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Sprout Cloverleaf, former emperor of Maretime Bay, has been sentenced to about two months woth of community service by Hitch Trailblazer for his war crimes against ponykind. That would be bad enough for Sprout, but in addition to the community service, he also has Izzy Moonbow be his supervisor.

Sprout felt like the next two months would be a living nightmare, especially with Izzy being there, but will he ever warm up to the unicorn over the next two months, and maybe even gain some feelings towards her?

Inspired by these pieces of fanart (one of them is the cover of this story):

(Note: I changed the cover for the story because I just found an image that better suited the story. The link for the original fanart is still gonna be there as the source of inspiration.)

New chapters published whenever they are ready.

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Now this is something I'm definitely looking forward to.

This is pretty interesting starts here and not only that having Sprout to face his consequences and the one who actually is going to keep an eye on him is Izzy well this should be fun to see how this will work out can't wait to see how this will go

Well, at least a lighter punishment is better than no punishment at all (*cough* Discord in season 9, Starlight in season 5, Trixie in season 3, any Equestria Girls villain besides Sunset Shimmer *cough*)

The guy should be helping rebuild the lighthouse on top of litter cleanup.

Hitch said that Sprout would be cleaning up all of the mess he made, not just cleaning up the litter, so fixing Sunny's house is a part of Sprout's community service. I apologize that I didn't include that little detail.

Sprout's eyes widened as his throat swelled up. His sentence was just made worse by that one statement, not only is he picking up litter, which he already hates, but he's being supervised by Izzy Moonbow, the most annoying pony in existence.

Something tells his attitude will have changed by the end of the story.

I post chapters weekly every Tuesday, so expect it by next week.

While I don't care about Sprout, especially after what he did in the movie, but, I really like Izzy. The premise sounds interesting and the first chapter is written very well.

I'll keep an eye on this for a while. :pinkiesmile:

Well it looks like his sentence begins and already he's off to a great starts well almost So Sprout begins to picking up trash around the town and Izzy is keeping an eye on him which it was really close to close and they got themselves in a very sticky situation lol so I wonder how this will work out guess we'll find out in the next time

"Okie-dokie-loki," Izzy then moved two steps away from Sprout, "Is this okay?"

:pinkiegasp: I understood that reference.

If I were in Sprout's position, I'd LOVE to have a beautiful mare like Izzy as my supervisor during my community service.

Is your story going to continue on

Yes, it's just taking a while to finish the next chapter since my life has been busy ever since the start of 2022.

Don't worry. The story is still alive, it's just taking a bit. I wrote these stories during my winter break, and since school is back in session, I haven't got the time to write. So I might return in the summer if possible ;)

He felt like the universe is out to get him ever since Hitch left to find Sunny. First he became a cruel dictator, then he had to do his community service with Izzy, and now he's in a full blown body cast, unable to move. Sprout honestly felt like he shouldn't even try anymore.

Yes Sprout, the Universe is to blame for you becoming a dictator. There's no way that it was the result of choices you made.
Mini-rant aside, I loved this chapter. Can't wait to see where this story goes :pinkiesmile:

This went directions I am uncomfortable with.

Hey it's nice to see the story again so apparently Sprouts was definitely injured after the little tumbling so izzy took him to the hospital and he woke up she was so glad that he was okay which was nice but to him it's a living nightmare and when the doctor came in he gave him the news that it will need to recover for a month which this is not what's supposed to happen but unfortunately it did and once again this will be a long month for him well we'll find out how this will go next time

How so?

I want some feedback so I can improve on later stories.

It's treading dangerously close to non-con and future Stockholm syndrome. Also the fact his illegally assigned parole officer caused his injuries and is still allowed to visit despite his strong wishes for her to be barred from visiting him. And the fact his sentence hasn't been commuted because of the above.

Come on Spourty she is a definitely cute pony to have as a marefriend :ajsmug:

havent read the story but when i saw the cover, i honestly thought that was sugar belle and big mac

For the next few hours, the two ponies tussled as they both of them unsuccessfully tried to get the gum off of each other, lasting all the way until the night.

Far too long to be beliveable. In my opinion, it would be advisable to shorten the time frame.

Izzy has been oblivious of others boundaries in one of the Tell Your Tale episodes, but I see your point. I'll try to lessen Izzy assaulting Sprout in future chapters. I never intended for it to be considered non-consensual assault, I thought it would just be a running gag like Pinkie's overbearingness in G4. Just look at how many times she physically assaulted her own friends without warning.

I also never intended for any Stockholm Syndrome. I intended for Sprout to understand Izzy better as the story goes on and see her less as an annoying nuisance, and more as a caring friend that needs to learn about personal space.

And for Izzy to learn that in any type of relationship, there are boundaries that need to be set. Otherwise you're making someone uncomfortable and not want to be around you anymore.

Thanks for being honest here. Really helps out a ton!

Will take note. ;)

I pictured the scene happening by 6 pm in the afternoon, lasting all the way up until 8 in the evening, but I see where you're coming from.

Thanks for being honest here, helps out a ton!

I haven't seen any Tell Your Tale episodes because of very limited internet and lack of interest. That kinda seems like Teen Titans Go which was mindless pandering to children.


I found it cute, but to each their own.

I can see why people might confuse them X-D

Thanks for reading the chapter. Really appreciate it.

And Sprout blaming the universe for becoming a dictator was more of a writing issue than anything. I rewrote the line to have Sprout blame the universe for his behavior, not his position of power.

I apologize if I made too big of a deal out of one line in a Fanfiction X-D

my prayers were answered yessssssssssssssssss

Nah, you're good. Now that I think about it, if this stories going to be about redeeming Sprout, then I guess it would make since for him to say something like that in the beginning. Oh well :applejackunsure:

Ooh Sprout, so sorry you have to endure that. 😬

I get what you’re saying, but there’s one thing that’s completely wrong with your observation:

Stockholm Syndrome is clarified as “a kidnapped victim who falls in love with their captor.” Sprout was NOT kidnapped by anyone. And if anything, Izzy being there with Sprout is justified because, like you said, she’s the reason why he’s there. So, consider this her trying to redeem herself because she genuinely feels bad about hurting him, and is willing to take time out of her day to help him get around.

And as far as how this whole story will play out, it’s pretty much Izzy and Sprout getting to know each other while he recovers, and Sprout realizing that Izzy, as well as other unicorns, aren’t as bad as he thought they were.

I get what you’re saying, but you’re completely mistaken regarding Stockholm Syndrome. That’s just WAY to far.

The only issue I have is his hospitalization not counting towards his community service, considering it was caused by his supervisor. I feel like 5 months in the hospital should count as time served.

11224918 Because that was not set as conditions for community servers.
in the real world a lawyer could try to get it counted. But this if a fanfic so it's funny if it's not.

11223371 I am interested in seeing how this story will turn out. I do not want to impose any of my thoughts on your story.

I don't mind people giving me feedback on my work. As long as it's constructive criticism, and not blind praise or blind hatred.

very intersting development

Let's see where things stand after a few months, I'd say. After all, it was a doctor who told him here, not a judge or a lawyer. Plus, for all his and her faults, I don't think Phyllis Cloverleaf will be very happy with her son effectively getting his sentence tripled just because his wardens happened to break his body in too many places for him to even start properly.

11225289 Thank you if and when I come with constitutive feedback I'll let you know.

11274651 Under stood.

I like the addition of the flashback. It helps give more of a reason why Sprout doesn't want to be around Izzy. I can't wait to see the next chapter

I think the flashback was a great addition to the story. It shows that Sprout doesn’t just dislike Izzy just for being a unicorn, but he has actual, legit reasonings for it, mainly her being kinda invading of ponies’ privacy.

I also liked the improved dialogue between Sprout and Hitch here. I even liked the Pizza Hoof part. That was kinda funny.

Overall, I think you improved this part of the story very well. Keep going man.

I guess you didn’t like the earth pony mare who didn’t like magic or unicorn mare who’s goal is asking Hitch out after you help her in the video game?

Btw this was a sweet chapter. :fluttercry:

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