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Welcome to the Sprouzy group!
Also known as the Izzy x Sprout shipping group!

There are only three rules you need to follow in this group...
1. No fighting.
Do not argue about which ship is better.
2. Sprouzy.
This group is about Izzy x Sprout only, but if you'd like to talk about something else, make sure that Sprouzy is part of that conversation.
3. Have fun.
Remember, have fun in this group, don't talk any hate about anything.

After following those rules, you'll be fine.
And for folders, as long as the Sprouzy Ship is included, you may add them into the correct specific folder. A story may be added into more than one folder, as long as the category fits.

:heart: Thank you for your cooperation and have fun :heart:

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Says the guy who wrote Izzy's Lucky Clover
(love the story btw)

It's a pretty crack ship in my opinion. But I love it all just the same. I could easily see Izzy pinning for Sprout no matter how often or how much he rejects her, and be the one least likely to judge him for who he was.

Comment posted by Destr2 deleted Feb 18th, 2022
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