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The group is about definitely, in my opinion, the greatest character of the My Little Pony: A New generation: Izzy Moonbow. This fine, silly and crafting pony can make your day. Post all your stories about her here.


1. Be nice to one another

2. Post stories in one folder

3. The story must have her in it in some way. She doesn't need to be the main character but she must be involved with the plot

4. No spams

5. No haters please. This is a fan group after all.

6. Clopfics are allowed

7. Have fun

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Miss Izzy moonbow I oculous the hunter guardian of chima king of the multiverse hunter of rare treasurer's and big time gamesmen wish to have a audience with you about business

I remember when I saw the trailer for the new movie I loved her for her naivety and kindness.

First comment and first story in the group. Izzy is the best G5 pony!

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