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Princess Luna is the best princess and Nightmare Moon is the best queen.


Maretime Bay generally has good weather year round but when Izzy comes to town to visit Sunny, she brings something unexpected with her. She brought in something that was completely foreign to the town. Needless to say, the town isn't prepared for it and plenty of problems arise.

Here is a youtube reading by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan


Featured: 1/16/2022

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I like this.

Yep. I think it's safe to say we all saw this coming.


I threw this together in about an hour and had a hell of a lot of fun doing it. Now they need to name a hurricane Fluttershy!



I shared this on my Facebook and in a couple of group forums here.

You actually wrote a story about Izzy bringing a winter storm with her. I approve, and I like it! I wonder why the thought of writing one never crossed my mind?

Sunny added, "Everypony, raise your hooves if your pipes burst and Izzy will come take care of the problems."

A large majority of the community raised their hooves and Sunny finished, "Well Izzy, it looks like you're going to be busy for a while."

When I first read the first line, I was thinking the exact same thing Sunny said, so it got an extra chuckle out of me to see Sunny say what I was thinking.:rainbowlaugh:


I've been considering doing this ever since I heard about Winter Storm Izzy and then today I decided I'd just do it....and I had fun doing it.

"Come on Sprout, what could she possibly do wrong?

I know that Maretime Bay is not Ponyville, but we don't know if it will become Ponyville 2.0 yet. So, Sunny don't say stuff like that!

*sighs* Some mares just need to learn the lesson. :facehoof:


That is the classic, "Trust me, anything can go wrong." Line in G4.

I heard about winter storm Izzy on the news tonight. I can’t help but wonder at the timing of this fanfic. It would be an awesome episode for the show this fall.


Well I figured the timing on this would be perfect. I used a similar method when writing "Cozy Glow Drives Tirek Nuts" timing. I had a ton of fun writing this, probably the most fun since I had writing that Cozy Glow story.

Hitch put his hoof up to his face, "You know only Bridlewood is prepared for this kind of weather! Their pipes probably busted just as ours will."

Well, I dunno...Zephyr Heights is far enough up that mountain that I imagine it can still get pretty cold up there during the winter...and there is evidence to suggest Zephyr Heights is located around Canterlot was, and it got snow in the winter, so...

Sunny became sad, "Well we plan on visiting my dads grave before" she became more enthusiastic "going through some of my dad's old books and artifacts. I'm hoping to get Sunny more interested in Ancient Equestrian history."

You meant Izzy?

Sunny powered down her horn and the three raced inside. Once they got inside Hitch gave her a glare, "Izzy, why would you bring a storm with you and more importantly, how did you even create it?"



You're welcome


True, I decided that for this story I would have it be just Bridlewood that got the colder weather.

I fixed the mistake you pointed out, thanks for letting me know about it. That happens to me sometimes. I'm glad you liked this.

To be fair, I could relate to Izzy here. If you used to live in an area that snowed every Christmas, and then go to someplace that doesn't, it is horribly depressing.


To be honest, it would be a dream come true for me to live in a place where it is 60-70 degrees every Christmas....I get where you're coming from though.

awesome story mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

This feels like a commentary on Arctic blasts... and I'm kind of here for it.


Well this is a one shot so there won't be any more chapters.


If that is you saying you like it, thanks.


Do you think the story will do better with that one?

I lay good odds Alphabittle already knows about "Winter Storm Izzy" as a certain Pegasi Queen, has probably already sent him word XD


That isn't something that crossed my mind, but of course Izzy would hope that she didn't.


I could see Alphabittle being frustrated and maybe a bit irked but I don't think he would be really mad at her....now for the big question, are the unicorns still superstitious now that they have their magic back....and is mayonnaise still a forbidden word?

Supersticious about magic? No. Mayo being Taboo? Most likely since we dont know WHY it was Taboo in the first place lol


Maybe it made some unicorns sick in the past and thus even saying the word is taboo. Maybe we'll find out at some point.

I am currently dealing with Izzy. 40mph wind and torrential rain. And a back line that looks... potentially tornadic. At least to my eyes which have watched Doppler radar for 30 years. Several lines of intense storms, very narrow. As they come ashore, they could start spinning due to friction with land and create vortices.

Yep, she made her way to me a couple hours ago. It started as snow, but it's shifted to rain and all the snow has been drowned out already. Fun.

11122624 The bad storm lines stayed just off the coast. They did develop some twists, so I wouldn't be shocked if they made some waterspouts. Here, we just got one final blast of straight-line winds that knocked a bunch of dead branches down, then it began to calm down.


Well I'm glad to know that the worst of it stayed off the coast. I guess Izzy can't be blamed for death and destruction in our world.

*harsh boop*, No! Bad Izzy!

Recorded and will be an audiobook soon.


Let me know when that happens, I'm looking forward to it.

This was a fun and cute story! :pinkiehappy:

"Twilight damn it, Izzy!"

"My bad."

How I think the story is just from the description.


Think Twilight would be frustrated by what Izzy did?

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