Birth of A Storm 2.0

by WinterStormed

Prologue : Battle of the Ages

Miraak the first Dragonborn was standing at the front of the dragon's reach keep, watching down at the fighting on the streets of Whiterun. His cultists facing the invading army.

It had been three years since Miraak's arrival and since then he succeeded to seize Whiterun with his faithful followers in one vicious swoop. It was made easy because the people of Skyrim were too busy fighting each other to defend against the sudden invasion, obviously, it did not go unheeded. In response to Miraak's aggression, the stormcloaks and imperials joined forces, sorting out their differences with the help of the Dragonborn, who encouraged them with the power of his..ahem..words. The new joint force managed to repel the cultists from neighbouring holds and slowly pushed them back to Whiterun.

Miraak scanned Whiterun, once called the heart of Skyrim, the hold slowly turned to a shadow of its glory self and now it was reduced to a scorched wasteland. Most of the houses were on fire and its only inn was burnt to the ground, the lush gardens were no more and the wildlife fled but Miraak did not care for any of that. He continued to scan the rest of the battlefield and found who he was looking for and to his delight was coming straight towards him.

"So", Miraak said, tauntingly, "we face each other once more. Let us hope you prove more of a challenge this time."

''I am not the man you battled inside Apocrypha", replied the Dragonborn, unsheathing dawnbreaker.

The sounds of the battle of Whiterun seemed distant now, Miraak's focus was now on this duel which will determine the destiny of Skyrim and even Tamriel.

Miraak smirked behind his dragon priest's mask."You still look the same to me."

Miraak then summoned his sword out of thin air, glowing a sickly green hue. he raised his sword to address the Dragonborn. In reply, his opponent did the same. They looked at each other standing still, like statues. Miraak adjusted his weight to his back backfoot, evidently expecting the Dragonborn to come forward first. But the Dragonborn
claimed the first surprise of the duel, remaining unmoved, waiting instead for Miraak's attack.

"Appearances can deceive", smirked the Dragonborn.

"True. True", said Miraak, inwardly amused and, in the very next second shot a fireball and a firm swing of his sword at the Dragonborn.


The Dragonborn ducked, the Fireball missing him a few inches, and blocked the incoming blade. The force of Miraaks strike almost knocked dawnbreaker from his hand, but he parried and skipped to the side, trying to find a way inside Miraaks dragon robes. Miraaks sword was more than double the weight of his sword, dawnbreaker, and according to historians, Miraak was famed for his dedication to sword training and some have even gone say that he held Shors legendary hammer with one hand. With that aside though, Miraak was nevertheless slower than the Dragonborn who opted for a lighter blade(no pun intended). That was how the Dragonborn could overcome him. His mistake before had been to enable Miraak to use his advantage which was fighting him in his home turf, Apocrypha. Now though, he had none of it. He double-crossed his own master, Hermaus Mora, and killed his dragon who was the most faithful to him. This time the Dragonborn had the advantage. He was not fighting alone...

Still confident, Miraak pressed forward not noticing the wry smile on the Dragonborn's face.

"Soon this will be over and Skyrim will be cleansed", Miraak grunted, so close with the mighty blade that the Dragonborn heard it whistle past his ear.

"You have been blinded by the dadera Miraak, Skyrim does not need cleansing", the Dragonborn responded. Their ancient weapons collided once more." we will know the truth of that soon enough", Miraak said, amused as if the Dragonborn said a joke. Miraak was getting frustrated. The Dragonborn defended, paired, and deflected all his attacks, cutting nicks in him, opening gashes in his robes, and being struck on his mask twice. Miraak realized he was unintentionally backing away from the Dragonborn. He was confused. In Apocrypha, he did not fight like this. The Dragonborn's eyes flickered a green colour.

No...thought Miraak. I confined him in his realm, he could have not escaped.

"Oh", Miraak said returning from his suspicion to the fight."So the young ling has learned to use a blade."

"I've had a lot of practices. Your cultists saw to that."

Miraak shrugged."They were sacrificed for the greater good."

"No! Miraak,you have been corrupted! Can you not see? look around you. I do not see peace, I see pain and suffering", reasoned the Dragonborn.

Miraak leaped forward, swinging his sword, and again attempted to knock Dawnbreaker out of the Dragonborn's hands. But the Dragonborn bent and twisted in one easy movement ramming back with the hilt of Dawnbreaker so that Miraak was sent stumbling back, almost falling over his own feet. The air came out of him and he was only just prevented from falling was because of his stance. Miraak stood there bridling with fury and breathing laboriously.

"This is not possible!", bellowed Miraak, as though saying it loudly might somehow make it come true. Miraak sprang forward, but with no deadly grace and with nothing more deadly than blind hope, as Miraak pressed forward once more, his attack more ragged this time and more desperate. The Dragonborn easily fended him off.

"I do not know where your strength comes from...", gasped Miraak." unless..." and it dawned upon him."It cannot be! I trapped him in Apocrypha!"

"I made a deal with him to save Skyrim. After releasing him he agreed to give me the strength to defeat you", replied the Dragonborn."Hermaus Mora admitted to influencing your decision and how he made you... slaughter your people."

"No!", shouted Miraak."You speak false!"

"Listen Miraak", the Dragonborn said, trying to reason.

"I saved my people from spreading the plague! From dying a torturous death! I did it out of love for them!"

"Miraak, Hermaus Mora planted the plague, He has cheated you into a false cause.

"My cause is just!", cried Miraak knowing and realising that the Dragonborn was true. Grunting now as he lifted his sword, almost painfully slowly. The battle of Whiterun was over and Miraak saw his cultists being rounded up. They could see that he was going to lose, waiting for the Dragonborn to deliver the killing blow. The Dragonborn drove Dawnbreaker straight through Miraak, parting his dragon robes and piercing his chest. Miraak gasped. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open as his mask disintegrated to dust, eradicating the dark spell on him. His hand went to the blade that impaled him, even as the Dragonborn withdrew it. A red stain spread across his tunic as he staggered, falling to his knees. His sword dropped and his arms dangled. Miraak being so close to death realised what he had truly done. The atrocities...

"What have I done", Miraak croaked.

Now the Dragonborn bent to Miraak and laid him to the ground.

"The spell has been broken", said the Dragonborn.

But Miraak did not hear." I will be regarded as a Monster", he said with pain and guilt.

The Dragonborn sighed as he looked at Miraak." I am truly sorry but what's done...."

"Cut the sappy speech Dovah", gasped Miraak." You know what you must do."

The Dragonborn nodded wordlessly as he stood up and raised his sword, his target: Miraak's neck.

The Dragonborn paused.

"Go on with it! I do not deserve to live", said Miraak wheezing.

Miraak closed his eyes.

I deserve to die. For the pain and suffering, I have caused.

As the Dragonborn's blade came down, Miraak sighed.

I will finally be at peace.

And everything went dark.

The throne was carved from maple wood, adorned with the finest of jewels and silk. It was located in a huge hall, with large white marble columns that seem to never end, rising through the clouds. The white floor was so crystal clear that it reflected the heavens above.

What was most striking though, was not the throne nor the hall but the Alicorn that it housed. Her coat and mane were ice white, except for her legs which were dark as the night sky. Little stars twinkled on them. Some newly formed and some turning to supernovas. Her wings were emerald blue, frost covering them, and her eyes...By the stars, her eyes.

They changed every time as if they were undecided. From blue to green to purple. Every day was a different colour.

On her flank was a tattoo. It was a picture of the universe with a quill in a writing pose.

Normally the Alicorn's expression every day was that of a smile but today it was anything but.

"Akotash I told you once before and I will tell you again. NO."

''He is my son, Faust", pleaded Akotash.

The king of the Adrea and creator of Tamriel was begging. He wore a simple white tunic and brown roman sandals with a shield slung to his back and a sword at his side.

Faust stared at Akotash."Have you not forgotten what happened the last time someone from your world came to mine?"

"They going to punish him!"

"Which he deserves", retorted Faust, repositioning herself on her throne.

"You know it was out of his control. You knew him when he was just a child, Faust! It is not his fault...It was mine, I left him on Mundus, in a nameless village to protect him from his powers ."Akotash sighed as stared at the floor, ashamed." Instead, it created the worst villain Tamrial had ever seen."

Faust took a deep breath and sighed."Fine."

Akotash looked up showing a smile of gratitude ."
Thank you, princess", said Akotash as he bowed down.

"But his memories will be wiped. A clean slate. A rebirth"

Akotash wanted to argue but thought the better of it.

Faust's expression softened, clearly aware of the god's sadness."You know I can not let him keep his memories, it would be too risky, for both our world, it would be better if he has forgotten all his suffering and guilt."

Akotash nodded."I am in your debt, Faust"

The alicorn rolled her eyes." That's like the 100th time you said that over the past ten years"

An with that, Akotash disappeared.