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Prince Blueblood is the most eligible stallion in Equestria. All the mares know it (as do a measureable percentage of the other stallions, but that's not exactly a problem). The problem is, Blueblood knows it as well, which is why he's decided to be the perfect boor at social events, under the assumption that only the most worthy mare would trouble herself with his loutish behavior and prove herself worthy of his attention, affection, and sizeable fortune.

It wasn't a particularly good decision, but then again, he was raised to be Eligible, Handsome, and Intelligent, but not Wise, which is why our story begins in the aftermath of a Particular Grand Galloping Gala, wherein our frosting-covered hero sets his first hoof on a path that, if he's very, very lucky, might see him imprisoned for life married.

No matter what happens, he is, most likely, doomed.

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Yay! Rariblood (My favourite OTP) still lives! I'm so glad you wrote this story. :pinkiesmile: It's a pretty great and well-written story! I legit can't wait to read and see what happens next! Sorry for all the exclamation points! Have a like!
P.S. You know what I think would get your stories more views? A little bit more detail on the shorter version of your summary.

Thanks for the tip!

And you won't have long to wait. Chapter two is in the works.

A military girl named "Daisy Chain?" My god. Hopefully Concord is blessed with stamina and an open mind.

Anyone dating an Earth Pony mare is going to need plenty of the former and a healthy sprinkling of the latter.

Mostly because some of them find other, creative uses for farm equipment.

Oh snap, Concord's gol durn done did it now...:facehoof:

Poor sap. And he doesn't even know what he's done. I almost...almost feel sorry for getting him into this.

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