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Description masterfully created by BleuBloom

Miraak the first dragon born has been slain.

By spear and lance with blood flowing from his veins.

Laid low, laid low...

...the weak, the innocent...the brave.

But with tidings most strange and devious...

This was not his life's end. No...

Under Celestia light...he awoke...as a pony.

What ficklest things may a dragon be...with such a gift?

But there is a prophecy.... a prophecy that ties him with the fate of Equestria.

Will he raze it to the ground?

Or will he save it from the impending doom?

Will he succeed?

Or will he become corrupt just like in the previous life, a deceit?

A monster, that roams around killing the innocent?

But fear not O ponies of faith!

Other hero's will rise if he is unable to do so...

And Titans will collide…heavy casualty on both sides

The world against him is but barely a fair fight…


So pray that his very existence is not your impending doom…

But a mercy of light.

Chapters (4)

After having a terrible and horrible life , I was given a chance. Transferred as a god-like, OP dashing figure into a television program that I never paid attention to ? Hell yeah. It can only get better.... Not :pinkiecrazy:

Cover art obtained while randomly scrolling down for Luna pics on the internet :twilightsheepish: Anyway, this unbelievable art of Luna was masterfully created by MagnaLuna

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This story is a sequel to The Princesses Bodyguard

After an unexpected arrival during the night at the lighthouse, Hitch discovers that one of the surprise visitors might have a connection to a recent cold case. But it all goes down hill when it leads him back to another solved murder which apparently was not solved at all. Unbeknown to him and his police force, they would be opening a dark and ancient wound...

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to A Cold and Steamy Night

Note : You do not have to read the previous stories to enjoy this one but it will make the read much more fun...I promise.

Venti Anemo Breeze is Queen Haven's most elite guard. Which is why she sent him to protect Princess Zipp. I mean it is not like Queen Haven ulterior motives...right ? Maybe she's bored...being a queen of a kingdom can get boring.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to My Little Body Pillow

Note : You do not need to read the previous stories to enjoy this one but if you want more depth in it then it is recommended if you do so.

Sometimes your Mare-friend or Colt-friend can become possessive over you. It's kinda cute honestly but have you ever thought your Mare-friend's possessiveness could go into overdrive ? Hitch found out last night. Serves him right for telling his mare-friend he dreamt about another mare.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Unicorns Do Not Eat Earth Ponies

Note: You do not have to read the previous story to enjoy this one but it would be nice if you did as it gives it more depth and makes me feel good inside :)

Hitch was having a bad day. First his best friend runs off with a unicorn for some foolish quest and he ends up gallivanting of to find them and now for him he got caught in Zephyr Heights, home of those flying beasts, and is now a body pillow for a princess. Is this a nightmare ?

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This story is a sequel to A Cold and Stormy Night

Note : You do not need to read the previous story to enjoy this one. It would be nice if you would though...

After hearing Sunny's experience of cuddling with Hitch, Izzy decided to have a go at it, which is why she went to the police station. Unfortunately the sheriff was not in...wait is that Sprout ? He looks sooo unhappy. Maybe Izzy can fix that.

Chapters (1)

Sunny Starscout managed to bring all three pony races together bringing harmony and friendship once more. But the Law is the Law and Hitch insists that Sunny must spend at least one night in Jail for all the by-Laws she broke. Cuddling ensues.

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