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Hello to my fellow Background Pony L\overs! Welcome to this humble little group! We here at the Sugar Moonlight Group are here to provide all your Sugary needs. Here you can post stories featuring this lovely, little background pony. First appearing on a runway, she has caught my heart, and I am going to show you the way to it as well, my friends! I mean what is there not to love? Beautiful, attractive looks, endless possibilities for her character, shipping and best of all endless story ideas featuring her!

Here have some fluff

This wonderful piece is by IronCurtainPoni, on DeviantArt
Go share the love, folks!

Everybody should know this, but here I go nonetheless

1. Respect one another
Be nice. respect each other, be it their views or opinions, I don't want to see any harassments in this group! No arguments, now that does not mean don't share your opinions, that merely; be gentle while typing.

2. No M rated stories, clopfics, or NSFW unless there in the specific folder for them
M rated stories, clopfics, or NSFW works are to be added to their own folders, I don't want it muddled up with other works,

3. Only add stories which are either focus on Moonlight, or has her in a significant role.
This is the base rule of any group but I shall go forward! If your story has a tad mention to Moonlight, then this is not the place for it, but if it has a full on appearance and major role, this is the place for you my friend

4. Please make sure to keep everything organized here; add the stories in the right folder.
Here we try keeping things neat and tidy, I personally will keep everything as organized as I can but, I will need some assistance, as I am only one person

5. No Spoilers!
Do not spoil the event in the movie for those yet unviewed. We want all to enjoy the movie now don't we? Small unspoilery mentions are allowed, such as I loved the movie, or this is my favorite character

6. Most importantly... Have Fun!
Have fun! Enjoy! No holding back, be free as a bird! And don't be shy to plop a comment below!

Alright that's all, Phew!

Alright feel free to interact, chat, discuss, anything! Doesn't specifically have to do with Moonlight, herself, but try not getting the groups focus off point! Just have a good time that's the mane rule around here! (Excuse the bad pun). First why don't you introduce your self, do it go Here!
I myself, am going to be scouting out for stories regarding her, but if you keep an eye out, that would be appreciated.
If any questions, feel free to either ask anyone else in the group or PM me if you so wish to. Be guaranteed that I'll reply within either a day or two.

Group Icon by Scroup (on Twitter)
Goo give 'em some love for their amazing pieces:heart:

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Thank You! Hope to get more stories out, featuring her, but for now, glad you seem to like it!:twilightsmile:

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