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Shining Armor is one of the best bosses a guard could have: He's intelligent, conscientious, and he has the best interests of the ponies who make up his command.

But Flash Sentry has a few questions for his boss that might be outside his purview as a guard captain or Prince Consort.

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Starswirl the Bearded: Fly you fool!

really great story and advice, that I believe many people need.

This was great. I’d love to read more of your version of Flash.

I think the character gets a real short shrift. At least, the pony version. He doesn't have much in terms of personality in the show, and that's something that can be explored.

Thanks! It's something I wanted to get down and do justice to.

Oh yeah, they're both hosed.

Yeah, that last bit didn't feel necessary, but it's not my story. It's a pretty good one though.

I have this uncontrollable urge to insert comedic bits when I can't think of anything else.

The doctor says it's an out of control Gag reflex.

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