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Izzy likes hanging out with her new friends, especially Zipp. She's learned so many new things from her, like that Pegasi don't hatch from eggs.

Edit: Featured from 1/16/2022-1/17/2022.

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Wow, I enjoyed this first bit a lot! Can't wait for more!! :twilightsmile:

Actually, I think I forgot to change the tag to complete...
Whoops :facehoof:
But I'm glad you liked it!

Silly. Only alicorns lay eggs.

Aww! That was sweet! MoonStorm is a fun name, me likie!

“Yeah,” Sunny said. “Applejack seems to be the most likely based on established cannon, but there are quite a few who will insist it was actually Twilight or Fluttershy instead. And those three are just the popular interpretations.”

Damn! Sunny do be soundin' an awful lot like a brony trying to figure out how shipping with Dash works! And it's realistic, cause she's getting no where!
That aanndd: I love this bit! Even in G5 I get to ship AppelDash, all I want!
Ahem, anyway.
I'd imagine Pinks would be up on that list too, considering RainbowPie might be up there with the other three - AppeDash, TwiDash & FlutterDash - no?

I wuv anything with Zipp! It's adorable too, how they help each other with little things as the story progresses, their relationship does too. I at first thought this was going to be something of a helping thing, where Zipp helps Izzy get with Sunny, but Inlike where it ended up going way more! I even got a sense of StarBlazer and PipHitch which was nice. I wuv this! Keep up the fun work, bud!:raritystarry:

Of course! Where do you think Spike came from?

Thank you! I realized I might have a unique chance to name a ship, so I had to choose wisely
And yes, the image of a room full of academics arguing which pony should be shipped with Rainbow Dash was too good to pass up :raritywink:

And I'm glad you didn't! It got me laughing so hard, it was awesome!
Oh and that was a very, very unique opportunity:raritystarry:

For a moment, everything was quiet again, sans Zipp’s snores. “Have you tried talking to either of them about it?”

Pipp's snores.

Fixed, thank you

No prob.

Also, forgot to tell you that I really liked this story. MoonStorm is a ship I never considered. This fic makes a great case for it.

I could ship this.


Thank you. I'll glad a got you to consider a new ship.

11121419 Rule of that game, NEVER prank Twilight.

For what it's worth, I headcanon that that was a conveniently-shaped rock. Add the most powerful unicorn and pegasus in generations surging simultaneously and hilarity ensues.

Celestia, this is just adorable. It's staying on the favourites shelf, right where it belongs.

Not bad. I prefer to ship Izzy with either sunny or maybe Hitch.

The art is from Jade on Devianart.

I love how mayo is a swearword!

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