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On October 2, 2021, Pipp Petals was voted as the least-liked Mane 5 pony on Equestria Daily.

On November 18, 2021, Pipp Petals was once again voted as the least-liked Mane 5 pony on Equestria Daily.

Our mission is to change that.

This group is dedicated to stories that help us empathize with Pipp Petals and her life.

Because Pipp is more than just an internet-famous, good looking mare to simp on. She's the younger daughter of the pegasus royal family, who's had to live under the shadow of her older sister, the heir to the throne. Or perhaps she's a naive young mare who's caught by the dangers of internet fame.

Please read the following rules before posting a story.

  1. This group is solely for stories featuring Pipp Petals as a central character.
  2. Stories should be in the spirit of this group's mission.
  3. Maintain general decorum in forums.
  4. Only SFW stories please.
  5. All self-identified PippSqueaks are welcome to join.

Join us! Pipp will thank you!

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To be fair, it was Sunny that challenged him for the unicorn crystal and betting the pegasus crystal.
From his perspective, the other four would just be random spectators, and not participating in the one-on-one bet/challenge.

If you go over to Facebook, you'll see that Pipp Petals is loved these days.


Yeah, having her defeat Alphabittle would have made more sense in my opinion....she would be the one that could have the moves to do it more than Sunny.

444661 Apparently, she was meant to be the one who defeated Alphabittle when he challenged the entire group. But it got cut and changed to Sunny beating him while Pipp encouraged her to feel the rhythm. Really wish they had kept that.


I agree on that. They could have done a much better job with her.

443925 She got the short end of the stick in characterization, especially in regards to her joining the group.

It's called My Little Pony for a reason :twilightsmile:

memba numba 9 up in this piece

I honestly don't get why people don't like her....she is a cute character.

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