Birth of A Storm 2.0

by WinterStormed

First published

Miraak is reborn in a world of colourful ponies [Rewrite ]

Description masterfully created by BleuBloom

Miraak the first dragon born has been slain.

By spear and lance with blood flowing from his veins.

Laid low, laid low...

...the weak, the innocent...the brave.

But with tidings most strange and devious...

This was not his life's end. No...

Under Celestia light...he a pony.

What ficklest things may a dragon be...with such a gift?

But there is a prophecy.... a prophecy that ties him with the fate of Equestria.

Will he raze it to the ground?

Or will he save it from the impending doom?

Will he succeed?

Or will he become corrupt just like in the previous life, a deceit?

A monster, that roams around killing the innocent?

But fear not O ponies of faith!

Other hero's will rise if he is unable to do so...

And Titans will collide…heavy casualty on both sides

The world against him is but barely a fair fight…


So pray that his very existence is not your impending doom…

But a mercy of light.

Prologue : Battle of the Ages

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Miraak the first Dragonborn was standing at the front of the dragon's reach keep, watching down at the fighting on the streets of Whiterun. His cultists facing the invading army.

It had been three years since Miraak's arrival and since then he succeeded to seize Whiterun with his faithful followers in one vicious swoop. It was made easy because the people of Skyrim were too busy fighting each other to defend against the sudden invasion, obviously, it did not go unheeded. In response to Miraak's aggression, the stormcloaks and imperials joined forces, sorting out their differences with the help of the Dragonborn, who encouraged them with the power of his..ahem..words. The new joint force managed to repel the cultists from neighbouring holds and slowly pushed them back to Whiterun.

Miraak scanned Whiterun, once called the heart of Skyrim, the hold slowly turned to a shadow of its glory self and now it was reduced to a scorched wasteland. Most of the houses were on fire and its only inn was burnt to the ground, the lush gardens were no more and the wildlife fled but Miraak did not care for any of that. He continued to scan the rest of the battlefield and found who he was looking for and to his delight was coming straight towards him.

"So", Miraak said, tauntingly, "we face each other once more. Let us hope you prove more of a challenge this time."

''I am not the man you battled inside Apocrypha", replied the Dragonborn, unsheathing dawnbreaker.

The sounds of the battle of Whiterun seemed distant now, Miraak's focus was now on this duel which will determine the destiny of Skyrim and even Tamriel.

Miraak smirked behind his dragon priest's mask."You still look the same to me."

Miraak then summoned his sword out of thin air, glowing a sickly green hue. he raised his sword to address the Dragonborn. In reply, his opponent did the same. They looked at each other standing still, like statues. Miraak adjusted his weight to his back backfoot, evidently expecting the Dragonborn to come forward first. But the Dragonborn
claimed the first surprise of the duel, remaining unmoved, waiting instead for Miraak's attack.

"Appearances can deceive", smirked the Dragonborn.

"True. True", said Miraak, inwardly amused and, in the very next second shot a fireball and a firm swing of his sword at the Dragonborn.


The Dragonborn ducked, the Fireball missing him a few inches, and blocked the incoming blade. The force of Miraaks strike almost knocked dawnbreaker from his hand, but he parried and skipped to the side, trying to find a way inside Miraaks dragon robes. Miraaks sword was more than double the weight of his sword, dawnbreaker, and according to historians, Miraak was famed for his dedication to sword training and some have even gone say that he held Shors legendary hammer with one hand. With that aside though, Miraak was nevertheless slower than the Dragonborn who opted for a lighter blade(no pun intended). That was how the Dragonborn could overcome him. His mistake before had been to enable Miraak to use his advantage which was fighting him in his home turf, Apocrypha. Now though, he had none of it. He double-crossed his own master, Hermaus Mora, and killed his dragon who was the most faithful to him. This time the Dragonborn had the advantage. He was not fighting alone...

Still confident, Miraak pressed forward not noticing the wry smile on the Dragonborn's face.

"Soon this will be over and Skyrim will be cleansed", Miraak grunted, so close with the mighty blade that the Dragonborn heard it whistle past his ear.

"You have been blinded by the dadera Miraak, Skyrim does not need cleansing", the Dragonborn responded. Their ancient weapons collided once more." we will know the truth of that soon enough", Miraak said, amused as if the Dragonborn said a joke. Miraak was getting frustrated. The Dragonborn defended, paired, and deflected all his attacks, cutting nicks in him, opening gashes in his robes, and being struck on his mask twice. Miraak realized he was unintentionally backing away from the Dragonborn. He was confused. In Apocrypha, he did not fight like this. The Dragonborn's eyes flickered a green colour.

No...thought Miraak. I confined him in his realm, he could have not escaped.

"Oh", Miraak said returning from his suspicion to the fight."So the young ling has learned to use a blade."

"I've had a lot of practices. Your cultists saw to that."

Miraak shrugged."They were sacrificed for the greater good."

"No! Miraak,you have been corrupted! Can you not see? look around you. I do not see peace, I see pain and suffering", reasoned the Dragonborn.

Miraak leaped forward, swinging his sword, and again attempted to knock Dawnbreaker out of the Dragonborn's hands. But the Dragonborn bent and twisted in one easy movement ramming back with the hilt of Dawnbreaker so that Miraak was sent stumbling back, almost falling over his own feet. The air came out of him and he was only just prevented from falling was because of his stance. Miraak stood there bridling with fury and breathing laboriously.

"This is not possible!", bellowed Miraak, as though saying it loudly might somehow make it come true. Miraak sprang forward, but with no deadly grace and with nothing more deadly than blind hope, as Miraak pressed forward once more, his attack more ragged this time and more desperate. The Dragonborn easily fended him off.

"I do not know where your strength comes from...", gasped Miraak." unless..." and it dawned upon him."It cannot be! I trapped him in Apocrypha!"

"I made a deal with him to save Skyrim. After releasing him he agreed to give me the strength to defeat you", replied the Dragonborn."Hermaus Mora admitted to influencing your decision and how he made you... slaughter your people."

"No!", shouted Miraak."You speak false!"

"Listen Miraak", the Dragonborn said, trying to reason.

"I saved my people from spreading the plague! From dying a torturous death! I did it out of love for them!"

"Miraak, Hermaus Mora planted the plague, He has cheated you into a false cause.

"My cause is just!", cried Miraak knowing and realising that the Dragonborn was true. Grunting now as he lifted his sword, almost painfully slowly. The battle of Whiterun was over and Miraak saw his cultists being rounded up. They could see that he was going to lose, waiting for the Dragonborn to deliver the killing blow. The Dragonborn drove Dawnbreaker straight through Miraak, parting his dragon robes and piercing his chest. Miraak gasped. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open as his mask disintegrated to dust, eradicating the dark spell on him. His hand went to the blade that impaled him, even as the Dragonborn withdrew it. A red stain spread across his tunic as he staggered, falling to his knees. His sword dropped and his arms dangled. Miraak being so close to death realised what he had truly done. The atrocities...

"What have I done", Miraak croaked.

Now the Dragonborn bent to Miraak and laid him to the ground.

"The spell has been broken", said the Dragonborn.

But Miraak did not hear." I will be regarded as a Monster", he said with pain and guilt.

The Dragonborn sighed as he looked at Miraak." I am truly sorry but what's done...."

"Cut the sappy speech Dovah", gasped Miraak." You know what you must do."

The Dragonborn nodded wordlessly as he stood up and raised his sword, his target: Miraak's neck.

The Dragonborn paused.

"Go on with it! I do not deserve to live", said Miraak wheezing.

Miraak closed his eyes.

I deserve to die. For the pain and suffering, I have caused.

As the Dragonborn's blade came down, Miraak sighed.

I will finally be at peace.

And everything went dark.

The throne was carved from maple wood, adorned with the finest of jewels and silk. It was located in a huge hall, with large white marble columns that seem to never end, rising through the clouds. The white floor was so crystal clear that it reflected the heavens above.

What was most striking though, was not the throne nor the hall but the Alicorn that it housed. Her coat and mane were ice white, except for her legs which were dark as the night sky. Little stars twinkled on them. Some newly formed and some turning to supernovas. Her wings were emerald blue, frost covering them, and her eyes...By the stars, her eyes.

They changed every time as if they were undecided. From blue to green to purple. Every day was a different colour.

On her flank was a tattoo. It was a picture of the universe with a quill in a writing pose.

Normally the Alicorn's expression every day was that of a smile but today it was anything but.

"Akotash I told you once before and I will tell you again. NO."

''He is my son, Faust", pleaded Akotash.

The king of the Adrea and creator of Tamriel was begging. He wore a simple white tunic and brown roman sandals with a shield slung to his back and a sword at his side.

Faust stared at Akotash."Have you not forgotten what happened the last time someone from your world came to mine?"

"They going to punish him!"

"Which he deserves", retorted Faust, repositioning herself on her throne.

"You know it was out of his control. You knew him when he was just a child, Faust! It is not his fault...It was mine, I left him on Mundus, in a nameless village to protect him from his powers ."Akotash sighed as stared at the floor, ashamed." Instead, it created the worst villain Tamrial had ever seen."

Faust took a deep breath and sighed."Fine."

Akotash looked up showing a smile of gratitude ."
Thank you, princess", said Akotash as he bowed down.

"But his memories will be wiped. A clean slate. A rebirth"

Akotash wanted to argue but thought the better of it.

Faust's expression softened, clearly aware of the god's sadness."You know I can not let him keep his memories, it would be too risky, for both our world, it would be better if he has forgotten all his suffering and guilt."

Akotash nodded."I am in your debt, Faust"

The alicorn rolled her eyes." That's like the 100th time you said that over the past ten years"

An with that, Akotash disappeared.

Chapter 1

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Miraak was finally at peace. As the Dragonborn's blade came whistling down to his nape, he smiled. I won't be hurting anyone anymore. He knew what awaited him after death. A painful punishment that would no doubt last till Doomsday or perhaps if the Adrea were in a good mood he could be simply wiped out from existence. Even though his afterlife looked bleak and Grimm , he did not mind. Not one bit. At least he had some comfort that all the wrong he committed and the harm he did to others would be paid in full.

When he died, he only felt a slight amount of pain and immediately felt his soul being whisked away from the plane of the the living to the plane of the dead.It was pure darkness. Miraak looked around. Nothing. He saw nothing. Was he in limbo ? Did the Adrea punish him with eternal solitude ? Or was this merely the beginning of a really long torture session ?

For a long time was he engulfed in darkness, his regrets swirling around him.That was when the voices started. The voices of the pain he caused to others and the ending of other peoples lives. Miraak grimaced, attempting to turn his head away in shame but unable to do so. It carried on for hours and hours until he finally snapped.

" Stop. Stop ! STOP! ", cried Miraak, the tears flowing down his cheeks, the image before him was overwhelming. "Please forgive me , young child ! I-"

The figure, a small child, with a gaping hole in its torso, the spine being visible, shook its head. "I was only nine. Why ? Why did you take my life ?"

Miraak could not answer and as he slumped to the ground, crying and wishing for his torturers to end his very existence, everything turned white and he was whisked away once again.

Miraak groaned as he woke up. Where am I ? He thought. Looking around he seemed to be in a forest. The trees were tall but lush, the green leaves covering three quarter of it's height. Next to where he stood was a pond, surrounded by black sand. The sun was at its zenith , the sky - blue as ever- without a single cloud. Am I in High Rock ? Miraak assumed. Though most of High rock was there were still places that was absolutely lush. In fact some people went as far to say that it was a piece of Soverangarde. Mind you it was not a lot of people since most of them were executed for heresy.

The power of thirst overwhelmed him, prompting him to get some water. That is when he notice something was wrong. He tried to walk upright only to feel pain in his legs. His legs ,taking no more, gave out. Causing him to fall face down. Miraak whelped in pain. Cursing in Nordic. Only to find out he could not curse or speak for the matter. He tried to say something. Nothing. Only strange and soft noises came out of his mouth.

I'm mute. Thought Miraak.

"Indeed you are, Son of Akotash." A voice behind him said.

Miraak jumped at the sudden voice, turning his head so fast that it gave him whiplash. Why am I being so skittish ? Miraak said to himself.

"It is natural for ponies to feel fear . "

Miraak looked at the towering creature in front of him. He was not surprised by the fact a horse was talking to him. Heck some horse tried to kill him once. So he knew they were intelligent. But what surprised him was that the mare in front of him was a bit unusual. It was unusually tall for a horse and had a long horn and wings and was...glaring at him ?

Miraak went into battle stance only to stumble and fall onto the ground again. What is wrong with me ! Miraak screamed internally.

The horse sighed."I am going to say this once and only once. Me being here is already one sacred law violated ! It will answer all your questions and then I will leave you be Son of Akotash."

Miraak tried to speak, only for primitives sounds coming out.

The horse lifted its hoof." Yes, I made you mute as punishment for your crimes and your memories intact so you would remember your sins as a reminder to you and also to prevent you from using your thu'um, should you turn evil again. Although your father wanted you to have second chance at life and your memory wiped, I believe you do not deserve such a kind reward. You were never a tragic hero. You are a monster. Should you go back to your old ways you will be dealt with by the stone bearers , who have been encased for many generations, they are probably free now since you are here. Since this is technically a second chance, you have been reincarnated as a foal, a Pegasus to be exact. I was considering reincarnating you with a family but you do not deserve such love. You would have murdered them anyway. I believe that is all you need to know. Farewell Son of Akotash, enjoy your stay in is a beautiful and peaceful place. Do not taint it with your black heart."

As abruptly she spoke and went, Miraak felt her words like needles being slowly pierced into him. I do not deserve this ! He wanted to cry out. He deserved torture and pain for eternity. I agree with you I am a monster !

It took him an hour to get used to walking on four limbs. He went around the pond multiple times as he practised walking and galloping. Soon after that he decide to rest on the black sand. He could not decide how to sit. Like a human or a horse ? He tried like how a normal human would sit and it was not bad but for some reason felt weird and unusual. In the end he decided to tuck his forelegs underneath his body, seeing it was the most comfortable position.

The rest of the day Miraak stared at the image that was being reflected by the pond. Himself. His ski...coat was a palette of different shades of blue. The colour became more darker as it neared his wings. The blue fur on his chest was extremely fluffy and the fur was a bit longer. Honestly it was more white , with the tips being blue. The front of his main was long, part of it covering his left eye. The back part of the main appeared to be trimmed . His wings became darker as they went along the length of his wing, the tips being blue-black. Underneath his wings, his fur was more fine and the colour was ice white.
While Miraak was transfixed by his new form what really entranced him was his eyes. His irises were a sea blue colour. No, dark blue colour. A light blue colour...

Miraak watched in awe as his iris went through a kaleidoscope of blues. Another thing he noticed as the night started to set in that they had a light luminescence to them.

He slept there for the night. Although the night was chilly and windy, Miraak slept in bliss. He always enjoyed the cold climate and the harsh elements. The next morning, the sky was overcast and grey with a slight drizzle. Miraak smiled as he felt the raindrops hitting him. he loved this form of weather. He loved dark colours, especially blue. He loved rainy days and overcast days. It was paradise....

The smile vanished from his face. I do not deserve such a reward . The sky darkened.

I murdered people in cold blood ! I murdered innocent....children. The fires of oblivion was supposed to be my reward !
The winds picked up.

Miraak looked up into the sky."Please, take me back. To the place I deserve to spend the rest of eternity". His words were but empty sounds.

The rain came down harder.

Memories of his sins appeared before him causing him to cry in regret, shame and sorrow. "Take me back !" He tried to say again but to no avail.

The temperature dropped.


The ground began to freeze beneath his tiny hooves.

Miraak yelled in frustrations at his inability to speak not feeling the strange magic filling in his chest. Crying, Miraak looked at all the the images of the people he killed as they appeared before him, staring at him.

"I'm sorry. So sorry for what I've done. " Miraak tried to say, quietly, the tears falling freely down his face. "Do whatever you want do to me, I deserve it." The images continued to stare.

"Punish me !" Miraak tried to implore at them. I deserve it ! Please ! Punish me. Punish me ! I SAID PUNISH ME !

Immediately a huge burst of energy shot released from his body, turning the area into ice and snow. The leaves were covered in ice and so too was the grass. The pond was immediately covered in ice and as Miraak fell to the ground he said

"Please...I deserve this."

Woodcutter rolled his eyes as his wife rambled, excited at the outcome of their journey.

"Our prayers have been answered Woodcutter !" She said with joy as she jumped by him.

"Be careful Rose, Jump any higher and you will end up with a broken hoof or something. You not a Pegasus now."

Rose giggled as she nuzzled his neck. "It is nothing short of a miracle Wood ! I wonder what the ponies are going to say back in Maritime bay !"

Woodcutter sighed as Rose dragged him onto the wagon.

"Look how cute they look," gushed Rose. "Who would think we would become parents so soon ! "

Woodcutter froze at her choice of words. "Rose this is not what we discussed ! The plan is to send them to the Maretime Bay orphanage ."


Woodcutter shook his head with finality in his voice. "I'm sorry Rose. They would not allow it. Maybe the earth pony but the other two. No. They not even our kind ! They would be lucky if the Maretime Bay accept them ! "

"They are just foals !"

"Not ours ! " Woodcutter immediately regretted the words that came out his mouth. "Rose I never meant -"

Rose stopped him with a raise of her hoof as her eyes began to water. "I know. Wood. I know. Nothing is going to change the fact that I can't have foals....."

Woodcutter was about to reach for her but thought against it as she walked away. She wants some alone time.

"I'll be back in about an hour....I just need some time to gather my thoughts."

Woodcutter cursed himself as he watched the love of his life walked away. "Well done Woody." He muttered to himself as he hit his head on the wagon. " You've done it again."

Rose awed in wonderment at the forest she was walking in. " It surely is different than living next to the ocean !" Rose sighed only to remember why she was here. She knew he never meant it but he was not going to stop her from getting what she wanted. Three foals. She smiled as her determination grew. Might as well go back now, Wood is probably worried sick.... and ready with a written apology no doubt. She chuckled at the last part. He was a goofball and that's what she loved about him.

After walking for sometime Rose realised that she was lost.''I take it back what I said about the forest, I'll take Maretime bay any day. At least there I can see were I'm going !''

Rose shivered as she kept on walking. "Strange, its getting colder." As she carried on walking the ground gradually changed from brown and green to ice white. She looked in amazement and shock at the Winter wonderland. "This is not possible !"
Rose felt something cold hitting her body. She looked up. Snowfall.

Rose continuously rubbed her eyes to make sure she was not dreaming. It was not a dream. She explored the whole area, stopping at the frozen pond, staring at her reflection. "Woodcutter is not gonna believe this or any pony for that matter ! A wintry ecosystem in the middle of a lush green forest in summer ?! Definitely the doing of a unicorn."

Roses thought process was disrupted by the sound of a cry. It was right by her ! Rose stared in shock at the foal in front of her. A Pegasus foal. And so cute ! And beautiful. She had never seen such colours on a pony before. The foal continued cry until Rose wrapped her hooves around it.

"Rose ! , Rose ! , where are you !? "

Rose ignored her husband voice as she stared at the foal in her hooves. "I'm going to name you Winter storm."

"Whew ! there you are I was looking all over for-"

"Shhh, you gonna wake Winter storm up ! " Rose said as she put her hoof on his mouth.

"Winter Storm ? "

"It's a nice name, I found him here in this winter landscape so I think the name is fitting."

Woodcutter looked at her, confused. "What are you talking abou- Oh....Where did you get another foal !?"

Rose rolled her eyes as she walked away. Goofball.

"Rose wait ! Is this snow !?"

Rose looked at all the four foals around her in the wagon . They were almost home." Woodcutter lets stop here for the night" she said, hearing her husband sigh in relief, no doubt pulling the wagon whole day.

"Thanks Rose ! You have no idea how heavy-oops" Woodcutter chuckled nervously as he sat next to her in the wagon.


Woodcutter rubbed his head as he stared at the foals."Okay I deserve that." he pointed at the blue Pegasus, who was yawning. "Your Winter Storms front teeth look kinda sharp, Rose."

"He is a Pegasus, they probably have a different body structure."

"Well the white one over there has a horn and wings."

Rose sighed. "Most probably his parents were a Pegasus and a unicorn and abandoned him because of that."

"The other one -"

Rose glared at him, clearly irritated. " What is your point Wood ?"

"My point is that the Orphanage are not going to accept them and best case scenario be label as young spies from Zephyr Heights or something."

Rose was about to protest but Woodcutter put his hoof on her mouth and softly said. "Which is why we should keep them as if they were our own."

Rose cried in delight as she hugged Woodcutter. "Thankyou Thankyou thankyou !"

Woodcutter rubbed her back."I thought about it when you left into to the woods and I realised that I was being selfish ...and the idea of having a foal or should I say foals started to grow on me ."

"And I'm glad it did". Rose said as she started to nibble his ear, his face turning beet red.

"Rose, not in front of the foals !" As he tried to back away only to hit the back of the wagon. Dead end.

Roses eyes twinkled mischievously. "Do not worry, they are asleep. Now where were we..."

Chapter 2

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"My liege I believe it is unwise to invade the privacy of a Goddess who just recently granted a favor for you without even batting an eyelid."

"But that's the problem!" whined Akotash. "There has to be a catch, which is why we are looking in her diary for clues."

The Ebony Warrior sighed. “Then should we not try Goddess Faust's library?”

"Uhhh...gimme a minute, things are getting intresti.... I mean I might have found a lead! Carry on without out me! I'll meet you at the library my friend."

The ebony warrior shook his head as he walked out of the room. “Not only did we broke into a goddesses home, we also read her diary, well in Lord Akotashes case and-" The ebony warrior walked into the kitchen. "- Ate all her homemade biscuits." The ebony warrior blushed as he burped. "The reserve ones as well."

"Sorry for not waiting for you Lord Akotash," said the ebony Warrior as he looked through the books.

"Its fine, the lead just ended abruptly," yawned Akotash as he stretched his hands.

The Ebony warrior smirked. “Let me guess, she did not write anything today."

Akotash nodded. "Exactly...I mean....uh..."

The ebony warrior turned around his arms folded in ‘Ha! I got you’ position. "Will you at least admit you were fooling around....again?”


The ebony warrior picked his hands in frustration. "Gods I tell you. Stubborn till the core."

As the ebony warrior searched the books, Akotash scanned the room. It was quite simple for a divine. All four walls were covered in wooden bookcases, reaching till the ceiling and an ornate wooden desk and a wooden chair in the middle.

"Is she a recluse or something? Gods are supposed to live lavishly! Not living like a hermit!" He ranted as he sat on the chair. It was comfortable. "At least the chair is of good quality," he muttered.

After some time of searching, the ebony warrior walked to the table with two books, beneath his helmet he was frowning. "My liege it seems you were correct on your suspicions... you not going to like what this book says."

Akotash took the leather bounded book and immediately narrowed his eyes at the title. "The book of prophecy.” “This is not good."

The ebony warrior stood nervously by Akotash as the room temperature started increase.


"Page 179, title: The Birth of a Storm”

Akotash turned to the page and read it aloud.

Miraak the first dragon born has been slain.

By spear and lance with blood flowing from his veins.

Laid low, laid low...

...the weak, the innocent...the brave.

But with tidings most strange and devious...

This was not his life's end. No...

Under Celestia light...he a pony.

What ficklest things may a dragon be...with such a gift?

But there is a prophecy.... a prophecy that ties him with the fate of Equestria.

Will he raze it to the ground?

Or will he save it from the impending doom?

Will he succeed?

Or will he become corrupt just like in the previous life, a deceit?

A monster, that roams around killing the innocent?

But fear not O ponies of faith!

Other hero's will rise if he is unable to do so...

And Titans will collide…heavy casualty on both sides

The world against him is but barely a fair fight…


So pray that his very existence is not your impending doom…

But a mercy of light.

The book turned into ash in Akotash's hands, his rage barely contained." That horse bitc-”

The ebony warrior covered Akotash's mouth. "My Liege, Language! It is unbecoming of a God to use such foul language! Even if they deserve it."

Akotash threw his hands in frustrations. “But she does! Using my son as a scapegoat for her world's problems!”

"But she did give Miraak another chance at life sir," reasoned the ebony Warrior.

Aakotash shook his head as he swept the ash from the table and onto the floor. "The prophecy made it clear that Miraak will have to make a choice that would decide the fate of an entire planet! And if I recall the last time he was given a choice, he chose wrong. Really really wrong and frankly this is not my definition of a normal life."

"But my liege -"

Akotash raised his hand. "No, I have decided on what I must do."

The ebony warrior tilted his head, confused. "On what?”

Aakotash woke from the chair. "I am abdicating from my throne and plan to live the rest of my life with my son on whatever planet that stupid mare sent him."

"Y-Y-You can't abdicate my liege! What of planet Nirn? Tamriel? What about the dadera? If they found out-"

Akotash scratched his head." I guess you got a point there."

The ebony Warrior sighed a breath of relief. “Thank you for listening sire.”

"It seems I am going to have to appoint a successor, thank you ebony warrior for reminding me! Can't disappear without appointing a successor now!”

The ebony warrior almost fell to the ground. "Why Gods can't see reason?" he muttered.

"Don't forget you a God as well," retorted Akotash as a ball of light appeared in his hand.

"A minor god," corrected the Ebony Warrior. “There’s a difference."

"Pshft, Potato- patato," replied Akotash as he cast the ball of light onto the floor, forming a sort of portal.

"That is not the correct way of using that expression." Aakotash ignored the comment.

"Okay, let's see if she picks up," said Akotash, staring at the portal.

The portal turns a shade of purple as an image appears.

The ebony warrior shook his head. "No. You can't be serious."

Akotash looked at the ebony warrior quizzically. "You don't approve?”

"Yes I don't."

The image spoke in with an amused tone. "I see you still can't get over the fact that you were bested by a mortal."

"No one was talking to you dragonborn!" seethed the ebony warrior, his arms folded.

Aakotash rolled his eyes. "Forgive my colleagues outburst, we just in a tough problem that we can't seem to solve."

"Yes we can," muttered the ebony warrior. “You just do not want accept my solution."

The dragonborn looked at the two immortals. " want my help?”

"Yes, Dovakiin.”

Aakotash began to kneel towards the dragonborn. The ebony warrior did too, well, only because Akotash dragged him to the ground with him.

"L-L-L-Lord Akotash?”

Akotashes voice became regal. “Dovakiin, as Lord Akotash, father of Dragons, God of time and might, King of the Adera and creator of Nirn. Do you accept my crown? "


"Yes or No."


"Do you promise to protect Nirn? To protect Tamirel?”

"Yes Lord Akotash but I-"

She was not able to finish what she was going to say as with a wave of his hand, Akotash dispelled the portal. He rubbed his hands as he walked back to the table.

"How did I do?”

The Ebony warrior sighed. “I think you rushed it a bit, my Liege."

Akotash waved it off. "Nah, she'd be fine. I mean how hard it is to rule a universe anyway? All she has to do is make the right decisions to prevent total chaos and Doomsday."

The Ebony Warrior stared at Akotash. “Are you being serious?”

"Yes I am."

Sighing and muttering about Gods in general, the Ebony Warrior walked off to the other side of the library. Akotash grinned.

"You know I can hear you right."


Akotash stared at the two books in front of him. “So you said you found this at the newer section of the Library?"

"Yes my Liege, there were others like it. It seems Lady Faust documents her world’s timeline in great detail."

"And you sure this will help me find where she placed my son?”

"I am certain, my liege."

The two books were covered in leather. On top of the cover of each book read Era: Generation 4 and Era: Generation 5 respectively. At the bottom of the Generation 4 book was the words written: Friendship is Magic.

"Weird title for an Era but who am I to judge." Akotash picked up the other book. "Where’s the title for this book?”

The ebony Warrior answered immediately. "It seems that is the present Era, for her universe that is, all the other books have titles except for this one which could indicate it is incomplete or ongoing."

"Hmmm.... which one do you think she sent him to?”

The ebony warrior thought carefully. "Well, my liege, I will assume by the title of the fourth generation that it was a happy one and the fact it would cause a headache for Lady Faust to put Miraak in this era…a lot of things happened in that book. Also the fact that the prophecy spoke of something that is going to happen, I would say generation five."

Akotash picked the book in question as he rose from the seat. "Well, I know where I'm going." He then looked back at the ebony warrior. "Ebony warrior, after serving me, protecting me and giving me the company of a friend all these eons I free you from your duty. Go and enjoy your Godhood and keep an eye on the Dovahkin. See how she fares at her new duties. We might never see each other again but I will never forget your service and loyalty to me."

To Akotash surprise, the ebony Warrior shook his head. "Not once did I ever thought what I did was service. You were like a friend to me and gave me godhood, there's no way in oblivion am I going to leave your side. I mean you get lost in your own palace. Imagine a whole new world? Who is going to remind you to bath in the morning? Or that you must brush your teeth?”

Akotash huffed angrily. “For a second I actually thought you cared. Way to go and spoil the moment."

The ebony warrior chuckled. "My liege-"

Akotash waved his hand. “You do not have to say all that fancy titles. You free from your service remember?”

"That is going to take some time getting used to but hey nothing else has changed. I mean what friends are for."

"Indeed," said Akotash, as he gave the library one last look. “Okay, I am going to assume that you going to be joining me." The Ebony warrior nodded.

“As I said, nothing has changed.”

The library was in a mess as the ebony warrior stuffed his bag (more like a big sack) with books. He already took the essentials such as…books and uh….

The library doors burst open revealing a triumphant looking Akotash holding a jar. “Aha! I found her secret stash of cookies! ”

The ebony warrior frowned. “I said food essentials like flour, dried fruit or veg. Only God knows what we going to need when we get there and I am definitely sure it isn’t a picnic.”

Akotash wagged his finger as he put it in the bag (sack). “You forgetting that I am god and I say we need cookies!”

Akotash looked into the bag (sack), picking up a book, laughing at the title. “Guide to Equestrian stitching! Seems someone needs to listen to their own advice”

“It’s some pony,” corrected the ebony warrior as he tossed the book to Akotash. It read: a detailed guide of Equestria, its history and culture .

Akotash looked at the bulging bag (sack). “Ebony it seem we have a weight problem. I will not be able to teleport this sack with us.”

“It’s not a sack, it is a hand stitched bag, made by yours truly”

Akotash grinned. “Well it is quite evident that it was hand stitched”

Before the ebony warrior could retort the sound of a door could be heard.

“By Sovergarede! She’s back! Quick, grab whatever you can carry. We got to go now!”

The ebony warrior immediately started to grab as much as his hands could carry while Akotash made a portal.

“Get the door!” grunted Akotash. He was worn out.

The Ebony warrior dropped the books and in a nick of time held the door as it was about to opened by its owner.

The two immortals were silent as they heard lady Faust try to open her door.

“By Star swirls beard! It seems I locked my library again. Hmmmm. Ah! I remember were the spare key is!”

The ebony warrior sighed in relief as he heard the horse leave. “That, was a close one.” He turned to see a portal already opened and by it was a very tired looking Akotash.

“Let’s go, I cannot hold this much longer,” said Akotash breathing heavily.

“It looks unstable.”

“This is the best I can do. An inter-dimensional portal has never been done before!”

The ebony warrior looked at all the books on that he threw on the floor and picked one. “So much for packing.” And with that entered into the unknown.

Akotash groaned as he picked himself of the ground. ”Stupid portals. I just never ever got the hang of it.” Is this Equestria? Akotash looked around. Bare ground, littered with rocks and boulders. Not a single green form in sight.

“Ebony warrior you sure- What the fruitcake!” Akotash looked in shock at the two unconscious forms, in which one was stirring. Akotash moved back, first step is to make friends with the planets inhabitants. “H-e-l-l-o- d-o-n-k-e-y. M-y n-a-m-e- A-k-o-t-a-s-h. W-h-a-t y-o-u-r –n-a-m-e? ”

The form groaned. “It is me you idiot! And we are not donkeys we are ponies.”

“Hee Hee sorry Ebb’s I thought- Wait a minute, what did you meant by ‘we’… Oh holy moly! ”

Akotash looked at his hands and legs which were now hooves. “AHHHHHHH! I’m a donkey!”

“A pony,” sighed the ebony warrior. “How do I look?”

The ebony warrior was a Pegasus. His coat was black with his wings becoming lighter shade of black as it went down his wings. His irises were grey and his so was his mane which was long in the front and short at the back.

“You look like an animal.”

The ebony warrior rolled his eyes. “Ha Ha, really funny.”

“How come you do not have one of these,” said Akotash, as he pointed towards the horn on his head.

“I am what equestrians call a Pegasus. There are three races. Earth ponies, your normal ponies without a horn or wings but are connected with Mother Nature and are generally strong. Then you have Unicorn’s who have horns on their heads which enables them to use magic and finally Pegasus who have wings and can fly. ”

“How do you know all this?”

The ebony warrior pointed at the book on the ground. “Thank Shors beard I decided to take this book.”

“But wait. I have wings and a horn, what race is that?”

The ebony warrior looked surprised. “Never noticed that. Wait let me check.” After some difficulty trying to turn the pages, he found what he was looking for. “Ha! I found it”

What does it say?

“Hmmm…..It appears you are an alicorn, a godlike race of pony that personifies an attribute. There have only been five known alicorns throughout the eras. Two were sisters. Each controlling day and night. And another two were an embodiment of love and friendship respectively. While the last one…. ”

Akotash looked at him. “What? What did the last one represented?”

The ebony warrior looks up from the book. “It does not say.”

“So what are we going to do with our new friend here?”

Akotash looked confused. “What do you mean new friend?”

The ebony warrior pointed at the other pony. “It seems you transported some pony else with us”

Akotash looked at the pony. “He looks very similar to you.”

The mystery pony was an earth pony. His coat was grey and his spiky mane was silver gray. He had a scar on his left eye.

The ebony warrior sighed. “We have a lot of explaining to do when he wakes up.”

“Speaking of explaining, why are we so short? And I know we are ponies but seriously the ground is really near to us. ”

“That is because we are children or foals to be exact.”

Akotash yawned. “That could explain why I am feeling so sleepy.”

The ground started to shake, a roar could be heard and it was approaching in their direction.

“It seems we about to encounter some company,” noted the ebony warrior.

“A dragon alright.” Akotash said, popping his neck. “Approximately 6 Meters high, Weighs about Nearly three quarter of a ton and assumes that we are its lunch.”

The roar was heard again.

“I mean his after lunch snack.”

The ebony warrior looked at him incredulous.

“What!? Thu’um remember? I am the father of dragons after all.”

The ebony warrior rubbed his hair. “Sorry, totally forgot.”

“I’m surprised you already forgot about that. I mean I personally taught you the language of the dragons, I invented the damn thing.”

The ebony warrior frowned. “Maybe I would have learnt better if my spectacular teacher taught me while he was not drunk and maybe I would not have been bested by that stupid dragon born!”

Akotash chuckled to no pony. “Oooh someponys knickers in a twist now. It’s your fault own that you were bested by a puny mortal, you stupid tin can.”

“Says the pony who let their bow be used to aid vampires in battle. ”


Akotash narrowed his eyes. “Take that back.”

The ebony warrior shook his head. “Never! Dirt face!”

“Knob Face!”

“That’s it! This ends now!”

The Dragon stared at the two foals trying to strangle each other not noticing that he was right in front of them. True it was a bit strange. Two foals in the dragon lands duking it out with each other. He did not complain though. He was getting a dinner and a show! Tummy rumbling the dragon decided that it was time to eat.

He roared, getting the two foals attention. He like seeing the scared faces of his prey except they were not scared, more like annoyed as if he interrupted something. Which he did.

The one with the horn and wings in particular was most irritated. “Can’t you see we in the middle of something youngling!” said the foal in his squeaky voice.

The dragon was taken aback by that remark. Did a tiny foal just call me a youngling? The dragon laughed out loud, the foal fuming with rage. “You? A puny pony is calling me a youngling? You got guts horned foal and you going to find my guts soon enough” The dragon licked his lips. By The dragon sceptre was he hungry.

The other foal spoke to the horned foal in a hush tone. Only for the horned foal to laugh out loud. “Do not worry about me, I’ll be fine! I can take losers thrice his size in this baby form.”

The dragon was amused. It’s not every day your prey fights back. That and the ratio of his big mouth to body size.

The winged foal then left the horn foal who went away for some reason. “Bring the stranger to speed to what is going on okay!” said the horned foal. “And tell him I am sorry for accidentally transporting him here!”

The dragon started to drool. A third pony? Today, it seems, is going to be a great day.

“Okay youngling let me show you how I, the great akotas-”

The dragon did not waste time as his fire breath engulfed the tiny foal for a good ten seconds. He like his meat rare. To his shock the horned foal appeared unharmed accept for a few singed hairs on his coat.

The horned foal looked up at the shell shock dragon, clearly unimpressed. “Your thu’um is pathetic! Let me show you the power of my thu’um.”


The dragon flew back hitting a huge boulder in the process. Painfully he got up, anger propelling him forward back to the foal. “You going to regret that you stupid horse!” The dragon roared as he stomped the foal with his foot. “Finally!” said the dragon. “No one can best me. I am the king of all dragons!” He was not the king of the dragons but he was so happy that he said it out of exhilaration. His biggest mistake.

“What did you say?”

The dragon looked confused as looked for the source of the voice. “Who said that!?” The dragon felt his leg being raised by a growing figure until he was hoisted of the ground be dangled by a….

“Dragon,” whimpered the tiny dragon as he saw a dragon larger than the largest dragon to walk on Equestria. Dragon lord torch.

“Who is the King of all dragons?”

“You, O great Lord Torch.” Said the tiny dragon, shakily.

The massive dragon looked confused. “I am not this Lord torch you speak of. I am Akotash, father of all dragons and lord of time! Now be gone! And if you ever eat any pony again! ” Akotash paused as he leaned closer, making sure the tiny dragon could see his teeth. “Then the next meal I eat will be carving dragon meat for breakfast, lunch and supper !”

With a mighty swing Akotash threw the dragon towards the horizon. “Well that solves our small dragon problem, Let us see how the ebony warrior is doing with our friend.”

Back to his pony form Akotash walked back to the ebony warrior. “So how did our friend take the news?” Akotash looked at the sleeping form. “Is he still sleeping?”

The ebony warrior shook his head. “He did wake up and I manage to communicate with him. He is actually from another universe altogether.”

Akotash looked at the sleeping form. “Were exactly?”

The ebony warrior sighed. “I do not know exactly. But he spoke Japanese and so I assumed Earth except that he has magic within him and a huge amount of it in his left eye.”

Akotash raised an eyebrow. “Humans of earth do not have magic.”

“Exactly, which is why I deduced he is from another universe entirely. But I think we did him a favor.”

Akotash gave him a confused look. “Why would snatching a person from their home be a favor?”

“The reason why he was so tired was because it would appear that whenever he was, he was on the verge of death or extreme magical exhaustion, you have indirectly saved his life.”

Akotash puffed his chest as the ebony warrior rolled his eyes. “That is what hero’s do”

“Enough of inflating that ego of yours and get some sleep,” yawned the ebony warrior. We got some searching to do tomorrow.

“I am not tired,” yawned Akotash, as he folded his legs. “I’m just…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

The ebony warrior chuckled as he let himself sleep into the night.

Faust looked down from the heavens as she saw two of her little ponies stopped on the road, pointing at the three sleeping foals in the dragon lands.

“You have changed nothing Akotash. In fact you already have sealed your son’s fate. The fourth generation went through tough times, Let us see how the next generation fares…”

Chapter 3

View Online

Miraak, the first dragonborn, get's transported to Equestria. Fine! I said to myself. Faust wants a crossover, I’ll give that mare a crossover. It took me a day to come up with a prophecy. A day! Universe breaking time might I add and I’m sure you all had heard about it. I even gave it a cool title. Birth of a Storm . Cool right? Anyway as I handed it personally to the goddess herself, she had the cheek to tell me, that something has change ! Not one or two but three fricken people (or should I call them ponies now) got transported to Equestria. Besides adding the fact that two of the three were basically gods while the other one was a fricken ninja which could totally mess up a peaceful kid rated world like Equestria, and is now my problem to make sure things do not go sideways.

You probably thinking why I could of said no. Trust me, you never ever tell a mare no, especially when she bats her eyelashes and does that pout-y look and, especially if the mare in question is not only an alicorn but a fricken creator of a universe. Sorry but I prefer living than being particles floating around in space.

Hmmm…I forget to introduce myself, the names Prophecy. Mr Prophecy. Or Prof(ph) for short. I’m in charge of prophecy that pertain in tragedy, drama, mystery, dark and the occasional fate of the world nonsense .

OK, you probably thinking why I am so lax about this, I'm not. It's my job and it would be totally unprofessional for me to show my emotions or opinions on the matter. Romeo and Juliet. They both die in the end. I submitted that prophecy. It hurts, honestly, knowing from the beginning they are fated to die. But it was the best happy ending they could ever have. Just think of me like that scene in Avengers Infinity war, when Doctor Strange goes through million possibilities’ ,trying to find the best one. That’s my job in a nutshell. So whatever you say is bad, sad or tragic, it could have been worse. Most of the time there are more than one possible option. For example. I wrote the prophecy of the two alicorn sisters fighting each other. There were two best and most viable options. 1: Celestia could had destroyed Nightmare Moon but at the cost of her sisters life. Or trap her on the moon, knowing full well she will break out a thousand years later. She loved her sister, more so than I thought, and banished her to the moon. So you see, sometimes you mortals do have a choice but verily, rarely do you idiots choose the right one.

Okay, I think that is enough for an introduction and getting on to the problem that was entrusted upon me. Let us see how our friends are doing.

At the outskirts of Maretime bay, close to the cliffs, sea and forest, all in one stood a humble abode. The house was neither too big nor too small. It was just right (Goldilocks can go to Putney on a pig ) for the family. Winter Storms family. There were six member's in all, including Winter storm….So without further Ado, let me introduce them….

Winterstorm. Yes. The obvious one. This is his story after all, so I think he deserves to go first. As you all know that he was called Miraak in his past life and this is his second chance at life.

Ebon Heart. From his name it is obvious who he really was. The ebony warrior is one of the three who entered the Equestrian universe, unlawfully. Is often confused with his other brother due to having similar coat colours.

Kakashi bloody Hatake. The fricken ninja. I mean who would ever think he would get caught in this mess ? What I really find surprising is the fact that he managed to keep his name

Inferno Blaze, the former god, Akotash. He is the other idiot (Don't tell him I said that ) who illegally entered Equestria. He is the reason why I am assigned to this job. The bastard.

The last but not least are the two parents who took them all in. Really good heart-ed folks. Unknowingly taking four aliens as there foals unaware that they can destroy the world five times over , alone.

The three brothers, standing in a straight line with there faces gazing at the dark oak door. The one in the middle was the tallest from the three, about one and half head taller. His coat was ice white and unbelievably brighter,as it travelled towards the tip of his wings. His mane was kept long in front with the sides cut short and the back shorter. His horn was long and sharp, with intricate details of patterns. His mane colours consisted of yellow, red and orange while his eyes were a flaming blue.

The two brothers on either side of him were similar in appearance. Except that the brother on the left was a Pegasus with a charcoal coat and silver mane that had a similar haircut as the latter but shorter. The brother on the right was an earth pony, had a dark grey coat and silver-Gray mane that was spiky in the front to one side. He had a scar on the left eye and was donning a mask that match his coat, making it appear that he had no mouth.

“So…How we going to explain this Pa ?” asked the middle brother, nervously .

The Pegasus on his left scoffed. “We ? If I recall, you were the one who pulled the lever. You on your own, Inferno daze.”

Inferno scowled at the Pegasus. “Then why are you and Kakashi here then ?”

“Hmmm…actually I do not know,”said Ebon heart as he put his hoof to his chin, looking over to Kakashi. “Kash why are we here again ?”

Kakashi looked up from the book his was reading. ”I believe we are his moral support.”

Ebon heart mocked in realisation, making sure Inferno could see his expression. “Ah, thank you brother, we are his moral support, after all his brain does not have the capacity for it.”

“Watch your words tin can,” said Inferno, narrowing his eyes at Ebonheart. Behind the two Kakashi sighed as he placed his book by the the small table by the door. ”Here we go again.”

“ No, no .Not this time and not in my house.” kakashi and the other two brothers looked at the source of the sound, revealing a middle aged mare.

Inferno and Ebon heart nervously chuckled as the mare gave therm a stern look.

“Kashi,” said the mare to the quiet earth pony.”Why are you all in front of your fathers study room ?”

Kakashi snuck a glance at his two brothers behind his mother. Inferno signalling him to lie and Ebon heart was on the floor, his mouth being covered by Inferno. He took a deep breath. He loved his brothers but he loved his Ma more. “It concerns the whereabouts of Winter Storm Ma.”

Ma sighed. “Did you lock him in the basement again ?”

“No Ma,” said Ebon heart as he managed to pry out infernos hoof on his mouth.”Inferno-” Immediately Ebon heart stopped talking as an orange aura around his mouth appeared.

Ma looked strongly at Inferno. “Ferny what did I tell about using magic in the house ?”

Inferno grinned slightly. “Sorry Ma” As he released Ebon heart from his magic.

“Now where is Winter ?,” asked Ma, a worried tone. “Is he hurt ?”

“No Ma,” said Kakashi. “He is okay, the problem is that he is in a cloudy situation.”

“Where is he ? ” Ma face contorted in horror. “Is he in town ? Do the ponies know-”

“No,No Ma.” Ebon heart quickly said.”He is just stuck in a possible dangerous environment.”

“Where ?”

Inferno took a deep breath. “A cloud”

“WHAT !”

As Ma went into a mental breakdown, all brothers simultaneously thought : ’We are so screwed’

"Can't get worse than this," whispered Inferno.

The door suddenly slammed opened , revealing an aged stallion. "What is with the racket !"

Ebon heart faced hooved. "Had to open your big mouth."