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say something nice about pipp petals · 12:25pm October 2nd

EDIT: Operation Make Pipp Petals Loveable is now an active group!

Poor Pipp Petals is the least-liked pony out of the Mane 5. She deserves some love.

I'll start: She makes really good meme faces.

Report Mica · 399 views · #g5 #pipp
Comments ( 23 )
jmj #1 · October 2nd · · ·

She's not the best but I love her.

She's plumply cute!

Pipp: Oh mai gosh did you just call me PLUMP!? I'm slim, okay? 190 pounds is really light for a pony, okay?! Gosh darn, I knew this filter puts an extra 20 pounds on me!
Calm down Pipp, you're fine. Please don't do a juice cleanse again. I'm sick of picking up your carrot peels.

I love her! She is spectacular, sweet and can say a lot more about herself than she shows her fans.

She is popular

Because she has friends

And that’s why she’s special along with her friends:twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

uh, she fluffy I guess

but she really is the worst :B or least good, to put it nicer

I'll start: She makes really good meme faces.

This is not a selling point. Meme faces are purely obnoxious with no upside. But at least the camera didn't linger on them in ANG the way it sometimes would in FiM.

Pipp may not have gotten much time in the spotlight (haha was that a funny “pun”?.. oh, okay) but from what I’ve seen, she’s a really supportive friend towards the group. And some of her lines are just 👌

Make Pipp loveable. Challenge accepted. :rainbowdetermined2:

I love how plump she is. I’d love to give her a belly rub.

She's a great motivator and ain't afraid to get up in someone's shit.

You really need Aragon in here to defend Rarity Pipp. :raritydespair:

Actually this is the most convincing argument in her favor that I've seen so far.

She still has her baby fat. :rainbowkiss:

She’s a great character lol it’s hard for me to choose which one is the best character I love all of the even sprout

Y'all can't be doin Pipp dirty.

'Cause when it comes down to it, she was prolly the most simped over pegasus in Zephyr Heights.

Not simpin, but Pipp do be fine tho

Juice cleanse?

That was good.

She is a really interesting character to me because she has a whole ton of potential to be explored.
She is confident, girly, and loves social media, but she is not selfish or obnoxious.
Her movements and gestures are adorable, such as how she flaps her wings when she's happy (e.g. when Izzy said her sparkle is aquamarine)

She easily has the best design out of the five of them, ridiculously gorgeous and talented. Pipp is a cute shortstack and I look forward to writing stories about her and her interesting royal celebrity life 😃


Not simpin, but Pipp do be fine tho

I'll simp after her then 😉😂

Please do.

I have around 20 pictures of Pipp saved on my laptop, that's not simping, right? ...right?

i adore this horse

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