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self-proclaimed pony abridger (guys i promise im funny)

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Thanks for Favoriting Discord's Rules! :yay:

Comment posted by brittanypegasister2008 deleted Jun 10th, 2023

And a pleasant: Fancy seeing you here!

Ah, waiting for more...
*thunder cracks in the skies above*

Well I'd better write some more of what could sometimes be called jokes then.

*Stealth teleports awaaaay*

(Thanks for the favourite)

Ty for the fave!

Oh wow, thanks for Favoriting Angel Bunny, The Sad Demon, too! I'm glad you enjoyed some of my earlier work. :yay:

Thanks for Favoriting King Sombra Hates Kinderquestria! :trollestia:


Adorable walking dictionary! Lol!

Giant God bless ma’am! God loves you, now and forever.

Thanks for the watch and the fave! :pinkiehappy:

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