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Hello! I am Ceehoff, and as you see, I'm the author of "Equestria's First Human". Welcome to my FimFiction page! Here, you can read the other stories I have written other than EFH. Enjoy your stay!


Connor and Sweetie Belle have been doing some quality time together: helping with homework, walking to school, playing, talking, comforting after a personal dispute. After a while, Sweetie Belle begins to crush on the colt. She wants more than anything for him to be her coltfriend, but what will hold her back? The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Connor's obliviousness, or the fact that Connor is already dating Fluttershy? Dun-dun-DUNNNNNNN!

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NOW i had time to read it sorry about that anyway.

I cant wait for more once again you have produced a masterpiece.
I salute you sir

Awesome! Gonna get right to this!:pinkiehappy:

Who disliked it?!


This is gonna get interesting

there be a shitstorm a'comin

Sometimes I wonder...

Haven't read this yet. I intend to.
That being said, regardless of how well the story is written, get ready for a world of hate to be rained down upon you.
Lets see the rundown.
- Self insert OC? Check
- Dating one of Mane 6? Check
- Happens to be Fluttershy? Check
- Fillyphile? I'll give this a half check. The summary seems to suggest that the problem isn't that hes old enough to go to jail for it.
But, alas, I think I will enjoy this, cause it seems funny and the art is good. How bad can it be?

Yay this finally been posted.:pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2: I am so happy

Why people keep posting 'first!' on new stories. It's incredibly annoying and moronically childish.

And pathetically easy at that.


And why people keep on doing such a thing is beyond me.

634391 I strongly disagree that Connor is a fillyphile. Plus, Connor was a cartoon character I created for my high school comic series, who is pretty much based on me.

But, yeah, I can see where you are going with that. You've read my first fic, "Equestria's First Human", right? Everything should make sense before you read this one.

Well, we will just have to see how much hate is rained down upon me.:rainbowdetermined2::coolphoto:


Hate won't be rained down upon you if you don't deserve it. You've done nothing that proves you do to me. Your story is a bit repetitive, I'll give it that, but you're still a budding writer. Once you get a grasp on it, original, interesting characters should come easy.

634437 Well, I'm certainly not a professional:derpytongue2: I write these for fun. I enjoy entertaining people:twilightsmile:


I write for the art of writing. It drives me to perfectionism and it gets to a point where I become overly critical of myself and take longer than I need to. For example: It's taken me two months to write the first chapter of my fic Paradise Lost, and I'm still not done with it. Each scene has gone through at least fifteen different revisions. After my final revisions in the coming days, I'm posting it.

Uh, maybe you did this in your other stories, and I'm too much of an idiot to notice back then, but there seems to be a lacking of contractions in many places. It seems kinda odd to me. Like, you'll use "you are" and then a paragraph later use "you're". Just a minor complaint.

Anyway, still curious how this will play out. It does make some sense, what with Belle being ignored by Rarity, but I can't help but feel that it will end in ... Er, heartbreak for her.

634391 but this is a sequel to his first story and that got featured so i dont think it will get that much hate, and is it so wrong for a child to crush on someone older than them?

im sorry im stubborn

Hey I don't like first posters to...but at least they aren't posting that...
Dammit I just did :pinkiesad2:

634427 - I was only saying the summary should tell us that Connor is also against it, (or at least oblivious)
634489 - It's not wrong, I was merely saying that someone who hasn't read his previous stories might get that idea.

I imagine this getting awkward for Connor veeeery quickly. :rainbowlaugh:


Adding to what I previously said:

It's because of that perfectionism and more likely my ideas that I won't become featured here. Besides that, it just takes me forever, but I can't win everyone over.

To wrap things up: keep up the hard work. And by that, I mean: edit, revise, question. Especially question. You have to be able to do that before you become good.

I'm off.


PS: Have a delicious Wakfu battle scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N77tmqmMpA

634524 I put down obliviousness in the description:pinkiehappy:

No offense man, but get an editor. Please. ;_;
So times you used "wee". And other stuff.

634407 Im sorry i was just so exited about the story that i wanted to leave a longer comment but i got pulled away so i just left it at that i have changed it now that i am back, trust me it bugs me to and im sorry

634368 Am i supposed to care?

The only unsetting thing here for me is that the colt's name is Connor.Nothing against the name itself,is just that human names on these ponies is something I can't see as fitting.

Unless...this is a self-insert OC?

Question; Connor is dating Fluttershy, right? Why isn't he living with her instead of Rarity?

So I finally read this, but now I have to go to bed. Here's the stuff that I'm too lazy to comment on (I want to go to bed!):

>"Of course, we have math. Show me what you need help on."
>"You had gotten every single one correct!"
>Apple Bloom said as she stuck her head inside a huge hallow knot of a tree.
>And pretty... pretty... cute, too..."
>Clop... clop-clop... clop-clop... clop-clop... clop-clop...

634691 Go read the first story :facehoof:


This Is a awesome story I love it keep going.:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Can't read...gotta college.
Gonna finish college...read later...and laugh my a$$ off. (<--See that money there? That will soon be yours. PROFIT INCOMING!)

I've got to agree with that, but the easiest way to explain it would be... The evil bunny who should be named devil...

Brilliantly cute! Looking forward to more!

Have a good one.

Makes sense. Maybe he will move out since this is gonna be extremely awkward.
Oh wait...

Where would he go? You can't just have him move out the awkwardness is a major factor to this story... denver.mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/img/mlfw2594-5Zd1w.png

Notice the 'oh wait' in my comment.

I did... Just now... damn. :facehoof:

It's ok... we all make mistakes... :rainbowlaugh: Ok, I cannot keep a straight face!

Nice job dood. Keep doing your wonderful work for me to read.

Hark! A sequel is ahoof!

634691 Feel free to read my first fic, which was pretty popular in FIMFiction. It's called "Equestria's First Human.":raritywink: It should all make sense after you read it:twilightsmile:

Oh this is gonna be good.

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