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Trixie is... Blue :3


One day Izzy comes over with a surprise, not necessarily a good one. Now a certain earth pony mare has to deal with a creature that’s known for spitting. Can she do it?

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What? Not a Them's Fighting Herds Crossover? Boo :derpytongue2:

Did you say…an alpaca? Like this?

Clickbait, no Paprika

Is this story in any way related to Them's Fighting Herds?

That thing that happened at the end was too random. It has to be a reference.. But a reference to what...

Excuse me, other people’s stories are not a place to advertise your things. I’m sorry but, it’s not very polite to do so, and you certainly didn’t have my permission to do so. Not starting an argument here or anything but I just think there are other and better places to go talking about what you made.

"Watch out for camels (or alpacas), they spit!"

Robin (Genie) Williams, 1992

Izzy looked around, “The doctors said she would... but had to stay in the hospital for four and five days,” She nodded.

i think you meant 4 or 5 days

The answer came to her almost instantly, hay, sheep eat hay, so alpacas shout too, right?

i think u meant "Should", not "shout"

That was enough for the alpaca, it bolted, it ran as fast as i5 could.

got a typo there

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