when it eventually comes out. Take as much time as you jeed

Glad you liked it!

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